What is Page Builder? 6 Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders 2022

Page Builder is a fast, simple and extremely effective website building solution. With many preeminent features, Page Builder is increasingly trusted in web interface design, especially for those who do not have much knowledge about coding.

So What is Page Builder WordPress?? How does this tool support WordPress website building? Which Page Builder should I choose to use? Join Mat Bao to find answers to the above questions through the following article.

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Page Builder is the solution to build websites fast

What is Page Builder WordPress?

1. What is Page Builder WordPress?

Page Builder is a tool that supports building websites through drag & drop operations. The tool is equipped with components, users can freely divide the page layout by dragging and dropping blocks to the desired position. Besides, WordPress Page Builder also allows users to edit the style of each element without having to touch the CSS.

This website builder is suitable for novices and professional webmasters alike. The web interface is created quickly, beautifully, according to the customer's liking without redesigning the WordPress theme. Most Page Builders for WordPress support plugins, the content of the plugin will be inserted and displayed on the page through this tool.

Page Builder builds websites through drag and drop

Page Builder builds websites through drag and drop

2. Why Use Page Builder for WordPress?

After knowing"What is Page Builder WordPress??” Then the next thing that you need to pay attention to is the useful features that this tool brings. Possessing many preeminent features, this is considered a tool to help simplify website building.

  • Shorten mockup building time

Mockup is an important component, helping to guide the construction of the website. Page Builder will help you shorten mockup creation time through drag and drop feature. In addition, this tool also brings more mockup options to users.

  • Support for creating templates

Thanks to WordPress Page Builder, users can create the desired template with just a few simple steps. In particular, most WordPress theme editing plugins come with a huge template library for users to freely choose.

  • Customize website interface quickly

WordPress interface editing plugin has many built-in modules, diverse features from basic to advanced. With options for images, text, photo galleries, charts, countdown timer or widgets, you can quickly customize the website interface to your liking. The added modules can be saved as templates for later use or other websites.

  • Style options for the website

Creative freedom with a website is the answer to the question "the strength of What is Page Builder WordPress??”. With this tool, you will have tons of options for styles, colors, fonts, sizes, etc. At the same time, you can also add slides, dropdown menus or other features to your website.

Page Builder helps to customize the website interface

Page Builder helps to customize the website interface

3. Some Page Builder WordPress Plugins that you should refer to

Plugins are an effective support solution for building and operating WordPress websites. The popular WordPress Plugin Builders that you can refer to are:

Beaver Builder is a performance and stability plugin that simplifies website building with basic drag and drop operations. Beaver Builder installs layouts directly via CSS and HTML, installed layouts can be kept after uninstalling the plugin.

The most prominent feature of this plugin is support for Editor Mode, widgets, shortcodes and WooCommerce. Powerful module, compatible with all themes, perfect front-end customization and real-time preview. Beaver Builder has both a free and a Pro version.

Divi Builder is a plugin with a modern interface, providing more than 50 built-in elements and 40 modules with many different utilities. Huge layout library, the number of layout packages is up to 800, the speed of changing and entering information is outstanding. In particular, this plugin also allows users to customize the element, add custom CSS to the element of the page template.

Plugin Divi Builder

Plugin Divi Builder

Elementor Pro is a suggestion that you can refer to the question “optimal plugin for What is Page Builder WordPress??”. This is the perfect support for front-end, back-end and custom responsive design on mobile and tablets. Live Editing works extremely fast and smooth.

Besides, Elementor Pro is also equipped with modules and templates, making the design simpler and easier. This plugin is compatible with Gutenberg Editor, WordPress 5 and most themes today, including Genesis Framework and ThriveThemes.

  • Visual Composer Website Builder

Visual Composer is a drag-and-drop website builder with a modern, intuitive and easy-to-use interface. With this tool, you can edit text and layout right on the page, customize content, front-end interface through elements. In addition, Visual Composer also supports editing for JavaScript and CSS.

Visual Composer tool interface

Visual Composer tool interface

Themify Builder is the most popular WordPress Builder tool today. The tool works well with all themes, providing more than 60 animation effects. In particular, Themify Builder also supports layout for columns, rows, grid design and many additional add-ons.

SeedProd is a popular plugin that has been used by over 800,000 WordPress websites. SeedProd offers a page builder with a huge number of free templates and images. The plugin is compatible with all social media platforms, making it easy for users to add a share button to the page.

Page Builder is a solution to help optimize website construction time and efficiency. Not only ensuring technical standards, this tool also offers beautiful, eye-catching and modern interfaces. Hope the above article of Mat Bao has helped you answer the question "What is Page Builder WordPress??” as well as have more options for plugins for your website.

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