Quickest guide to redo lost Techcombank card

Unfortunately, you lost your Techcombank ATM card and can no longer make transactions. In order to continue trading, we need to register redo lost Techcombank card. Once they have their ATM card back, customers can continue to use the features and utilities that the card brings.

Here, let's go through the steps together Redo Techcombank ATM card. In a few simple steps you will be able to apply for a brand new card.

The fastest way to redo Techcombank card

To be able to proceed with re-registration of Techcombank's ATM card. The only way people can go directly to the bank's transaction counter is to do it. To register redo lost Techcombank card, you need to have identification and 50,000 VND card making fee. Then move to the nearest Techcombank transaction office for the following procedures.

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  • Step 1: Go to the counter, get the number and select the transaction you want to make.

  • Step 2: At the consultation counter, you propose to request a new card because the old card has been lost.

  • Step 3: Bank staff will guide customers to fill out a form.

  • Step 4: After completing, please return it to the staff for them to check the information.

  • Step 5: Pay the fee and get an appointment date to get the card.

Answers to some questions when applying for a new Techcombank card

When waking up, register to redo your bank's ATM card. Many customers have wondered and asked many different questions. So here we are going to answer some of the questions asked by our customers. Please find below information.

Is there a fee to renew Techcombank ATM card?

When you apply for a new Techcombank ATM card, the bank will collect 50,000 VND. This is the fee for making a card because the customer has lost the card. The card will be free for the first time, but after losing the card, it will be collected more. In addition, this fee varies depending on the type of card you want to renew.

How long does it take to renew a Techcombank ATM card?

Customers will receive a new ATM card after 4 days from the date of re-registration. The specific time has been specified on the appointment letter that the customer received from the bank staff. On the day of appointment to get the card, you just need to take that paper and ID card to Techcombank transaction office to receive the card.

Will I lose my old account number if I redo my Techcombank card?

Many of you worry that when you lose your ATM card, your account number will also be lost. And when redoing the card, the account number will change, affecting your transaction. But no, your bank account number remains the same and unchanged. We only make new ATM cards so that we can continue to use them for transactions.

Lost ID card, how to rebuild Techcombank ATM?

When the customer loses the original identity card. Techcombank cannot accept your request to reopen your card. To be able to continue to open the card, you need to renew a new identity document. Copies of documents are not approved for card opening or transaction.

If I lose my Techcombank ATM card, will I lose money in the card?

Customers can rest assured about the amount in the card. Because the money in your account is protected. Even if someone picks up your lost Techcombank ATM card. But they also cannot access and use that source of money. Only when you have your card password can you withdraw money from your ATM card.

Here are the instructions redo lost Techcombank card fastest in few simple steps. If you accidentally lose your card, you can apply for a new card right away. With a few simple registration steps, you will have a new ATM card in a few days.