Salary of Agribank - How much do employees receive?

Agribank is one of the largest and prestigious banks in Vietnam. Anyone studying banking wants to become an official employee of this bank. So a lot of people are interested Agribank's salary how much? To learn about this information, read our article below.

What positions does Agribank have for employees?

The actual staff is only for the middle positions in the bank. In a nutshell, those are people who do different jobs at Agribank transaction counters. This is the most popular position and has the largest number of employees. Above the staff, there are many people working at other ranks such as: Manager, department head, deputy director, bank director.

Agribank's staff members

Usually, each employee in a certain department is only responsible for doing the right work in his or her department. Such as:

  1. Consultants: Advising customers on information and services of Agribank.

  2. Transaction staff: Helping customers with money transfer, withdrawal, deposit and other financial transactions.

  3. Credit officer: Responsible for advising and helping customers with procedures related to bank loans.

  4. Some large banks also have staff who specialize in dialing numbers and directing customers to the departments according to each person's requirements.

Also, depending on the bank, there are other positions for employees in their transaction counters.

How much is Agribank's staff salary?

Salary of Agribank How much depends on which position the employee works in, which department. In addition to salary, Agribank employees also enjoy bonus regimes. And of course, there is a penalty if there is a violation or the work efficiency is not high.

Agribank's staff members

Agribank is considered a bank for farmers. Staff salaries are not as high as other commercial banks. But every year, the bank also has a salary increase scheme. And the work at Agribank is very stable, so many people decide to stick with this bank for a long time.

Salary of Agribank staff

It will be divided into 2 basic types as follows:

  • Basic salary by region (LCP, CTP, allowance ...)

  • Business salary: If the branch meets or exceeds the target of the first quarter, it will receive V2 of 4 million per month.

In addition, there will be bonuses on major holidays. On average, Agribank's employee salary will be 200 million VND per year, about 16 million VND per month.

Salary of Agribank tellers

  • The lowest salary: 3,000,000 million/month.

  • Low salary: 5,700,000 million/month.

  • Average salary: 6,800,000 million/month.

  • High salary: 8,000,000 million/month.

  • Highest salary: 16,000,000 million/month.

Legal staff salary

This is a job for people with specialized knowledge of law and banking knowledge. The salary at Agribank for this position will be from 9-14 million a month.

Information technology

For those with IT skills, the salary will be very high. Income will fall from 10 to 15 million a month.

Staff of international payments

With this position will require appearance, experience and communication skills. New graduates will be given priority. The income level will be from 8 to 15 million a month.

Salary, bonus and regime of Agribank staff

Agribank employees will receive a monthly salary in two forms: fixed salary and temporary salary.

  • Salary of employees working in districts and towns (not in remote areas): Basic salary is 6,000,000 VND/month. In addition, this salary will vary by region and position in which you work.

  • Soft salary/bonus: Calculated based on KPI and work performance. For example, the employees who work in the atm card making department. Will apply sales on the number of cards issued to customers for each employee. Or a credit officer. Compensation will be related to the number of credit contracts successfully signed with customers.

  • In addition, Agribank is also very interested in the New Year bonus, birthday bonus, and other special days for employees.

So total all the hard salary and additional bonuses and allowances. Salary of Agribank staff will receive about 15,000,000 VND/month on average. This number is not higher than other banks. But for an average employee, this number is quite good.


So if you are interested in the position of Agribank staff, please carefully study the above things. Whether working at Agribank or any other environment, it requires a high sense of responsibility and discipline at work. Only then can a long-term relationship be possible. Hopefully has helped you know exactly how much Agribank staff's salary is received.

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