What are the goals of the physics program that need to be adjusted?

LTS: Continuing to give comments on the new Physics program, Dr. Le Thi Thanh Thao (Ho Chi Minh City University of Education) made some recommendations to change some terms in the draft. this course program.

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Is it possible that with knowledge of physics, students can only "Understand the natural world from a physical perspective" as the goal of the Physics program this time?

Let's try to understand and analyze together:

Research objects of physical science and cognitive objects of physical knowledge:

We see that they are not quite the same:

Research subjects of physical science:

We should not think that physical science has only research subjects as: "Physical things, phenomena, and processes occurring in nature" or "the natural world in terms of physics".

In addition to the above subjects, the physical sciences also study the Objects created by myself with the aim of serving human interests.

With knowledge of physics, what will students understand? (Artwork: caodangykhoa.vn)

Many important physical inventions that have made strides for human civilization and changed the mode of productive labor have been recorded in the history of human development from the study of such subjects:

For example:

Invent Constant current bring “light” to human civilization;

Research on the change in the thermal state of the isolated gas leads to the invention Heat engine replacing manual labor with machines and ushering in the civilized era of means of transport;

Research electromagnetic phenomenon lead to create alternating current opened the era when people mastered energy sources, could produce electrical energy to convert it into other forms of energy for life and production.

New Physics Program: Is there room for engineering applications in real life?

Invention electromagnetic waves brought the civilization of information and communication to humanity that we enjoy today. …

(So ​​in the physics curriculum at all levels, besides knowledge of all kinds of things, phenomena, and physical processes in nature, there are always parts of this corresponding physical science knowledge mentioned. at the appropriate level for the target audience).

Thus, the object of study of physics is not only natural things and phenomena from a physical perspective, but also other research objects that physical science actively creates and actively affects because purposes that bring benefits and progress to people.

Cognitive objects of physical knowledge:

In addition to being able to perceive the above objects, when we have knowledge of physics we can also perceive other objects.

– These are technical inventions for life and production labor that are manufactured and invented based on knowledge of physical science.

(That's why it's important to integrate the study of these engineering applications into physics curricula.)

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– Those are things, phenomena, processes belonging to other fields of natural science that have a nature related to physics, because:

Physics is the study of motion of the physical world exists in all three forms, solid, liquid, and gas.

But "motion" is not only a unique property of physical things and phenomena, but a common property of all matter, so the research objects of other sciences also move according to the laws of motion. that physics has discovered.

The new program copies VNEN, it's better to keep the old program

Physics opens the secret curtain of the subatomic worldstudy the composition, its structure, study the movement inside the atom, inside the nucleus and the interaction between the components that make up them.

But all phenomena, regardless of the field of scientific research, are ultimately matter and are made up of atoms.

So with the understanding of physics about atoms and nuclei that physical science can help us find the deepest cause, the most essential of all things, natural phenomena, not physical objects and phenomena.

(That's why it's important to integrate a lot of physics into other natural sciences.)

Thus, if people have knowledge of physics, they can understand many different cognitive objects:

– Natural things, phenomena and processes from a physical perspective

– Technical applications manufactured and invented based on knowledge of physical sciences are bringing great benefits to humans and the development of human civilization.

– The things, phenomena, processes in the research fields of other sciences (chemistry, biology, natural geography) with the support of physical knowledge are fully understood and deepened.

The object of awareness that the new Physics curriculum this time identifies:

(also the object of awareness of learners when studying Physics):

In the most important statement of the goal and the requirements to be achieved, the cognitive object chosen by the curriculum is clearly stated: Understanding "the natural world from a physical perspective".

And so far, according to the contents of the school programs, there is an understanding that is the physical things, phenomena, and processes occurring in nature.

New programs and textbooks are following in the footsteps of VNEN?

If compared with the perceived object of physical knowledge we have just analyzed and given above, it is clear that the cognitive goal of the new Physics subject have not covered all perceived objects these, while it can and should satisfy the learner's perceived need for them.

That is extremely unfortunate for students and very difficult to accept from an educational perspective.

Proposed change

First, it is necessary to change terms and objective clauses of Physics subject:

If we want Physics to cover all the above cognitive objects, we need to replace the proposition:

Reference: Ready to Stun

"Learn about natural world from a physical perspective” by the proposition:

"Learn about objective reality from a physical point of view”

With the interpretation: “Objective reality from a physical perspective” is understood to include:

– Things, phenomena, processes physics occurs in the natural world,

– And what is existing, happening in the reality that learners are living related to physics like:

o The technical application existing in the reality that learners are living;

o Practical things, phenomena, processes in other fields of natural science requires knowledge of physics to fully and deeply understand;

o The problem appear from real life needs physical knowledge to solve.

Then the new proposition indicating this goal has covered all cognitive objects of physical knowledge (as analyzed above).

That is to say, looking at the form, it's just the change the term used to express goals.

But in fact, we have started a "revolution" about ideological physics:

– That we have brought physics knowledge to face the objective reality that learners are living (Real World);

– That we understand the root and essence of the concept of “integration”;

– That we are correctly understanding the role of physical knowledge in the development of understanding of objective reality of learners,

– That we bring to learners the true values ​​that they want, they need and the society expects of them, future workers;

– That we give learners the motivation to learn really, learn right to achieve those values;

– That we actively welcome the trend of educational innovation (learning to understand and master the world in which learners live – Real World)

– As we open the door to active learning methods and strategies, which have been imported for a long time and increasingly into Vietnam, but have not found a living land to replicate and develop:

o Integrating the sciences: Strategies for Project-Based Learning, practical problem solving,

o Integrating science, engineering, technology and math: STEM,


This change will inevitably lead to a change in the approach to (learning) physics knowledge that we will refer to later.

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