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VIB is no longer a stranger to customers in Vietnam. Currently, VIB is trying to improve the quality of customer service in many different ways. Call Center VIB is one of the big steps forward in customer service of VIB.

About VIB . Bank

VIB stands for the English phrase Vietnam International Joint Stock Bank. VIB . Bank whose transaction name in Vietnamese is Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank. VIB Bank was officially established on September 18, 1996.

VIB money
VIB was established on September 18, 1996

VIB Bank's head office is located in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. After more than 25 years of establishment and development, VIB has opened branches in 27 provinces and cities across the country. Not only that, the bank has also built a switchboard system ready to support 24/7.

VIB Call Center Support 24/7

VIB switchboard is an extremely useful and convenient information channel for customers. All customer questions about VIB's services are answered via hotline 1800 8180. VIB's hotline is ready to serve all customers in all regions of the country without space limitation.

In addition to the main VIB switchboard providing full information, you can contact other satellite switchboards.

Other VIB Bank customer service contact channels

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Facebook:
  • LinkedIn:
  • YouTube: VIB – International Bank
  • Head office address: SailingTower Building, 111A Pasteur, Ben Nghe, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh City

Instructions on how to call the VIB hotline

How to call the official VIB hotline for 24/7 customer care support

For the official VIB switchboard number, please dial the hotline number 1800 8180 then click:

  • Number key 1: If you have a need to solve problems related to credit cards, press the number 1 key.
  • Number key 2: This is the key to help you get support and advice on other services of VIB.
  • Number key 3: To change the consulting language to English, just press the number 3 key.

VIB bank switchboard registers the service

To call VIB's hotline number with the need to register for the service, customers can call 1800 8192 and then press the following keys:

  • Number key 1: When you press this key, you can request registration to open the card.
  • Number key 2: If you press the number 2 key, you will be supported to register for other services included in the VIB brand.

VIB Customer Care Hotline Number at the Branch

In addition to the VIB switchboard to support customers nationwide, VIB also has a customer service hotline number for each branch. All branches have hotlines ready to contact and support customers. However, customer service hotlines at branches only support during office hours.

VIB Hanoi Call Center

Hanoi is a hub with the most VIB branches across the country. At branches, VIB will equip different hotline numbers. For timely and quick support for personal services, you can directly contact the bank where you are registered.

Branch/Transaction Office of VIB Bank in Hanoi CityLocation PGDHotline number – VIB bank switchboard at the branch
VIB Bank Thang Long branchOffice No. 101/ Floor 1/ 72-storey Keangnam Building/ Lot E6/ Pham Hung Street/ Me Tri Commune/ Nam Tu Liem District043 837 8249
VIB Branch Nguyen Co Thach1st floor, Building A2/ Nguyen Co Thach Street/ Cau Dien Ward/ Nam Tu Liem District042 221 3844
Transaction Office VIB Hai Ba TrungBuilding 59 Quang Trung/ Nguyen Du/ Hai Ba Trung district043 944 5268
VIB Hoan Kiem Branch33 Hue Street/ Hang Bai/ Hoan Kiem District043 941 3632
VIB Xa Dan Transaction OfficeNo. 255 Xa Dan/ Nam Dong Ward/ Dong Da District046 276 2101
VIB Tay Ho Transaction OfficeNo. 45 Au Co Street/ Quang An Ward/ Tay Ho District046 280 0508
VIB Ha Dong branchKm 10/ Nguyen Trai street/ Ha Dong district04 3354 4170
VIB Hang Bac transaction office138 Hang Bac/ Hang Bac Ward/ Hoan Kiem District043 926 2277
VIB Dai Kim transaction office1st floor Block 15B/ Dai Kim new urban area Nguyen Canh Di street/ Dai Kim ward/ Hoang Mai043 540 9033
VIB Branch Nguyen Chi Thanh71 Nguyen Chi Thanh/ Ward Ngoc Khanh/ Ba Dinh District046 275 2515

Hotline VIB Ho Chi Minh Bank

In Ho Chi Minh City, with a large number of customers, VIB also opened many branches. In general, the hotlines of branches in Ho Chi Minh, in addition to answering questions for customers like a general switchboard, can provide information by area to customers.

Branch/Transaction Office of VIB in Ho Chi Minh CityLocation PGDHotline number – VIB bank switchboard at the branch
VIB Branch District 4188-190 Khanh Hoi/ Ward 5/ District 4083 9433 325
Transaction Office VIB Van ThanhH10A, Road D2/ Ward 25/ Binh Thanh District086 258 3668
VIB Thanh Nam BranchNo. 246 Cong Quynh/ Ward Pham Ngu Lao/ District 1083 925 4625
Branch VIB Thanh NamNo. 246 Cong Quynh/ Pham Ngu Lao Ward/ District 1083 925 4625
VIB Saigon Transaction OfficeMelinh Point Building – No. 2 Ngo Duc Ke/ Ben Nghe Ward/ District 1083 824 2620
VIB Thu Duc Branch192 Vo Van Ngan/ Binh Tho Ward/ Thu Duc District083 722 5545
VIB branch CMT8404A/ CMT8/ Ward 11/ District 3083 846 5599
Transaction Office VIB Gia DinhNo. 134 Cao Thang street /P. 4/ District 3083 877 8875
VIB Thong Nhat Transaction OfficeNo. 1174 February 3rd Street/ Ward 8/ District 11083 962 1828
Branch VIB Tan Thanh913 Luy Ban Bich/ Tan Thanh Ward/ Tan Phu District083 810 6646
Republic of VIB Branch420-422 Cong Hoa/ Ward 13/ Tan Binh District083 812 3220
VIB Transaction Office District 3361 Hai Ba Trung/ Ward 8/ District 3083 820 9647

VIB Bank Customer Care Phone Numbers Provinces

In the provinces and cities, VIB is also fully equipped with customer care phone numbers. The switchboard numbers at the branches of the provinces will assist customers with services and guide the procedure of local documents.

Here are some VIB hotlines in the provinces:

Branches/Transaction Offices of VIB in other localities and provincesLocation PGDHotline number – VIB bank switchboard at the branch
VIB Hai Chau Branch211 Hung Vuong street/ Hai Chau 2 ward/ Hai Chau district/ Da Nang city023 6386 8200023 6386 8201023 6386 8203
VIB Can Tho Bank1st floor, 2 VCCI building/ 12 Hoa Binh/ An Cu ward/ Ninh Kieu district/ Can Tho city071 0376 5995
Transaction Office VIB Hai PhongNo. 09/ Tran Hung Dao/ Hai Phong021 0381 6199
Branch of VIB An Giang73-75 Nguyen Trai/ My Long Ward/ Long Xuyen/ An Giang076 394 5468
VIB Vung Tau Bank01K1 Nguyen Thai Hoc/P. 7/ Vung Tau City064 357 4547
VIB Binh Duong Branch306 Binh Duong Boulevard/ Phu Hoa Ward/ Thu Dau Mot City065 0383 4458
Transaction Office VIB Thai Binh1st floor, Thai Binh Dream Building / 355 Ly Bon / De Tham Ward / Thai Binh City036 364 3616
VIB Thai Nguyen transaction officeNo. 661 Luong Ngoc Quyen/ Phan Dinh Phung/ Thai Nguyen city028 0365 6925

Instructions to Look Up Phone Numbers of VIB . Bank

Step 1

Instructions to Look Up Phone Numbers of VIB . Bank

Step 2: The returned result will tell you:

  • Branch namefor example: Cong Hoa VIB.
  • Address.
  • Trading hours.
  • Contact phone.

Instructions to Look Up Phone Numbers of VIB . Bank

Functions of Hotline VIB

VIB switchboard means a lot not only to customers but also an important part of VIB bank. Hotline not only helps customers save time and effort to learn about products, but also helps banks reduce the load at branches. Hotline is ready to assist you in the following categories:

VIB's life has many blessings
VIB's Customer Care Call Center has many functions

  • Instructions on the procedures to register for accounts loans short, medium and long term.
  • Consulting, providing information related to exchange rates or foreign currencies.
  • Instructions to look up and find information about ATM branches and transaction offices.
  • Support consulting, answering questions related to customer account services.
  • Exchange rate
  • Bank interest rate installment loanunsecured consumer loans, mortgage loans...
  • Instructions on procedures and registration process for SMS Banking.
  • Consulting many other services related to customer accounts.

In general, VIB switchboard is ready to advise and answer questions like at transaction counters. The agents are also professional and well-trained. VIB switchboard functions as an online banking transaction office.

Is VIB's Customer Service Good?

With extensive experience in banking and finance, VIB is confident to bring customers the best services. VIB Bank operates with the motto of taking customers as the center. VIB's customer care services always reach a professional level and satisfy customers.

prestigious VIB tongdai
VIB's customer care service is very reputable

In order to build a reputable and quality customer care service system, VIB has invested a lot. Across the country, VIB has more than 9,400 officers and employees. Currently, VIB's total assets have reached VND 244,000 billion.

VIB bank switchboard is highly appreciated by many customers because of the following advantages:

  • The hotline is always available 24/7.
  • Customers can actively contact anywhere, at any time.
  • Professional staff, dedicated customer care.
  • Serving a variety of necessary issues for customers.
  • All transactions through the 24/7 Customer Service Center are secured according to regulations.

Notes When Contacting VIB . Customer Care Call Center

Currently, VIB switchboard has become a relatively large information channel for customers. Therefore, the number of calls to the switchboard needing consultation is very large. To be able to contact the hotline as soon as possible, you need to note a few points as follows:

  • Prepare personal information registered for an account such as name, identity card number, etc.
  • Choose the right number to answer your questions.
  • The switchboard does not have a payment transaction function like directly at the counters.

FQA – Some questions about VIB's Customer Care Center

Is the fraudulent VIB customer service center information true?

The answer is NO. VIB is one of the largest banks in Vietnam, so it is impossible for VIB switchboard to cheat customers.

Why did I call VIB's phone number but no one answered the phone?

This is not too unusual, with a large number of customers contacting the VIB customer care center, sometimes the agents are busy. Therefore, please wait for a call back later or use other contact channels such as email, fanpage ...

Is there a fee to contact the VIB customer care hotline?

The answer to this question is NO! When you call VIB's switchboard, you don't need to pay any fees, it's completely free.

Does VIB bank work on Saturdays?

VIB branches and transaction offices work on Saturdays with the following hours:

  • Saturday morning start working from 8 am to 11 am.
  • On Saturday afternoon, the bank is closed.


Call Center VIB gradually become an important information channel for customers. Instead of going directly to the counters, customers just need to sit at home and pick up the phone to call. The above article has shared useful information about the current VIB hotline.

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