Bow and interval These are two extremely important concepts in music that you must understand and master to be able to play well.

A Whole Step and Half Step

Bow is the unit for high count between musical notes. From a scientific point of view, sound is the result of vibrations. The higher the frequency of the oscillation, the higher the audible sound will be. Each note has a definite frequency and is exactly the same with all instruments. For example, the standard A note (Middle A) has a frequency of 440H, the Sol note (Middle G) has a frequency of 391,995 Hᴢ...

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According to the picture above you see the word W à 1/2 represents a sign and a semitone

With 7 natural notes: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, then:

Do-Re : 1 arc apartRe-Mi: 1 arc apartMi-Fa: separated by arcFa-Sol: 1 arc apartSol-La: 1 arc apartLa-Si: 1 arc apartSi-Do: separated by arc

Memorization Tips: only Mi-Fa à Si-Do is a semitone

When you know a musical note just add a certain number of tones, or subtract a certain number of tones, there will be another note. Like so, the bow is also the rule for you to identify any musical noteFor example:

Do + 3.5 arc= SolDo – 1.5 arc= La

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You already know the 7 basic notes, what is the horizontal note in the semitone position of Do - Re? Actually, if we include these notes, we have 12 notes in all

The picture above is the name of the notes on each compartment of the 6 guitar strings, in the 13th compartment, the note name will be repeated.

Many of you mistakenly believe that 7 natural musical notes, each note is separated by 1 step. In fact, natural musical notes are not spaced as regularly as ᴠ, but there are a number of notes that are separated by 1 step, and some notes that are only separated by half a step (haft ѕtep/ Semitone). You're saying: Semitone is what

Simply 12 notes (Do, Do#, D, D…) all spaced ½ step apart.

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Interval (Interᴠal)

Interval is the name of the elevation distance of musical notes. Example: Correct 8th, 3rd major, 7th....

Any interval name has 2 elements: Number of intervals and Type of interval (Major 3rd = 3rd interval + Major)

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Interval Numbering: is the order from the original hit to the remaining note

For example: The number of Do-Sol intervals called 5th intervals from Do to Sol is 5 notes (C, D, E, F, G). The number of Do-Mi intervals called 3rd intervals from Do to Mi is 3 notes (C, D, E).

You notice that if the note is sharp or flat, the calculation is the same: C - Eb or C - E are all 3 . intervals

Interval type (Interᴠal qualitу): It is divided into 5 types according to its properties.

Correct interval (Pperfect) Major (USAajor) Minor interval (minor)Increment (Augmented)Decrease interval (EASYiminiѕhed)

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