TOP 6+ How to look up Sacombank's bank account number 2022

To transact at a bank you need Sacombank bank account number. So how many numbers does the account have? How is it different from the card number? When lost or forgotten, how to look up? Take a look at the information below to get the answer for yourself.

What is Sacombank Account Number?

Sacombank bank account number is a series of numbers that Sacombank bank provided to customers when they need to register to open an ATM card at Sacombank. Each customer will have a different account number. This account number is used in many different transactions.

Where is Sacombank Account Number?

Sacombank account numbers can be easily found at:

Sacombank Bank Account Number How Many Numbers?

The main account number is the sequence of numbers that Sacombank issues to customers. From this number you can make withdrawals and transfers easily and quickly.

Compared with Sacombank's banks
Sacombank bank account number is very important.

Sacombank's current account number has 12 numbers and is set up according to the following rules:

– The first 3-4 numbers are the bank account numbers.
– The following numbers are personal identifiers according to the bank's arrangement.

You can visualize your Sacombank account number more clearly through the table below:

First account numberFor example
0200203 4053 6896
56115611 0428 2356
04000400 1258 4289

Distinguishing Account Numbers and Sacombank Card Numbers

Many customers when using ATM cards often mistake the number on the card for the account number. You can actually understand:

  • Card number is the number printed on the card surface, from this number can know the card issue number. This sequence of numbers only helps the bank to perform customer management operations. When you redo the card, this sequence will change.
  • Sacombank bank account number is a series of numbers to help you receive money, transfer money, look up balance. Even if you lose your card or change a new card, the account number will not be changed.

How to Look Up Sacombank Bank Account Numbers

Many situations occur that cause you to forget or lose your previously issued account number. The six ways to look up your Sacombank account number below will help you find it again easily.

Look Up Sacombank Account Via ATM System

This is the most convenient and fastest way to check your Sacombank account number. You perform the following steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the ATM
  • Step 2: Insert the card into the card reader in the direction of the arrow
  • Step 3: Choose the right language
  • Step 4: The screen displays the commands: Money transfer, withdrawal, balance query, etc. You select balance query
  • Step 5: View account number information, complete, you press finish and get the card back.

Check out Sacombank's drills
Look up Sacombank account number via ATM.

You can look up your Sacombank bank account number at any ATM. How to do the same as mentioned above.

Look Up Sacombank Bank Account Via Transaction Office/Branch

You can also go to the nearest Sacombank transaction office and present your ID card or ID card. Then ask the bank staff to re-issue your account number. This method is quite time consuming, so not many people choose.

Sacombank bank working hours:

  • Bright: 7:30 am - 11:30 am.
  • Afternoon: 13h00 - 17h00.

Working schedule is from Monday to Friday

Check Sacombank Account Number Via Hotline

You can also check your Sacombank bank account number via Sacombank's customer care call center.

Number Sacombank hotline is: 1900 5555 88.

Look Up Sacombank Account Numbers Via SMS Banking

You can also check your Sacombank account number via text message without going to the transaction office or ATM. However, you need to register for SMS Banking in advance. You compose the message according to the syntax:

STB SD n Name Password to send 8149

In there:

  • n: is the account number that you have registered with the bank.
  • Name: The name of the Sacombank account that you registered with the bank.
  • Password: The account password given to you by Sacombank or possibly the password you have changed.

Check Sacombank account number via SMS

Look Up Sacombank Account Numbers Via Internet Banking

In addition to the above methods, you can also look up your Sacombank bank account number by Internet Banking Sacombank.

Sacombank drill comparison test
Checking Sacombank account number can go to transaction office.

Follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Login to Sacombank iBanking service page.
  • Step 2: Login to Sacombank Internet Banking service page (change password at first login to increase security).
  • Step 3: Look up account number.
  • Step 4: View account number information and then done.

With this way, you can check your Sacombank account number anytime, anywhere when needed.

Check Sacombank Account Number Via Mobile Banking

You can also download the Mobile Banking app to your phone or computer and check your bank account number. After downloading, do the following steps:

  • Step 1: Open the application, log in with the name and password registered with the bank.
  • Step 2: In the interface on the screen, click on Account and then check the account number

With the Internet being as popular as today, looking up Sacombank account numbers by Internet Banking and Mobile Banking is the most popular.

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Above are suggestions to look up Sacombank bank account numbers quickly and easily. Hopefully can help you find the forgotten or lost account number in the most accurate way.

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