What is Hatomugi? Are Japanese Hatomugi cosmetics any good?

What is Hatomugi? It is a cereal grain that has many uses that the Japanese use every day to beautify the skin and keep it in shape. Are Hatomugi seed cosmetics any good? Hatomugi cosmetics are extremely benign and highly effective in whitening and softening the skin from the inside.

The following article will help you understand more about this special grain. Also introduce to you some of the most outstanding Japanese Hatomugi cosmetics.

1. What is Hatomugi? Outstanding features?

Hatomugi is a type of cereal grain There are many other names such as Italian seed, Coix seed, Job's tears, Chinese pearl barley. Hatomugi seeds are widely grown in China and Indonesia and were introduced to Japan around the eighth century.

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Hatomugi seeds are used frequently in diet of the Japanese. Mixing hatomugi seeds with white rice and grains will produce whole grain rice that helps to lose weight, avoid obesity and purify the body.

In addition to nutritional value, Hatomugi cosmetics Also used by Japanese women for a long time. Hatomugi seeds are a rich source of essential fatty acids, vitamins B1, B12, and E, thus have the effect of removing dark spots, anti-inflammatory, softening and moisturizing the skin becomes soft and smooth.

2. Healthy food from Hatomugi

Hatomugi Cha tea

Japanese Hatomugi Tea Extracted from 100% hatomugi seeds It is a popular cooling drink in Japan. Unlike green tea, called tea, but Hatomugi does not contain caffeine. Drinking Hatomugi Tea instead of water daily helps to quench thirst, purify the body, beautify the skin and reduce cholesterol. The tea is light in color, very easy to drink thanks to the aroma of roasted seeds and a light aftertaste.

  • Customer reviews on Amazon:

I think it's a perfect drink for people who can't drink caffeinated tea. It doesn't taste as bitter as green tea. I love the unique scent of the roasted tea and its deep flavor. I buy it often because my mother-in-law always drinks it. Taking a breath while the tea is still hot, I feel the light and soft aroma. I'm very satisfied.

Tanesho Grain Rice

Japanese grain rice Tanesho is the combined product of 16 grains harvested in Fukuoka, Japan. The Japanese grain rice product Zakkokumai also contains many nutrients, fiber, vitamins and minerals from grains. Therefore, it also helps to maintain the diet but still full of nutrients. The product is suitable for those who want to maintain a healthy diet or lose weight.

  • Mira's review of Mira's Tanesho grain rice:

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During her pregnancy and breastfeeding time, Mira often ate the following dish to supplement many of the nutrients her body needed, which was mixed rice (or zakkokumai) with different nuts. As for mixed rice, in Japanese called zakkokumai 雑穀米, it consists of brown rice, red rice, black rice mixed with grains such as soybeans, black beans, barley, black sesame ... Compared to white rice, Mixed rice with zakkokumai is much healthier and helps with weight loss. Cereal rice contains a lot of iron, folic acid, B vitamins and many other minerals, so it is very good for everyone's health. Especially the product is very good for pregnant and lactating women.

In Japan, in addition to supermarkets, there are many sets of mixed rice, I buy it and mix it with white rice and then put it in the rice cooker to cook all kinds of delicious zakkokumai, healthy eating without fear of gaining a lot of weight. more .. Especially this Tanesho Grain Rice contains up to 16 different types of seeds and grains . There are many strange varieties that I don't know yet such as brown rice with green skin, black soybeans...

3. Japan's best Hatomugi cosmetics

Hatomugi essence cleanser for acne

Hatomugi essence cleanser for acne Hadalabo's hatomugi cosmetics contain Hatomugi, barley and chamomile extracts. Facial cleanser helps to gently wash away dirt, sebum, thereby preventing acne. At the same time, the product also provides moisture and whitens deeply from within for acne-free and fresh skin. Foaming cleanser, silicone-free, fragrance-free, suitable for sensitive skin

  • Review of Japanese blogger about Hatomugi Essence Facial Cleanser (Source: japacos.com)

I use it when washing my face in the morning. Up until now, I only wash my face with water in the morning, but to reduce my acne, I decided to use a cleanser. I've been using it for about a month every day in the morning, and I've seen less and less breakouts. I was nervous at first because it smelled like medicine, but I quickly got used to it and it hasn't been a problem for my skin until now.

Best of all, the foam srm is so convenient, I save time in the morning! Because it contains moisturizing ingredients, my skin is not dry at all and sebum is still removed. The price is not too expensive, so I bought it without hesitation

Hatomugi Moisturizing Lotion

Hatomugi Moisturizing Lotion Very popular in Japan in helping to solve large pores, dry skin, premature aging .... Called conditioner, but the product has many uses such as: balancing skin after washing face, making daily lotion mask, Spray mineral water to refresh skin or use moisturizer for the whole body. The main ingredients are Hatomugi seeds and natural nutrients, so they can be used for sensitive skin.

  • Review used by Lammy (Reference source: Sheis):

This lotion bottle is probably no stranger to you, right? I also brought back 1 baby right away because I really love Hatomugi cosmetic lines. The first impression is that the bottle is very big but the price is quite cheap. I use this product in 2 ways: 1 as a spray bottle and 2 as a lotion mask. This baby has a liquid like water, the smell is very light, so it is not uncomfortable, easy to use.

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According to my assessment, with the method of using lotion to wipe with cotton or spray once, this baby only has the effect of balancing the skin and moisturizing immediately after washing the face. And if you want to feel hydrated, you can pour a little on your hands and pat it on your skin (the way I always do) or follow the lotion mask method. These are probably two ways to help this lotion promote its best effect. With this quality, I find it very good for a very large and cheap lotion.

Hatomugi Moisturizing Cream

Hatomugi Moisturizing Cream Gel The main ingredient is Hatomugi seeds. The product brings high efficiency in moisturizing, softening the skin, improving the signs of aging, making the skin white, smooth, and anti-roughness. The product contains 81% water, quickly absorbed into the skin, giving a feeling of freshness, lightness, not heavy or clogged.

  • Your review Ryu (Reference source: Amazon)

I have dark areas on my elbows, knees, dehydrated skin and quite sensitive. I bought the product because I found it to be healthy and appreciated. After 2 weeks of continuous use for both face and body, I feel the dark spots gradually fade away, the skin is re-hydrated, smooth and gentle. The scent is as mild as the smell of rice water. The gel penetrates quite quickly into the skin, without a feeling of skin tightness. Skin feels light taut. I am very satisfied with this product.

Hatomugi sunscreen whitening lotion

Hatomugi sunscreen whitening lotion Has the main extract from Hatomugi seeds and other beneficial vitamins. The product also has a sunscreen index SPF 31 PA +++, a 2-in-1 effect that both deeply moisturizes, softens the skin, and helps reduce burning when going out in the sun. Hatomugi sunscreen whitening gel is non-sticky, easy to absorb, suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin.

  • Your review (Reference source: Amazon)

I did not hesitate to buy this product because this brand is quite famous, the ingredients are mainly natural, so I feel secure. The first impression is a light scent, the scent stays on the skin for a long time, the scent is faintly floral or something, very pleasant. The cream is very easily absorbed, I applied it without any stickiness. After using it for a while, I can see that my skin is soft and smooth. Because the product also has a sunscreen index, I prefer to apply it during the day and confidently go out. Overall very satisfied!

DHC Hatomugi whitening pills

DHC skin whitening pills It has all natural ingredients so it is safe to use. With main ingredients extracted from Hatomugi seeds, barley, beeswax, pearl powder, Vitamin B1, B12. The essence contained in the seeds has the properties of whitening, smoothing and preventing dryness, rich in nutrients, it serves to create moisture, making the skin soft and smooth like a baby's skin. Combined with Vitamin E, it has a whitening effect, restores the skin and helps fade scars.

  • Your review (Reference source: Amazon)

I bought this because summer has come, my skin has started to darken again and have a lot of acne, not as beautiful and smooth as before. That's why I came to this girl as if I hoped she could save me and make my poor skin. In the first week, the effect is not obvious, the skin is smoother but the dark color is still there. I continued to take it, and now after 3 weeks, I have seen a noticeable effect. My skin is whiter and brighter, dark spots fade, acne no longer appears. I didn't have any side effects at all, overall very pleased. I take 1 pill a day before going to bed.

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