Multiple intelligence test MI

Is a test used to evaluate and classify qualities according to the classification system Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner, the MI Test is a tool used to identify an individual's strengths and weaknesses.

First introduced in the book "Frames of Mind" (translated into Vietnamese with the name "Structure of Intelligence") in 1983, the theory of Multiple Intelligences or Multiple Intelligences ) by Howard Gardner is welcomed and supported by many psychologists and the public around the world. In Vietnam, the theory of Multiple Intelligences is widely introduced through 2 books "7 types of intelligence" and "You are smarter than you think" by author Thomas Armstrong.

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With the theory of Multiple Intelligences, Howard Gardner proposed a new perspective to evaluate, as well as classify and measure human talents. “Intelligence” is not only understood in a narrow sense as the ability to calculate numbers (Logic/Mathematics) or the ability to remember and use vocabulary (Language), but it is now understood that each individual has individual qualities, which can all be developed into respective capacities. With the starting point of 7 types, currently MI has been continuously researched and developed to 9 types of intelligence:

  • Social Intelligence: competence related to people

  • Inner Intelligence: the ability to relate to your inner self

  • Logical/Mathematical Intelligence: competence related to processing numbers and data

  • Linguistic Intelligence: competence related to the use of words

  • Spatial Intelligence: capacity related to imagination and space

  • Motor Intelligence: an ability related to body control

  • Musical Intelligence: the ability to relate to sounds and melodies

  • Natural Intelligence: the ability to relate to elements in nature, animals, plants, etc.

  • Philosophical (Existential) Intelligence: competencies related to abstract thinking and deep research

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The theory of Multiple Intelligences has been widely applied in American schools, with the goal of designing appropriate curricula and learning activities, encouraging students to identify and develop different types of intelligence. own strengths, and at the same time know how to overcome weaknesses, thereby having a solid foundation for a future career.

The MI Quiz has 86 questions with a time to complete in about 5 minutes that can help you identify your strong and weak intelligence types.

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