What investment business with 30 million profitable?

What to invest with 30 million VND Idle helps investors profit effectively? 30 million is an amount that is neither too big nor small, but keep your money and save it when you need it, your money will just stay in place without creating any more or less value. In this article, Vninvestment will introduce you to effective investment business forms for your money to proliferate with 30 million VND.

What business should I do with a capital of 30 million?

1. Trading in mini bonsai, succulent plants

Mini bonsai are easy-to-grow, easy-to-live and small-sized plants, so they are often grown in glass jars, stone pots, .. some of the most popular mini bonsai today are succulents, cacti , ornamental palm trees,..

Bonsai has a very cheap price, so you should choose plant nurseries, agents that provide ornamental plants with good wholesale prices to import goods. When trading mini bonsai, you should pay attention to the care to ensure the quality of the tree. Besides, you should learn to cultivate yourself a lot of knowledge about bonsai to understand the specific characteristics of each type to be able to do business and develop this field in the most effective way.

Business mini bonsai, succulent
Business mini bonsai, succulent

2. Trading in women's accessories and jewelry

What business should be effective with 30 million capital? In addition to expensive jewelry made from gold, silver, .. with high prices. Currently, young people are very fond of jewelry accessories with cheap trendy designs that are processed with cheap materials such as alloys, plating, ...

These types of accessories help young people adorn their clothes or dresses, elegant and glamorous. Therefore, with this item, you can easily do online business on social networks Facebook or e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, ..

Women's jewelry accessories business
What business capital 30 million? Women's jewelry accessories business

3. Open a popular hairdressing and hairdressing shop

If you have skills and experience in spa hair care, haircuts, nourishing shampoos, herbs, etc., then opening a popular shampoo shop specializing in hair care is a great and effective choice. fruit. If it's a home shop, you only need to pay a few expenses such as: money to buy a nourishing shampoo bed, money for herbs, shampoo, .. and other small items for service.

What business should you do with a capital of 30 million if you have the skills to cut hair, wash spa hair? Try it now with a popular hair salon!

Open a barber shop, shampoo, conditioner, spa
Open a barber shop, shampoo, conditioner, spa

4. Trading in regional specialties

With a capital of 30 million, what business should be effective and profitable? Trading in regional specialties is a potential idea if you open a shop selling all the specialties of all 3 regions. This will be a shop to help share national specialties to more people, so that anyone who wants to enjoy other regional specialties can easily find and buy them at your store.

Trading in regional specialties
What business should 30 million capital do? Trading in regional specialties

What to invest with 30 million high profit?

1. Saving 6 months in the bank

Bank deposit with 30 million will be a quite safe method, so the interest rate of this form with 30 million is usually not high. However, you can take advantage of the term of your savings account to get a higher amount of interest. Saving 6 months in the bank is a perfect choice if you want money to grow but need to use it during the year.

Deposit for a term of 6 months
Deposit for a term of 6 months

2. Invest in gold reserves

Buying gold and hoarding at a time when the price of gold is falling and selling it when gold is growing strongly and earning high profits is a safe investment method that has been passed down since the days of our ancestors. Up to now, this is still one of the effective ways of financial investment and is not outdated because it is one of the methods that is not affected by monetary inflation.

Invest in reserve gold
Where's the word with 30 million safe, anti-inflation? Invest in reserve gold

3. Invest in stocks

If you have 30 million, what should you invest in to make a profit? Investing in stocks is the most popular 4.0 financial investment method for young people today because of the effective opportunity to profit and get rich. However, besides the above advantages, this is a risky and quite risky form of investment. Therefore, investors need to have a lot of experience in securities to make the right decision in all cases.

Invest in stocks
What to invest with effective 30 million? Invest in stocks

4. Peer-to-peer lending

Peer-to-peer lending is a form of direct connection between lenders and borrowers without going through an intermediary. In this method, the investor will pay the loan as a lender, helping to reach those who need to borrow money in the most effective and optimal way.

Peer-to-peer lending
What should I invest with 30 million? Peer-to-peer lending

The secret to successful business effectively

  • Choose the right field, your forte for business

  • Using capital of 30 million effectively

  • Choose reputable suppliers with good wholesale prices

  • Creative business with unique ideas

  • Take advantage of multi-channel sales

  • Learn about advertising to easily reach your target audience

  • Maintaining the will and passion for the profession in the early stages is still difficult


What to invest with 30 million to recover capital quickly and effectively? What potential business with 30 million capital should bring high profits? Above are effective investment business ideas of 1 capital 4 profits with 30 million effective that you cannot ignore!