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Pink book mortgage: conditions, documents, best interest rate 2022

Pink book mortgage is considered as a financial solution chosen by many customers when they have long-term plans such as investment, business, car purchase, etc.

So, pink book mortgage loan what? What is the interest rate of this loan? What are the terms and conditions? Let's find out the detailed answer through the article below of Financial Ownership!


What is Pink Book Mortgage?

Mortgage of pink book is a form Mortgage loan In which, customers use pink books as collateral with banks to borrow capital for green business purposes, buy houses, buy cars,.... Many banks support customers to mortgage pink books with a limit of up to 80% of the property value.

Besides the pink book, the red book is also an asset that proves the owner's land use right. Red book and pink book are two very confusing concepts for many customers.

What is Pink Book?

House ownership certificate is a certificate of ownership of houses and other land-attached assets licensed by a competent authority. Pink book includes information specifying land use rights for the owner such as plot number, number of map sheets, area, type of land, term of use, etc.

The outer cover of the pink book is light pink in color and has the same function as the red book, which can prove ownership of various types of land. Therefore, pink book is a very valuable asset.

How is the Red Book different from the Red Book?

The same property marks land use rights, but the pink book and the red book have different forms and contents.

Compare the difference between red book and pink book
Compare the difference between red book and pink book

The pink book has a pink cover, recording the ownership of houses and the right to use residential land and urban areas, applicable to houses and urban land. Owners are individuals, households or organizations that fully meet the conditions for issuance of books.

The red book has a red cover, recording the land use right, in the area outside the urban area. The Red Book is applied to rural land, agricultural land, forestry land, aquaculture land, etc. The main object of ownership is the family in the name of the householder.

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Advantages When Borrowing Pink Book Mortgage

It is easy to get a pink book mortgage at many banks

Mortgage by pink book is more and more known and chosen by many customers thanks to its many advantages such as:

  • High loan limit, disbursed amount up to 80% of collateral value.

  • The loan process is simple and easy to get a loan approved.

  • Property purchased from loans can be used as collateral instead.

  • Be consulted and supported by a team of enthusiastic, highly responsible professionals.

  • Customers can easily choose a loan payment method depending on their financial ability.

  • The appraisal process is flexible, supporting the fastest mortgage loan approval.

What is the Bank's Red Book Mortgage Interest Rate?

Each bank will apply different interest rates for mortgage loans with the collateral as a pink book. Depending on the loan period, the interest rate usually ranges from 0.8 - 1%/month, 10 - 12%/year.

In fact, some banks offer preferential interest rates, only from 6-8%/year. However, when consulting and choosing, customers should pay attention because this may only be the interest rate for the first 1-2 years, after that, the interest rate will increase according to the market interest rate.

Big banks like Vietcombank, BIDV, Agribank often apply lower interest rates than other banks. Besides, the procedures and conditions for borrowing at these banks will be stricter than those of other units.

Conditions for Bank Mortgage Loan by Pink Book

Customers need to fully meet the following conditions to be able to apply for a bank mortgage with a pink book in the easiest way:

  • Be a Vietnamese citizen between the ages of 20 and 60.

  • Have ID card/CCCD, household registration book or KT3 at the address where the mortgaged property is located.

  • Having a pink book as collateral as prescribed by law.

  • Demand loans to use for lawful purposes, the plan to use capital is feasible.

  • Have a stable job and income, prove the financial ability to repay the debt.

Pink Book Mortgage Loan Document

Procedures and documents for a pink book mortgage loan include the following documents:

  • Bank loan application form.

  • ID card/CCCD, household registration book, temporary residence book KT3.

  • Proof of income: Salary statement, payroll, labor contract, etc.

  • Papers proving collateral: Pink book or other papers related to the right to transfer property ownership and land use rights.

  • Documents proving the purpose of using capital.

Red Book Mortgage Loan Disbursement Process

Here is the procedure quick loan Basics when borrowing pink book mortgage that customers need to note:

  • Step 1: Consulting and receiving documents from customers. Upon receiving the loan request from the customer, the consultant will give detailed information about the conditions, procedures, process and assist the customer to complete the loan application.

  • Step 2: Collect information. Credit staff will enter customer information into the system.

  • Step 3: Information appraisal. Based on the information provided by the customer, the bank will conduct an appraisal to assess whether the customer is eligible for a loan or not, the limit and interest rate that the customer can borrow.

  • Step 4: Disbursement. The bank, after approving the loan limit, processing documents, and dealing in collateral, will sign a contract and disburse.

Which Bank's Red Book Mortgage is the Cheapest?

To answer this question, we can compare through the table of mortgage loan interest rates below at some banks:


Preferential interest rate


Borrowing limit

Borrowed time




15 years




20 years




20 years




25 years




25 years




25 years




20 years

Shinhan Bank



20 years




20 years




20 years




20 years

HD Bank



20 years




20 years

It can be seen that OCB, MBBank, VPBank ... are the banks that provide mortgage loans with the lowest interest rates today. The remaining banks such as Vietcombank, Sacombank, VIB ... although with higher interest rates, the loan limit is also higher.

FAQ – Questions When Borrowing Pink Book Mortgages

What are the difficulties in getting a Pink Book Mortgage?

In the process of applying for a pink book mortgage, many customers often face difficulties in terms of assets and/or loan conditions. Specifically as:

  • Customers do not know what to prepare when applying for a mortgage with a pink book, it takes a long time to prepare documents and loan documents.

  • Difficulty in receiving disbursements.

  • Bank loans are not as expected.

  • Bank lending rates are higher than market rates.

If you encounter similar problems as above, please contact the Finance Owner immediately for support and advice. installment loan with the fastest and most accurate pink book!

Can Bad Debt Use Pink Book To Get A Mortgage?

According to the bank's regulations, customers with bad debt will not be able to use pink books for mortgage loans.

However, if customers have bad debt but still want to borrow pink book mortgage, they can refer here.

Being a Finance Owner supports customers to mortgage pink books even if they have bad debts
Being a Finance Owner supports customers to mortgage pink books even if they have bad debts

What is a Hard Profile?

Difficult documents, loan applications are returned, including the following cases:

  • The application does not have enough documents as required by the bank.

  • The address is not synchronized on all documents and is not authenticated enough at the time of loan application.

  • Customers have or have bad debts. Or the customer had a bad debt before but didn't know it because he lent his/her identity papers or household registration before to friends and relatives to take out a loan.

How long is the Pink Book Mortgage Loan Term?

The loan period depends on the purpose of using the capital, usually from 5 years to 30 years.

What factors does the Pink Book Mortgage Loan Limit depend on?

The mortgage loan limit for pink books depends on the value of pink books that customers use as collateral. The higher the pink book value, the larger the loan limit. Banks typically lend from 70% to 100% of the value of the collateral.

Besides, the loan limit depends on each customer, including income, credit history, is it a loyal customer or not?


Hopefully with the detailed information that Master Finance has just shared through the article, you have a better understanding of the service. pink book mortgage loan at the bank. Good luck with your loan!

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