Small tip: Learn how to make milk tea to sell at low cost and high quality

Making milk tea for sale – Milk tea business is a booming trend from 2015 onwards. Currently, although the milk tea market has cooled down, however, milk tea is still a very popular drink and promises to bring a lot of profit to business people.

If you want to build your own milk tea brand, or simply want to learn how to make milk tea for sale Then this is the article that you absolutely should not miss.

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The Mixer King will guide you How to make milk tea for sale? with the following criteria: delicious, nutritious, cheap. Let's start !!!

What is milk tea? What are the flavors of milk tea?

Milk tea, whose English name is Bubble Tea or Pearl Milk Tea, is a drink that is a combination of tea and milk, and other ingredients can be added to create flavor.

What is milk tea?

According to the majority of "milk tea fans", there are 7 most popular flavors of milk tea, including:

  • Traditional milk tea flavor

  • Green tea flavor

  • Chocolate flavor

  • Honey taste

  • Coffee taste

  • Fruit flavor

  • Natural flavors of tubers and seeds

Bubble milk tea is now always the most "expensive" drink. Each type of milk tea with delicious flavors but extremely diverse makes no guest can refuse. Since then, the idea of ​​milk tea business has become attractive to everyone. There are many buyers and many sellers. So how to attract customers? How milk tea becomes more special?

Of course learn how to make milk tea for sale is important, but let's see what we need to do before that. You need a clear mind about milk tea business strategy whatever the scale.

  • Want to create a brand new milk tea brand? Then you need a fair amount of capital and a lot of work to prepare a brand identity, build or rent a store. As for the preparation, you need the milk tea recipe for their own, there is a difference with the well-known brands in the market.

  • Want to get a franchise? If this is your choice, perhaps the article instructions for making milk tea for sale This is probably superfluous. Because the franchisor will guide you from A to Z.

  • You want to open an online milk tea shop or trolley? In fact, this is the choice of most people when the capital is not much. Online milk tea, trolley milk tea has the advantage of not needing to invest too much in space and personnel, easily linking with food delivery units to create an online store that connects quickly with customers. However, to compete in the very diverse milk tea market, you need to have delicious, quality drinks at an affordable price.

With each orientation, sellers will face their own challenges, but no matter what form of business, milk tea quality remains one of the core issues that need top attention.

Materials, tools and equipment for making milk tea for sale

Quality ingredients have determined 50% of the deliciousness of a cup of milk tea, the rest depends on the recipe and way of preparation. Here are the important groups of ingredients and the necessary tools to make milk tea that you need to prepare:

  • Tea: Black tea, green tea, jasmine tea, oolong tea, Tieguanyin tea, earl tea... these are the most popular types of tea in the preparation of milk tea. To choose a good tea at a good price, the best way is still to find a reputable supplier of ingredients and try it directly to choose the right flavor.

  • Types of milk, milk powder, cream: every Milk tea recipe can flexibly use different types of milk such as fresh milk, condensed milk, specialized powdered milk. And you may need some ice cream to make salty cream topping, milk foam… Note: with fresh ingredients, always refrigerate and use within a short time after opening.

  • Syrup, jam, flavoring: To make flavored milk tea, you can't do without syrups, jams and some other fruit-flavored ingredients. The advantage of these ingredients is that they are easy to find, there are many brands to choose from, and they have a long shelf life.

  • Sweeteners: The basic sweeteners are sugar, brown sugar, syrup and honey. Depending on the type of drink, you will use the appropriate type of sugar. In bulk preparation, sugar syrup is still the most chosen ingredient by many restaurant owners.

  • Toppings: Currently, there are many types of ready-made pearls and jellies that just need to be reprocessed before using, or you can consider making your own topping according to your own recipe to create a unique feature for milk tea. Explore more: how to make pearls, how to make milk foam.

  • Clean water and ice cubes: The restaurant needs to have a clean source of water and ice cubes every day. Please refer to reputable water and ice suppliers, or invest in filters and ice machines.

  • Measuring cup, shaker, stirring spoon: these are indispensable tools in the process of making milk tea. These tools are available at specialty shops and bakeries.

  • Tea pot, milk tea cap stamping machine, grinder, refrigerator: These are devices commonly found in large milk tea shops. If the business is small, the number of daily sales is not too large, you can consider replacing it with more manual devices.

  • Cups, straws, bags, handles: In addition to cups and straws used at the shop, you also need a plastic type for delivery. Bags and handles should be carefully prepared, beautifully designed to make an impression on customers.

Instructions for making milk tea to sell low cost, expensive

Ingredients for making pearl milk tea

milk tea toppings

  • Oolong tea, black tea, jasmine tea (the best is Phuc Long's tea)

  • Condensed Milk (Use Southern Star Milk)

  • Korean sugar or white granulated sugar (The Mixer King will guide you to cook the finished sugar)

  • Full-fat milk powder (Use Kievit milk powder)

  • honey

  • Hot water

  • Optional toppings (black sugar pearls, white pearls, ...)

  • marbles

Tools for making milk tea

  • Tea pot

  • Shake bottle

  • Cups

  • Large size straws

  • Spoon

  • Small pot

  • Clean bowls

  • Electric stove

Steps to make pearl milk tea with Phuc Long standard

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After having fully prepared milk tea ingredients and preparation equipment. We proceed to make milk tea for sale according to the simple steps below:

Step 1: Cook black sugar pearls

cooking instructions for black pearls

Usually, you can buy ready-made black sugar buffalo feet available at King Mix with very good quality and price. However, make milk tea for business so need to save and reduce the maximum cost, learn how to cook black sugar pearls This is very simple:

  • Boil 500ml of water and prepare 100g of 3Q black pearls in a bowl. Pay attention to carefully filter the pearl crumbs to avoid sticking when cooking. When the water boils, pour in the pearls and boil for 3 minutes. Gently stir in a clockwise direction. Then adjust the heat to low, open the lid and cook for 35 minutes. (Occasionally stir to keep the pearls from sticking.)

  • After 35 minutes, turn off the heat, cover and incubate for 30 minutes. After incubation, pour the pearls into a mesh rack, wash them with water (wash all the sticky mucus around the pearls). Rinse with cold filtered water. Then put in a bowl and add: 10 grams of granulated sugar + 6ml of honey. Mix gently, leave for at least 30 minutes to use.

If you make milk tea for sale, you can cook up from 500 grams to 1 kg of black sugar pearls according to the ratio above. Note the best pearls when used during the day. Please balance the number of guests to cook enough.

Step 2: Incubate the background tea cost for pearl milk tea.

Please use a thermos teapot to ensure 100% tea quality.

The cost of milk tea can be jasmine tea, black tea, oolong tea... For each different tea line, there is a different tea brewing recipe that the supplier of ingredients will include. However, the Mixing King recommends using Phuc Long tea products that are very popular with young people.

Recipe for brewing Phuc Long teas: 30 grams of Phuc Long tea + 1l of boiling water at 100 degrees Celsius. Incubated for 8-12 minutes.

You can increase the tea or the brewing time to get the desired tea taste. Because in reality, each locality has a different preference.

Step 3: Make milk tea for sale

There are 2 forms of milk tea preparation that you can make:

  • Mix by cup

  • Prepare in bulk and store in the refrigerator

make milk tea for sale

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Wait, think about it Mix milk tea in bulk for sale It will be of lower quality. On the contrary, this method makes milk tea taste fatter than making each cup when customers order. Let's test both forms make milk tea this to choose the best way for your shop. Now let's do it:

  • Put in a shaker: 150ml cost of tea (hot) + 30grams of Kievit milk powder. Stir to dissolve thoroughly.

  • Add 30ml sugar + 180g marble. All shake well and pour into cups.

  • Add optional toppings. Each topping is about 80 grams.

Note: You must stir the milk powder thoroughly to ensure the quality of the drink. The amount of sugar can be adjusted according to taste.

If you choose to make bulk milk tea, you just need to multiply the ingredients by the ratio of cups. Milk tea sold has the best consistency and fat if left in the refrigerator after 5-8 hours. Always keep refrigerated to prevent milk tea from spoiling.

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How to preserve pearls and milk tea to sell quality?

For black sugar pearls, you put the pearls in an airtight container with a lid. If you do not have a lid, you can use a thin plastic film to cover your mouth, then put it in the refrigerator compartment. This way can preserve pearls for 3 to 4 days without fear of spoilage.

When making milk tea for sale, the pearls can be returned to the microwave for about 10-15 seconds to soften again.

For ready-to-drink milk tea, store it in a bottle with a tight-fitting lid and then refrigerate. This way, your milk tea can be preserved for 2 days without worrying about affecting health or quality.

Experience in making milk tea for sale: delicious - standard - safe

Making milk tea for sale It is both easy and difficult: easy because you can learn from existing recipes, but difficult in making the right technique, meticulous, mindful and learning how to transform and create to suit your needs. customer taste. First of all, to make a delicious cup of milk tea, you should adhere to the following 2 principles:

Quantitative standard phase: When mixing the recipe properly, the flavors will blend perfectly, the tea and milk taste balance to create a harmonious whole, no flavors overwhelm each other, not too sweet or too pale due to the dilute ice. After preparing properly and with experience, you can develop more skills and create unique milk teas for your own shop.

Safety is the top criterion: For today's consumers, delicious milk tea is not enough, but milk tea must also be safe. The task of a milk tea trader is to select good quality ingredients, ensure clean preparation conditions to bring really safe products.

Experience in making milk tea for sale

Thus, the Mixing King was Instructions on how to make milk tea for sale very detailed to you. Please contact us if you are looking for a quality source of tea ingredients. Good luck with your bubble tea business.

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