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What is Blueprint? Learn the definition of blueprint, the purpose of the blueprint, the types of drawings and great information related to blueprint.

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What is Blueprint?

What is the definition of blueprint?

Blueprint is a specialized term related to design and construction. This word means design drawing or construction drawing. Blueprint is the general term used for drawings that form part of manufacturing information. It is included in construction contracts and becomes the contract document for construction works.

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Therefore, this is considered an important factor for the projects to be completed in accordance with the requirements or not. And become a part of the legal documents when building works. It is a condition of agreement between the investor and the contractor.

Purpose of building blueprint


The construction Blueprint (construction drawings) will provide detailed images for the construction work. This drawing is made meticulously, concisely and concisely, in order to minimize the situation of wrong construction with the requirements of the investor.

Besides, design drawings are also used to develop and communicate ideas about a design. The design drawings will show all the technical specifications, standards, materials, etc. When the engineers carry out the construction, they will see the dimensions and the connections when performing.

Construction drawings are usually good in detail. A complete set of construction drawings tends to include floor plans, elevations, sections and detailed drawings, together provided. Currently, to optimize and most accurately, people often use Autocad computer graphics. With this software, engineers can easily read drawings and make adjustments when required by investors.

Types of construction design drawings

Constructed and Recorded Drawings: Normally constructed drawings will be prepared, either during construction or upon completion of the work. Intended to reflect what was actually built. Assembly drawing: used to represent items consisting of more than one element: orthogonal planes, sections and elevations or triple views Dimensions Master Plan: is a large-scale drawing that shows the entire scope of a construction project. The master drawing will be drawn up after a series of studies and investigations.

Words related to blueprint in English

Model , prototype , design , draft , game plan , layout , archetype , architectural plan , master plan , rendering , scheme , sketch , idea , diagram , map , schematic, plan , project , schema , strategy , chart.

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