Update the latest fee schedule for other bank transfers 2022

Money transfer service is one of the most important transactions of a bank that every customer needs to use. Transferring money with the same system is usually free or very cheap. So other bank transfer fees how much? Which banks do not charge fees?

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What is Interbank Money Transfer?

An interbank money transfer is a transfer of money to another bank that is not in the same system. Previously, if you wanted to transfer money from another bank, you needed to go directly to the bank's transaction point for support. In the 4.0 technology era, you can completely use Internet Banking, Mobile Banking to transfer money between banks simply and quickly.

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How Much Is The Fee For Other Bank Transfers?

Fees for transferring money from one bank to another will vary from one bank to another. Fees must comply with the laws and regulations of the State Bank, ranging from a few thousand to several tens of thousands, calculated as a % of the transaction amount.

Most customers prefer free money transfer due to high transaction demand. Therefore, some banks apply free money transfer to other banks, which are favored and used by many customers.

Other Bank Transfer Fees Of Some Banks Currently

Update the fee for money transfer to other banks of some banks currently in the table below:

Transfer amount/Fee/Bank<10 million50 millions100 millions500 million won
Ocean Bank8,800 VND
BIDV7,700 VNDVND 11,000+0.02% of the amount transferredVND 22,000+0.02% of the amount transferredVND 55,000 +0.02% of the amount transferred
VietinBank9,900 VNDVND 11,000+0.01% of the amount transferredVND 11,000+0.01% of the amount transferredVND 55,000+0.01% of the amount transferred
SHB9,900VND+0.011% of the amount transferred12,100 VND+0.011% of the amount transferred121,000 VND+0.021% of the amount transferred
Vietcombank7,700 VNDVND 11,000+0.02% of the amount transferredVND 22,000+0.02% of the amount transferredVND 110,000+0.02% of the amount transferred
EximBankVND 11,000+0.02% of the amount transferredVND 22,000+0.02% of the amount transferredVND 110,000+0.02% of the amount transferred
A BankVND 11,000+0.025% of the amount transferred13,750 VND+0.025% of the amount transferred27,500 VND+0.025% of the amount transferred137,500 VND+0.025% of the amount transferred
ACBVND 10,500+0.028% of the amount transferredVND 14,000+0.028% of the amount transferredVND 28,000+0.028% of the amount transferredVND 140,000+0.028% of the amount transferred
SCBVND 11,000VND 165,000+0.03% of the transfer amount Maximum fee: VND 500,000
VPBank8,800 VNDVND 275,000+0.05% of the amount of the transferMaximum fee: VND 1,100,000
AgriBank8,800 VND27,500 VNDVND 55,000VND 275,000
ABBankVND 11,00016,500 VNDVND 33,000VND 165,000

List of Banks for No-Fee Interbank Money Transfer

Because customers often prefer to use free money transfer services, make many transactions a day without fees, free money transfer is applied by banks as a business strategy to attract users. use.

Some banks that transfer money between banks via Internet Banking or Mobile Banking without any fees are:

  • VIB International Commercial Joint Stock Bank: free of charge for intra-system transfers, interbank transfers, and free cash withdrawals at ATMs nationwide.
  • Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank Techcombank: free transfer within the same system, free inter-bank transfer, free 24/7 quick transfer.
  • Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank TPBank: free inter-bank money transfer, free money transfer with banks, free withdrawal at TPBank ATMs.
  • Military Bank MB Bank: free of charge for intra-system and inter-bank money transfer via MB Bank app.
  • SeaBank: free of charge for customers using SeANet/SeAMobile who need to transfer money inside and outside the system.
  • PVcomBank: Free money transfer for customers transacting on PV Online Banking.
  • VPBank Bank: free of charge for all types of transfers (in the VPBank system and outside of VPBank) when transacting through VPBank Online.
  • Timo Digital Bank: Free intra-system and inter-bank money transfers.

How long does it take to transfer money to another bank?

There are two types of money transfer other than banks:

  • Interbank money transfer is usually through the Citad system: the transaction completion time may be within the next day or after the next working day to receive, during office hours.
  • Fast money transfer via account number or card number through Napas system: recipient can receive immediately after successful transaction notification, even outside office hours or on weekends.

The Fastest Way to Transfer Money to Other Banks

Transfer money from other banks via ATM

To make an interbank money transfer using an ATM card, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Use an ATM card and insert it into any ATM slot.
  • Step 2: Select the non-bank transfer feature.
  • Step 3: Enter the required information as required on the screen.

Transfer money from other banks via Internet Banking

  • Step 1: Access the bank's website, then log in to the Ebanking system.
  • Step 2: Choose a method of money transfer other than a bank.
  • Step 3: Enter the information of the payee as required on the screen.
  • Step 4: Confirm the transaction, the banking system will send the OTP code to the phone message.
  • Step 5: Enter the OTP code, click confirm, the transfer is successful.

Transfer money from other banks via Mobile Banking

  • Step 1: Log in to the banking application installed on the phone.
  • Step 2: Select the money transfer feature.
  • Step 3: Enter the information of the payee as required.
  • Step 4: Confirm the OTP code to complete the transaction.


Other bank transfer fees of each banking system will have different levels. Some banks offer free money transfer for all intra-system and inter-bank transactions. Money transfers will usually be received within business hours of the next business day. Quick transfer will be received immediately after the successful transaction notification.

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