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[TIP] The fastest way to get back when you forget your ATM card password 2022

When unlucky forgot ATM card password or forget the ATM card pin code, customers cannot make withdrawals at the tree, even being swallowed if they enter the wrong number of times more than allowed. So to know how to recover your ATM password, please read through the following article.

Guide How to check money in ATM card the fastest

Why You Forgot Your ATM Card Password (Pin Code)?

Forgetting ATM card password is a common situation in most people. Here are the most obvious causes:

Do Dang Tri

When your work is too busy, you have accidentally forgotten your ATM card password. This is a very normal thing. Because at present, at major banks such as ACB, Vietcombank, Vietinbank, BIDV, Agribank, Sacombank, Dong A... it is always recommended that customers should change the password of their electronic cash withdrawal card at least once every 3 months.

It also comes from that reason why changing passwords many times that users forget or confuse other passwords. It can be seen that this is the main reason why customers fall into this common situation.

forgot ATM password
When your work is too busy, you have accidentally forgotten your ATM card password.

Due to being Hacked

In today's life, the stories of having your card password hacked are no longer strange. Because this card has been targeted by malicious hackers. They use modern software to detect and change passwords on ATM card yours to carry out bad intentions.

Therefore, if you encounter this situation, your phone has just received a message to change password, and a message has been deducted, please quickly contact the bank to block the card immediately.

Due to Entering Wrong Pin Code 3 Times

One of the common reasons why users lose their pin code is entering it incorrectly over the specified number of times. Every bank has regulations and limits on the number of times when the wrong pin code is entered. If you enter the wrong pin 3 times, the card will be locked and cannot be used anymore. If your ATM card is locked, you can see instructions here.

Forgot ATM Card Pin Code What Risks?

When you forget your ATM card password, you will face problems in withdrawing personal money, which are:

Can't Withdraw Money From ATM

Because when making a withdrawal at any ATM, entering the password is the first prerequisite. So once you forget your ATM card password, of course the card user will not be able to make any transactions at the tree.

Card Locked

In order to protect the personal accounts of customers, each bank has provisions that regulate the number of times the password is entered. Therefore, if you enter the pin code more than 5 times in a row, the card will be locked. When the card is locked, any transaction cannot be done at the ATM.

Can't Top Up E-Wallet

For customers using the service of linking ATM cards with the Momo and Moca e-wallets of Grap, the card password is also required to load money from the card into the wallet. When you forget your password, the deposit to the wallet cannot be done.

Forgot Password ATM Card What To Do?

Once you have not entered the correct password on your ATM card, you will not be able to complete the process of swiping your payment card through the POS machine. On the other hand, if the password is entered more than the specified number of times, the card will be swallowed into the machine.

Therefore, when you have forgotten your ATM card password, you should contact the bank where the ATM card is issued for detailed instructions on how to retrieve the security code. Or refer to some of the ways below.

Call the operator

Each bank has its own customer care hotline number. You can call the operator and ask for the lost pin code to be reissued.

However, before calling the bank switchboard, you need to prepare some information including:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • ID number / Passport number – Date of issue of ID card, place of issue
  • Permanent address
  • Bank account number
  • Bank card number
  • Account balance
  • Phone number registered to open card…

Go to the branch/transaction office

With this method, the only preparation you need is Original ID/Passport. Visit the bank during office hours from Monday to Friday. The staff will give you a piece of paper requesting a pin code re-issue and instruct you on how to fill in the information. After filling in, you sign, give the paper back to the staff and receive a new password.

Recover ATM card password on Mobile Banking

  • Step 1: Log in to your bank's Mobile Banking application.
  • Step 2: In the main interface, click on Card service > Select Issue/Change PIN.
  • Step 3: Enter personal information such as phone number, card number, account number.
  • Step 4: Enter the OTP sent to your phone to confirm.
  • Step 5: There will be a message from the bank sent to the phone number. Here is a new PIN of the card, this PIN is only valid for 48 hours. So you need to go to the ATM to change the new password.
  • Step 6: Put the ATM card in the tree and select the language and enter the newly issued PIN.
  • Step 7: Select the PIN change feature and enter the new PIN you want to change.

How to Retrieve ATM Pin Code At Some Bank Branches

If you accidentally forget your ATM card password Vietcombank, Agribank... or any other bank, please do the following:

Retrieve Vietcombank ATM card password

To recover password Vietcombank ATM cardyou need to perform the following steps:

  • Step 1: Bring your ID card or original ID card to Vietcombank's transaction point
  • Step 2: Go to the counter and ask for the ATM password again
  • Step 3: The teller will verify the information and accept the password reset request. You will be scheduled to come back in 5-7 working days to receive a new password
  • Step 4: Pay password reset fee
  • Step 5: On the appointment date, go to the same transaction point to retrieve the password.

However, to get the pin code back, customers need to wait 5-7 days for the bank to re-print a new code. The fee to recover a new password is 10,000 VND.

forgot ATM password
Recovering ATM password will cost or not, depending on the bank.

Recover Agribank ATM card password

With Agribank, to retrieve your password ATM card Agribank, there is only one way that customers go directly to the bank's branch/transaction office to make the request. Includes the following steps:

  • Step 1: Bring your card and ID card to Agribank transaction counter.
  • Step 2: Request to re-issue your card's ATM password.
  • Step 3: Fill in the password reset request form according to the form provided by Agribank staff.
  • Step 4: The teller verifies the information and agrees to issue a new PIN.
  • Step 5: Go to the bank to get a new password after 5-7 working days.

Recover Techcombank ATM card password

With Techcombank, the bank will offer 2 options for customers to recover their password Techcombank ATM card. First, go directly to the branch/PGD to request a password reset; The second is to re-issue the ATM card password online.

With the traditional form of re-issuing a new PIN code, the steps are performed as at Vietcombank.

With the online password form, the steps need to be done as follows:

  • Step 1: Go to F@st iBank homepage.
  • Step 2: Log in to the system and select “Reissue Password”.
  • Step 3: Enter the information required by the system. Note that the information must match the information initially registered with Techcombank.
  • Step 4: Fill in the answers to the security questions.
  • Step 5: After you successfully access the activation link, Techcombank's system will send a new password to your phone number.

The fee to re-issue a PIN is VND 30,000.

Recover Vietinbank ATM card password

With Vietinbank, the bank only offers one way to reset the ATM card password for customers, which is to go directly to the transaction office/branch. Remember to bring your ID card when you go.

After completing the information requested by the bank and paying the fee of 10,000 VND, after 5-7 days of appointment you will receive a new PIN.

Recover VPBank ATM card password

At VPBank, after about 3-5 days, customers can receive their ATM card password again. However, you also need to go directly to the transaction points to make a request. Remember to bring your ID. The fee for resetting the password is 30,000 VND.

How To Change ATM Card Password After It Is Reissued

After being unlocked and re-issued with your ATM card password, the first thing you need to do is change ATM card password follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Insert the card into the ATM in the direction of the arrow on the card's surface
  • Step 2: Select the language to use Vietnamese or English.
  • Step 3: Enter the new password that has just been re-issued by the bank.
  • Step 4: After successfully entering the old PIN, the ATM screen displays the message "Card used for the first time, please change the pin before the transaction", click "Continue" to proceed with the change process. THE BATTERY.
  • Step 5: Re-enter the old password entered in step 3
  • Step 6: Enter a new password consisting of 6 or 8 digits depending on the bank's regulations, then press enter.
  • Step 7: Retype the new password to confirm again and press enter again.
  • Step 8: The screen informs that the battery is changed successfully and you have successfully activated the ATM card.


To answer the questions of customers when they accidentally forgot their ATM card password, we have the following answers:

How long does it take to reset ATM Card Password?

To retrieve ATM password, customers only need to bring their identity card to the bank that issued the card to make the request.

The password reset will be done by the bank's card center and encrypt the information, so it will take a few days or a week for customers to receive a new PIN.

After receiving the new password, go to the ATM of that bank to change the new password.

forgot ATM password
Bring your ID card to the bank that issued the card to make the request.

Is there a fee for Re-Issuing ATM Card Pin Code?

Re-issue of ATM password will still incur the normal fee. Fees depend on each bank, ranging from 10,000 VND to 30,000 VND is the most common.

How To Withdraw Money From ATM Card Without Re-Issuing Password?

When the ATM password has not been re-issued, customers who want to make transactions can apply the following 2 ways:

  • Withdraw money at the counter.
  • Transactions through internet banking/mobile banking.

What's included in the ATM Password Reset Profile?

Dossiers for re-issuance of ATM password include ID card/citizen identification card and ATM card.


Above are all the answers of customers if unlucky forgot ATM card password. With the above information, hopefully ATM card users will know how to get their PIN back if they unfortunately don't remember what the card pass is. However, to avoid forgetting the password, you should write down this password in your notebook, to use when necessary.

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