Swallowed ATM card at ATM, how to get it back?

Withdrawing money at an ATM is a daily activity. It helps you take money from your account to pay for work that requires cash. However, some rare cases like ATM card swallowed still happens frequently.

So when we encounter this rare situation, what should we do? Let's answer with Banktop.vn the question "where is it?" How to get back a swallowed ATM card?"good"What if the ATM card was swallowed??”.

Find information about atm card swallowed to bring back successful transactions!

ATM card swallowed
Swallowed ATM card

Find out which bank makes instant ATM cards?

Why does an ATM swallow your card?

Before learning how to fix it, we must also understand the cause ATM card swallowed. The following are the causes of ATM cards being swallowed.

  • Entering the wrong pin more than 3 times when making a transaction

  • ATM machine is damaged, there are transmission and technical errors

  • You do not get your card back after the transaction ends (15-30 seconds)

  • ATM card blacklisted

What should I do if the ATM card is locked due to entering the wrong pin 3 times?

3 Steps to get back your swallowed ATM card the fastest

When your ATM card is swallowed you need to stay calm because this will not lose money in your account. Then you need to do the following steps:

  • Step 1: Make sure your ATM card is completely swallowed by pressing the Cancel button on the keypad. Alternatively, to be extra sure, you can wait for someone else to make the transaction. If the card is still not returned, your card has definitely been swallowed.

  • Step 2: Once it has been determined that the card has been swallowed, you need to contact the bank and ask to lock the card to make sure no other transactions are made by going to the nearest transaction counter or contacting the call center for instructions. .

  • Step 3: Complete the necessary procedures to get the card back.

2 cases happen when ATM card is swallowed

  • If that ATM is right at the bank, you should immediately notify the bank staff, they will guide you on how to handle your case.

  • If the ATM is far from the bank, for example, a shopping mall, hospital, school, etc., you should search for the hotline number around the ATM pole and immediately call the bank for assistance in answering and receiving the card back. in the shortest time.

Some notes when ATM card is swallowed

When a bank card is swallowed, you should pay attention to a few things to handle it as quickly as possible:

  • As soon as the ATM card is swallowed, you should immediately notify the bank to close the account, avoid mistakes that lead to unnecessary loss of money.

  • Prepare a full ID/ID card and bring it to the bank managing the ATM for instructions on receiving the card back.

  • If you need money urgently, you can bring your ID to the bank and withdraw money manually.

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Call center number to contact the Bank when the ATM card is swallowed

When your ATM card is swallowed, the first thing you need to do is contact the bank switchboard to block the card, here is a list of switchboard numbers:

  • Hotline Vietcombank: 1900 54 54 13

  • Hotline Agribank: 1900 55 88 18

  • Hotline VietinBank: 1900 558 868 VND

  • Hotline BIDV: 1900 92 47

  • Techcombank Hotline: 1800 588 822

  • Hotline Sacombank: 1900 55 55 88

  • Hotline ACB: 1900 54 54 86

  • East Asia Hotline: 1900 54 54 64

How to make ATM card Online not everyone knows

How to limit ATM swallowing cards you should know

To prevent your ATM card from being swallowed, you can refer to the following suggestions. Hopefully these experiences of Banktop.vn will help you have the best transactions.

  • Follow the correct withdrawal process at ATM card. Each bank will have a different payment method and card payment. You can pay the card and then pay or vice versa. You need to know the ATM withdrawal process to avoid unfortunate mistakes.

  • You should choose to withdraw money at ATMs with the same bank or affiliated banks to avoid card swallowing. Withdrawing money at other banks is also a cause of ATM card swallowing.

How to avoid swallowing ATM cards
Withdraw money at an ATM

Some related questions about the problem of ATM cards being swallowed

How to get back a swallowed Vietinbank ATM card?

  • Step 1: Contact Vietinbank call center to report card lock

  • Step 2: Contact the nearest branch to report the status of the card swallowed at which atm? What's the address?

  • Step 3: Complete the procedure to get the card back or renew.

What to do when an ATM swallows Agribank card?

The first thing you need to do is call the Agribank switchboard at 1900 55 88 18 to report the card lock and go to the Agribank branch to complete the procedure. If your card is swallowed at an ATM that is not owned by Agribank, contact the nearest branch of that bank for instructions on processing and getting your card back.

What to do if Vietcombank ATM card is swallowed?

  • Step 1: Call Vietcombank to lock the card

  • Step 2: Contact the nearest bank branch of that ATM to notify and ask for the card to be recovered.

If you swallow your ATM card, will you be charged another ATM card withdrawal fee?

Of course you don't. When the card is swallowed, you will not receive the money. So, don't worry, your money will be 100% protected if you follow the steps below.


Swallowed ATM card It's something no one wants. However, when encountering this rare case, you need to stay calm so that you can find the most optimal solution. The above article will partly help you to find out How to get back a swallowed ATM card?. Rest assured, banktop.vn will always be your companion on every step of the way.

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