Summary of current bank cards and how to distinguish them

Understanding that the needs and conditions of each customer are different, banks have now launched a lot of card products with full range of smart utility features. And to help you understand and distinguish clearly the types Bank card then let's find out in the article below.

What is a bank card?

Bank card is a card issued by banks or financial companies for this purpose to use services such as withdrawing cash, swiping cards for payment services/products via pos machines, transferring money. money, top up, receive money transfer,…

A bank card is a card provided by a bank that brings customers many benefits
A bank card is a card provided by a bank that brings customers many benefits

Basically, a bank card is structured like a piece of plastic made from plastics, has a rectangular size according to the standard size of 8.5 x 5.5 cm, including the front and back with the cards. information such as:

  • The front has: card number, card expiration date, cardholder's name, organization's logo, card class, card chip

  • The back of the card includes information such as: the cardholder's signature, the word solution containing the encrypted information, the logo of the domestic card switching organization.

Summary of popular bank cards today

Currently, banks have launched many card products with many different features to give users many new experiences, specifically as follows:

ATM card

ATM card is used to withdraw cash from a personal account through an ATM with a limit of the amount in the account. In addition, cardholders can also use this card to transfer funds, inquire about accounts, pay bills via pos machines, etc. ATM cards are only used for domestic spending through domestic card switching organizations.

Credit Card

Popular types of bank cards
Popular types of bank cards

This is a bank-issued credit card that allows cardholders to spend money first and pay later according to a specified limit.

If the customer does not pay on time by the payment deadline, the bank will charge a late payment penalty fee, and may even hit bad debt or pay attention to affect the loan process later.

Guarantee card

A secured card, also known as a mortgage card, is a type of credit card opened through the form of collateral. With collateral, it can be an insurance contract, a red book passbook or other valuable papers approved by the bank.

Prepaid Card

Top up a prepaid card that has the same features as a debit and credit card. The only difference is that this card is not associated with any Banking subject but operates independently.

In the simplest terms, the repair card is not linked to a bank account, so when spending, the bank account is not affected. Therefore, to use this card, you need to top up the card, completely unrelated to the bank.

Debit card

This is a Credit Card equipped with basic banking features, allowing customers to use features such as: transfer or withdraw money, pay bills, top up phone cards, inquire about accounts, send money save,…

With this card, customers can only use the amount in their account and must ensure a minimum balance of 50,000 VND.

How to distinguish different types of bank cards today

Because there are many types of bank cards with similar features, users can be confused leading to great harm. Therefore, you need to clearly distinguish the types of bank cards to use correctly as follows:

Differentiation based on function

Based on the function of the bank card will be divided into two types: debit card and credit card
Based on the function of the bank card will be divided into two types: debit card and credit card

Bank cards are divided into two categories based on function, debit and credit cards.

  • A debit card is a card that only allows users to spend up to the limit on the card.

  • A credit card is a card that allows users to spend even when there is no money in the card with a predetermined limit by the bank.

Distinguishing based on technical properties

According to the technical nature of bank cards, there are three types of chip cards, magnetic cards and Contactless cards.

  • Magnetic card is a bank card with a silver-brown or black magnetic stripe and a magnetic stripe that stores encrypted information, this magnetic stripe is made up of tiny magnetic particles.

  • Chip card is a bank card with an electronic chip attached and this chip is responsible for storing the subject's information and operating completely independently. This card is commonly used for international debit and credit cards.

  • Contactless card is a contactless bank card made from high-quality plastic material, has a chip, has an underground antenna line surrounding the card with the task of receiving and broadcasting radio waves between the card reader and the chip card.

Distinction by territory

According to the scope of the territory, there are two types of cards: domestic cards and international cards. In particular, domestic debit cards can only be used within the country while international debit cards can be used globally.

Distinction based on issuer

Distinction based on issuer
Distinction based on issuer

Each issuer will have its own unique branded cards such as commercial banks (Vietcombank, Techcombank, Agribank, ACB, BIDV, ...) and non-banking credit institutions (Home finance company). credit, F88, HD Saigon, Fe credit, ...).

Currently, banks and credit institutions all offer very simple conditions to make a normal bank card, ensuring that every customer can own a card product as desired.

Differentiate based on card limit

Based on the limit of the bank card, we can also classify it into card classes such as: standard card (Classic), gold class card (Gold) and platinum class card (Platinum) depending on income and reputation. of the cardholder that the bank will allow to make the appropriate bank card class.

  • Standard card (Classic card): credit limit for spending from 10 to 50 million VND.

  • Gold card (Gold card): credit limit for spending over 50 million VND.

  • Platinum card (Platinum card): can be up to hundreds of millions.

The higher the card class, the more attractive privileges the cardholder has, but also the high-income and influential people are considered VIP customers by banks.

Distinguishing based on the nature of the card

Bank cards are divided into 2 types according to the nature of the card: prepaid card and postpaid card. In particular, credit cards that allow spending first, then pay later are counted as postpaid cards.

At the same time, cardholders need to prove their financial resources through valuable papers such as savings books or salary statements of the last 3 months to be able to open this card.

As for cards such as Prepaid, Debit and ATM cards are prepaid cards, money is required in the account to be able to withdraw cash, pay for transactions, shop, etc.


Here are our shares about the types Bank card, hope to have helped you understand better to use the card correctly. In addition, on our website, we always update the latest articles on the topic of finance - banking. We hope you will visit often. Wish you soon own the most suitable and suitable bank card.

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