What is Bang, explain the meaning of Bang in all fields

What is the state, explain the meaning of the words Federation, state or the word bang in English and other areas of life to the fullest. In which, the most common meaning is State, ie the form of dividing administrative boundaries in the US and some other countries with higher rights than provinces and cities in our country. The state is like a miniature country, with its own rules and powers. In addition, bang can be an English word with many different meanings.

What is Bang, explain the meaning of Bang in all fields

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What is state, state?

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State or state English name is federated state or state, to refer to the territorial community with a constitution, which acts as an administrative unit within a federation. With the federal state model, the national territory is divided into states with their own constitution, sovereignty and state government. The cantons can be partially self-governing, and even in Spain, Barcelona has its own educational system, currency, and banking system, although it is still bound to Madrid.

In the United States, the country is divided into 50 states. With the regulation, states are considered sovereign entities, meaning that state power comes directly from the people of that state, not from the federal government. The level of state sovereignty and self-determination will be much larger than the division of provinces and cities like in our country.

For example, the canton of Switzerland consists of 26 cantons. Each state has its own constitution, its own government and its own courts, and a very high degree of autonomy. The states are all unicameral parliamentary system.

Bang in English

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Bang in English is pronounced as /bæη/, noun for hair cut across the forehead, verb for the act of cutting hair across the forehead. In addition, bang is also a noun for a loud crash, a loud bang, a verb for a strong kick. The word bang also has many other meanings that you must look up in the dictionary to apply to your situation.

In Korea, there is a group Big Bang, referring to "Big Bang" to emphasize the group's outstanding talent. Big Bang is run by YG Entertainment, has created a big buzz in the Kpop world and is loved by many Vietnamese people. In addition, Bang Bang is a fighting webgame with a classic tank-shooting sound.

Hopefully, through this article of yeutrithuc.com, everyone has understood what the meaning of the word Bang is. The federal form of state organization is very different from the provincial division in Vietnam, where the states have a very high degree of self-determination and autonomy. The powers of the state government and the federal government shall be clearly divided in the constitution and law. It also depends on the country, in the US it is different from Germany, Russia, Spain.

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