What is 416 gold? White gold 416 PNJ how much 1 only today

There are many different types of gold currently on the market. And one of them is the 416 PNJ white gold. So What is 416 gold?? What are the advantages, disadvantages and selling price? Let's find out in the article below to better understand this type of 416 gold.

What is 416 gold?

If you don't know What is 416 gold?? Here are the answers to help you understand better.

416 gold is a type of gold with 41.6% pure gold content and 58.4% other metals. The name 416 Gold is based on 41.6% pure gold content. Although 416 gold has a low gold content, the quality is still good and still has a relatively high value.

To calculate the percentage of gold to Kara of 416 gold we will apply the following formula:

K= Coach x24/100

41.6 x 24/100 = 9,984 (K) If calculated in karat, 416 gold is 10K gold.

Some characteristics of 416 gold:

416 gold has a Karat of ~10K so its characteristics white gold 416 PNJ This is similar to 10K gold. We can distinguish and recognize through the following characteristics.

  • Color: 416 gold has a lighter yellow luster, at first glance only a slightly yellowish white color. In addition, there will be pink or red color depending on the proportion of metal mixed.

  • Stiffness: Because 58.4% are metals such as nickel, silver, etc., 416 gold has a much better hardness than 14K, 16k, and 24k gold.

What is white gold?

Advantages and disadvantages of 416 . gold

For any type of gold available today will have its own advantages and disadvantages. And so is the 416 gold, you should know these advantages and disadvantages to choose the right one for your own use.


  • Gold 416 is a metal of high value, so it is often used to make jewelry and gifts.

  • The color of 416 gold is luxurious and beautiful.

  • The hardness of 416 gold is very good, so when it comes to processing, it will be possible to create many delicate products. In addition, based on good rigidity, when used, it will limit the possibility of distortion.

  • The price of 416 gold is much cheaper than 14K, 16k, 18k, 24k gold. So it will be suitable for more customers.

  • The purchase price of 416 gold is high, but it will be cheaper to sell if there is no guarantee.

  • Not suitable as a hoarding asset because of the low pure gold content of only 41.6%. The high selling price is due to the manufacturing process, so when you resell it, it will not be the same as the original price.

  • The color will tarnish and change color over time, because it contains 58.4% other metals. So in the process of use, if subjected to physical and chemical influences from the external environment, it will be worn and tarnished.

How much is the price of 416 gold today?

The price of 416 gold will change continuously without a fixed level. The price increase or decrease will depend on domestic and international economic and political factors. You can refer to the continuously updated 416 gold price list below.

416 gold how much 1 point

Based on the above 416 gold price list, we can see that the price of 10K gold 1 will only fluctuate at VND 2,120,000 when buying and selling at VND 2,266,000. So the price of 416 gold is only half of that of other types of gold.

Please note, however, that this is just the unmanufactured price. Because the price of 416 gold finished products has a high selling price mainly due to the processing and accompanying accessories.

How much is 416 PNJ gold

PNJ 416 gold is a type of gold that is heavily manipulated into jewelry. At PNJ, there are thousands of different models, so the price will also be different. However, according to my survey, the price of jewelry made of 416 gold ranges from 2,000,000 VND to 2,220,000 VND 1 only.

Please refer to the price list below to know more.

Product's namePrice
10K white gold earrings with stones ECZ PNJ Trinh Collection XMXMW0017745,385,000 VND
10K white gold bracelet with stones ECZ PNJ Trinh Collection XM00W0002453,495,000 VND
10K white gold pendant with stones ECZ PNJ XMXMW0019833,827,000 VND
Charm Me Beads 10K white gold with stones ECZ PNJ True Love XMXMW0000331,379,000 VND
PNJ True Love 10K Gold Men's Bracelet 0000Y00126814,216,000 VND
PNJ True Love 10K Gold Earrings 0000Y0023502,664,000 VND
10K Gold Pendant with stones ECZ PNJ XMXMC0600072,190,000 VND
10K white gold ring with stones ECZ PNJ Xmas ZTXMW0001425,181,000 VND

Why is 416 gold used for jewelry?

416 gold can be called White gold or 10k gold is commonly used to make jewelry. Due to the low price but good hardness, it can meet the processing requirements and needs of everyone. Especially the price is much lower than other types of gold.

Because of the price and many beautiful designs, 416 gold is often chosen as jewelry. However, you should also be careful when buying this type of gold. Because of the low gold content, the value after selling will also decrease and the color fastness will also be low. In addition, due to the mixing of many other metals, it may cause skin irritation during use.

What is white gold?

Notes when buying 416 . gold

Do you know what 416 gold is? But please note the following points to better buy and use this gold.

  • Should choose stores that sell quality and reputable 416 gold and there are many places that sell non-quality products.

  • Gold 416 should not be exposed to chlorine or cleaning agents. Because white gold is very resistant to these substances, if exposed, it will become dull, rusty, rough, ...

  • Do not buy 416 gold to hoard because the price will be much lower than when you bought it. If you want to buy for investment, you should choose high-quality gold.

  • When not in use, the gold should be stored in a box for better preservation.

Instructions on how to preserve 416 . gold

During use, you need to know how to preserve 416 gold. If you don't know how to store it, it will easily cause discoloration and discoloration. So you should know how to preserve as follows.

  • When participating in sports games, you should not wear 416 gold. Because when exercising strongly, the body will sweat a lot. In our sweat, there will be a lot of salt that will make the gold oxidize.

  • Do not wear while cooking, wearing makeup because it is easy to come into contact with chemicals that damage and discolor the white gold.[xúcvớicácchấthóahọclàmhỏngbaymàucủavàngtrắng

  • Should keep white gold in jewelry box for preservation. Should not be left out to avoid contact with dirt.

  • Regularly clean your jewelry to always achieve maximum shine.

  • When you see 416 gold fading, you should bring it to the store to get the color back.

Hope you have understood through this article What is 416 gold?? And the article also provides more information about the price, advantages, disadvantages and how to preserve 416 gold. You can refer to it to make the right choice.

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