What is Italian Gold? How much is the price of Italian Gold today?

In general, Italian gold is increasingly being used today. They are not only used as jewelry, but also used in many other fields. So what is real Italian gold? Italian Gold Price 1 just how much money now?

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What is Italian Gold (Italy)?

Italian gold, also known as white gold, originates from the country of Italy, a country famous for jewelry and master craftsmen in creating beautiful jewelry products. in gold.

Usually gold has a very large luster with a pure, gentle beauty. In which gold is made up of pure silver combined with other metals to increase hardness. So now Italian gold is often used to make bracelets, wedding rings, necklaces, etc.

White gold
What is Italian Gold?

Italian gold on the market is divided into 750 Italian gold and 925 Italian gold, but compared to 925, 750 is much more popular.

  • Italian gold 750 is a line of pure silver accounting for 75% of which the remaining 25% is other ingredients.

  • 925 Italian gold is a silver line with 92.5% pure silver, so it is hard, has a high gloss and has a very beautiful color.

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Italian Gold Classification

What is 750 Italian Gold?

Italian gold 750 is also an index that tells the composition and ratio of materials to gold and is printed directly on the face of the jewelry. Here it can be determined that this gold contains 75% pure gold, the rest is silver and other alloys in the remaining 25%, and silver and nickel make up a higher proportion.

In addition, 750 Italian gold is also known as 18K gold based on the calculation of Kara, the unit of measurement of gold purity. According to the following calculation formula:

75*24/100 = 18 is 18K gold

What is 925 Italian Gold?

Like other Italian gold, grade 925 shows the percentage of pure gold and other alloys. Here it can be determined and Italian 925 is gold with 92.5% pure silver, the remainder being other alloys. That's why people often call 925 Italian gold as Italian silver due to its large silver composition.

In 925 gold will have more hardness, shiny color and carry many of the properties of silver such as oxidation, or reactivity with other chemicals.

Check out the table of other popular Italian gold grades:

STTNames of different types of goldArticle details
firstGold 9999What is 9999 Gold?
2Western GoldWhat is Western Gold?
3Gold SJCWhat is SJC Gold?
4Gold PNJWhat is PNJ Gold?
5White goldWhat is white gold?
6Gold oreWhat is gold ore?
724k goldWhat is 24k gold?
8Italian Gold 417What is Italian Gold 417?
9Italian Gold 750What is 750 Italian Gold?
tenGold 585What is Gold 585?

What is 750 gold? Should I buy it?

Italian Gold Price Today How Much 1 Only?

How much is the price of Italian gold 1 point? Currently, to determine the exact gold price is quite difficult because not only Italian gold but other gold lines also change and fluctuate from day to day. There are times when the trading market goes up and down, sometimes it goes down quickly.

The conversion table for different types of gold is as follows:

  • 1 amount = 1 plant = 10 only = 100 stools = 37.5 grams.

  • 1kg = 1,000 grams = 266 threads = 26 plants 6 threads and 6 silver stools.

So the price of silver calculated by thread will be: 3.75 x (the price of silver today in grams).

Silver price per tree (1 tree = 1 tael): 37.5 x (today's silver price in grams).

Gold typeGold price (VND/gram)
99.99% pure Italian gold12,883 VND/gram
Italian Gold 95812,348 VND/gram
Italian Gold 92511,916 VND/gram
916 Italian Gold11,786 VND/gram
Italian Gold 87511,259 VND/gram
Italian Gold 80010,294 VND/gram
Italian Gold 5857,528 VND/gram

Note that this is only the Italian gold price list for reference, to look up the most accurate information, customers can visit here.

The current Italian gold price depends on the market
The current Italian gold price depends on the market

According to current statistics, the Italian gold price has been affected by many different factors. In particular, that fluctuation is affected by many aspects such as the stock market, real estate, ... And especially whether the user demand is high or low.

However, for the most part, the price of Italian gold sold on the market is not as high as you might imagine. The price is quite guaranteed even if the market is high or low compared to other product lines. Especially, 750 Italian gold, the price is lower than ½ or 2/3 the price of 925 Italian gold.

On the other hand to be able to turn correctly Italian gold price every hour every minute you should update world gold price frequent. You can refer to online portals or go to websites of merchants. You can also calculate the gold price of gold on the market to predict how Italian gold will rise or fall.

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Distinguishing Italian Gold, White Gold and Platinum

Italian Gold And White Gold

Italian gold and white gold are quite similar in color, so it is easy to cause confusion for customers. You can distinguish these two types of gold by some of the following characteristics:

  • About color: Italian gold is made from pure silver, so it has a natural, shiny, bright color and is not cloudy. White gold is a type of gold made from pure 24K gold along with white alloys and metals. That's why white gold is usually more opaque than metallic colors.

  • Source: Italian gold is produced in Italy while white gold can be produced domestically.

  • Price: White gold is usually more valuable than Italian gold because the compound formed contains a higher percentage of pure gold. So How much is white gold?

Italian Gold And Platinum

One thing for sure, platinum is rarer and more valuable than Italian gold, why?

  • Color: Italian gold has a bright white color and platinum has a natural metallic color that makes a noticeable difference. Italian gold after a period of use will be prone to yellowing, dulling and abrasion.

  • Stiffness: Platinum is harder than Italian gold because it contains pure gold combined with Platinum. Especially Platinum is not easy to wear, more durable.

  • Price: Platinum is much more expensive than Italian gold, has a limited range of products compared to other materials.

Italian Gold vs Western Gold Which Is More Expensive?

On the current market, Italian gold is more expensive than Western gold from 500 thousand to 1 million VND/only, however, when buying Italian gold jewelry or Western gold jewelry, it is impossible to compare which is more expensive, because the price Jewelry depends on many factors:

  • Price of Italian gold and Western gold on the market

  • The price of attached stones such as Ruby, Cintrine, diamond, pearl ...

  • Design, difficulty of jewelry samples. Each cut will have a different price, but Italian gold jewelry will be much more difficult because it needs the same cuts as Italian gold jewelry in Italy. Therefore, besides Italian gold workers, there is also a need for a system of advanced imported machinery and equipment.

  • Depending on the brand, the price will be different, maybe PNJ sells at a different price and Doji sells at a different price.

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Is Italian Gold Depreciating?

Italian Gold Not as valuable as regular gold. However, to avoid devaluation, you need to choose a facility that buys high-priced Italian gold. Or you can sell it back to the store you bought it from, for example.

Does Italian gold depreciate?
Take care of your Gold jewelry

Especially to avoid the case of "lost money" you must make sure to buy genuine products. At the same time, during use, you need to have a reasonable maintenance mode. That way, the new shine and beauty will be kept as at the beginning for jewelry to sell at a high price.

So do you know? What is the correct way to preserve it? Just take off your jewelry every day to avoid sharp objects touching. At the same time, it should not be carried while playing sports, swimming or doing other activities.

On the other hand, when wearing Italian gold jewelry, you can clean them daily. And most of all, you should bring your jewelry to a gold and silver shop to be properly cleaned. In particular, you remember to put jewelry in well-preserved boxes to avoid unnecessary contact.

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Should I Buy Italian Gold?

The price of Italian gold is always lower than that of gold and western gold and the main object of Italian gold is ordinary customers with moderate financial resources. Despite this, the aesthetics of Italian Gold are always appreciated, the silver-white metallic luster of Italian gold brings natural beauty, great hardness, so Italian gold jewelry always creates a modern, luxurious style that not backward like our gold, western gold.

So if you want to buy gold for jewelry, then Italian gold is a good choice, but if you buy gold for storage, this is not a reasonable solution.

Types of Italian Gold on the Market

Gold on the market consists of two types: sack gold and technology. In there,

  • Technological gold includes Korean gold and Italian gold. This is gold imported from other countries. Technological gold has enough age and quality, so you can buy this gold with peace of mind. But this kind of technological gold is expensive.

  • Sack gold: This is the type of gold produced in Vietnam, manipulated, and imitated foreign gold samples. If you have little knowledge about gold and silver, it is difficult to distinguish between technological gold and public gold. Sack gold is not only of poorer quality but also has a lower age than peacock gold which is 0.5 to 1 year old gold.

How to Take Care of Italian Gold Jewelry?

With the characteristics of the material made up of silver and other alloys, after a period of use gold is prone to surface abrasion, losing its brightness and gloss. Here are some ways to preserve gold jewelry that you should refer to:

  • To avoid tarnishing your Italian gold jewelry, you should limit the use of Italian gold jewelry when participating in sweaty activities such as jogging, sports, climbing, going out in the sun...

  • Italian gold jewelry should not be worn when doing housework such as bathing, washing, cooking, etc. to avoid contact with chemicals that cause wear and tear.

  • Store Italian gold jewelry in a dry place, preferably in specialized jewelry boxes, away from direct sunlight or high temperature areas.

  • To keep the new and shiny like the original, you can bring it to the jewelry store to preserve or periodically silver.

Some Questions About Italian Gold

Is Italian gold 18k gold?

According to the coach x 24/100 formula to calculate the K of Italian gold you just need to take the gold content and multiply it by 24%. Corresponding to 750 gold will be K = 75 * 24 / 100 = 18. So 750 Italian gold is 18K gold and lower gold content 24k gold.

Is Italian Gold 750 platinum?

Platinum is a rare metal and is considered very precious in the jewelry industry. This metal is malleable and malleable, so it is often made into expensive and rare jewelry in the world. Platinum is durable and highly resistant to oxidation. This is considered the most valuable metal on the planet.

In contrast, Italian gold 750 is an alloy between gold and other metals in which gold only accounts for 75%, so it is not completely pure. The outer white color of this gold is due to being coated with another precious metal to give the jewelry a delicate look. At the same time, the price of platinum is much higher than that of Italian gold. The rarity of Pt is also difficult for any other metal to match.


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