TOP 5 Fastest Ways To Look Up Techcombank Account Numbers

Techcombank is one of the major banks in Vietnam. The number of customers is very large, so the case is forgotten, lost, not understood Techcombank bank account number not less. The following article introduces this bank account number and how to look it up when necessary.

Techcombank Account Number How Many Numbers?

Techcombank account number is understood as a series of numbers that Tehcombank granted to you upon registration. You can use this account number to transfer, withdraw, and receive money. Each bank has a different account number for each customer.

Compared with Techcombank
Techcombank bank account number is very necessary for transactions.

Currently, Techcombank account number has 14 numbers with specific information such as:

  • Bank branch code.
  • Currency.
  • Customer's code.

You can identify your Techcombank account number through numbers like: 196, 102. For example:

First account numberFor example

Distinguish Account Number from Techcombank Card Number

Techcombank account numberIs a series of numbers that the bank provides for customers to perform transactions such as transferring money, withdrawing money at a bank or on Internet Banking Techcombank.

Includes 14 digits, common numbers like 1903, 102, ...

Located in the envelope that came with the ATM card when registering to use the card at Techcombank.

Usually displayed in Techcombank Internet Banking account.

Make money transfer transactions, withdraw money, pay bills, tuition fees, etc.
Techcombank card numberIs a series of numbers embossed on ATM cards such as Visa, Master Card or Napas provided by Techcombank.

Consisting of 16 digits, the most common number is 4221.

Located on the front of the ATM card, above the cardholder's name provided by the bank such as Napas, Visa, Master Card, ...Transfer money via card number.

Where is Techcombank Account Number Recorded?

When you apply for an ATM card at Techcombank, the staff will give you an envelope. In that envelope contains an ATM card with a sheet of paper with password and account number for you to make transactions. The easiest way is to check on the envelope and this sheet of paper.

In addition, you can also see Techcombank account numbers appear at:

  • The receipt when you transfer money, withdraw money at an ATM.
  • In electricity and water payment receipts.
  • In your personal information when you log in to the service at e-banking.
  • In the message of balance fluctuations.

How to Look Up Techcombank Account Number

Many customers have forgotten or no longer keep their account numbers, so they don't know how to get them back when needed. If you are also in that situation, please refer to the 4 ways to look up Techcombank account numbers below.

Look up Techcombank account number via Banking – [email protected] i-bank

You can choose to check your bank account right on your computer using Internet Banking - [email protected] i-bank.

Look up Techcombank account number via Banking – F@st i-bank
Look up Techcombank account number via Banking – [email protected] i-bank

The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: Log in to your account Internet Banking Techcombank follow the path HERE.
  • Step 2: Information lookup: Look up account balance
  • Step 3: End the transaction, exit the application

Check account number via Mobile Banking service – [email protected] Mobile

[email protected]: Is a mobile banking service with the function of payment, financial transaction, top-up, transfer, etc. right on your phone with internet connection.

Check account number via Mobile Banking service – F@st Mobile
Check account number via Mobile Banking service – [email protected] Mobile

The search steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: Get the app [email protected] Mobile about the machine
  • Step 2: RegisterTechcombank application
  • Step 3: Log in Log into the system using the account information provided by Techcombank.
  • Step 4: Successful login, STK information is displayed on the main interface

Look Up Account Number Techcombank SMS Banking – Home Banking

Home Banking: A service for querying information, viewing default or other account balances, announcing new products and services, etc., and guiding information related to Techcombank's products and services.

Techcombank drill test
Check your Techcombank account number, you can go to the transaction office.

Automated testing

This way is SMS service that fluctuates the account balance you register with the bank on a monthly basis, Bank messages will automatically be sent to customers when there is a change in account balance.

In addition to this automatic message, customers can also register for Techcombank Mail Access service to receive automatic messages via email with information about new products, services, discounts, incentives...

On-demand inspection

This service will arise when the customer requests by sending SMS with the following syntax:

  • Via SMS: “TCBTK [Số tài khoản] [Mật khẩu]" to send 8049
  • Call the switchboard: The hotline provided by the bank for customers to look up is: 04 3942 7444, call the hotline number and follow the request for automatic instructions.

Check Techcombank account number via call center

Alternatively you can also call Techcombank switchboard via hotline: 1800588822 and then follow the instructions. You need to prepare information to provide to the operator such as:

  • Last name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Identity card number.
  • Date Range.

Specifically, the steps are as follows.

Step 1: Call Techcombank's customer care hotline at:

Step 2: Press 1 key to select Vietnamese language, 2 key to select the English language.

Step 3: Press 1 key to choose personalized customer service.

Step 4: Ask the staff to provide the account number again.

Step 5: Staff will ask you to verify your identity, full name, date of birth, ID/CCCD number, registered phone number... Please provide complete and accurate information requested for support.

Check Techcombank Account Number At ATM

This is an easy way to check Techcombank account number because there is no need for any procedures. You also don't have to be at the trading room on time.

Techcombank drill test
Look up Techcombank account number via ATM.

All you need to do is bring your ATM card to the nearest ATM. Then log in, select print statement/View statement. On the screen will now display your account number.

Detailed steps are as follows.

Step 1: Go to the nearest Techcombank ATM.

Step 2: Insert the card into the slot to log in. Put the card in the direction of the arrow, face up is the embossed face of the ATM card.

Step 2
Step 2

Step 3: Import ATM PIN Techcombank.

Step 3
Step 3

Step 4: On the screen will now display your account number. If you want, you can continue to choose Print statements Last 10 transactions and get invoice. It will display your Techcombank account number.

Step 4:
Step 4:

Check Techcombank Account Number At Transaction Office

To do this, you go to the nearest Techcombank transaction office. The bank staff will help you look up the account number. You need to present your ID card or ID card for the staff to confirm. Moreover, you need to come during the bank's working hours from Monday to Friday.

Specifically Techcombank working hours:

  • Morning: from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
  • Afternoon: from 13:00 to 17:00.

Techcombank works all afternoon so you can also come in at noon to look up your account number.

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Above, has just introduced to you some information about Techcombank bank account number and how to look up when necessary. Hopefully, this will be useful information for you when you forget or lose your trading account number.

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