What is TCA Insurance? Is TCA Insurance a scam?

By now, many people must have heard of the concept of life insurance. Companies providing this type of service are appearing more and more and constantly have very exciting customer-attracting referral activities. One of them must mention life insurance at TCA.

So TCA . life insurance what? Which country's TCA insurance? What are the principles and operating rules of the company?

All the above questions will be answered in the article below.

TCA . life insurance
TCA . life insurance

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Before deciding to participate in life insurance at TCA, first you need to know TCA . life insurance what? TCA stands for Techcom Advisors. This is one of the companies providing financial management consulting services as well as value-added financial services in the Vietnamese market.

Life insurance at TCA
What is life insurance at TCA?

TCA was established in 2014, known as the first unit in Vietnam to become an agent for many life insurance companies.

So it can be said that TCA is not actually life insurance. The company is a bridge connecting major organizations and insurance companies in the world as well as in Vietnam with Vietnamese customers. More TC Advisors is also a partner specializing in introducing and advising customers who are interested in Techcombank's personal financial products.

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Capital is an agent that has signed association contracts with many large insurance companies. TCA offers insurance products from reputable companies such as:

Generali . Life Insurance

This is the leading Italian insurance group in the world. Generali ensure to fully meet the needs of present and future such as: Health, income, savings, risk, ... with personal insurance products designed specifically for customers in Vietnam market.

Hanwha Life Vietnam Life Insurance

Hanwha known as one of the Korean economic groups with influence around the world. In which, Hanwha Life Vietnam officially came into operation in 2008 and has risen to become the life insurance company with the strongest financial potential in Vietnam.

The company provides diverse product packages such as: Health, retirement, education, savings, investment, ...

Liberty Non-Life Insurance

Liberty is the 3rd largest multi-industry insurance company in the US. In addition to individual health insurance packages, Liberty is also in the top of the world's largest property and risk insurance. The difference of Liberty non-life insurance compared to other life insurance is that they provide product packages specifically designed for Vietnamese people such as motorbikes, cars, trucks, etc.

Sun Life Insurance Vietnam

Sun Life Vietnam is a member of Sun Life Financial Group - one of the world's No. 1 quality and prestigious insurance groups.

With quality product packages such as retirement, study, investment, risk, etc., the company has risen to become the best insurance company in Vietnam in 2018.

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Currently, many people think that the company TCA . life insurance is a multi-level insurance service company, when participating may be scammed. In fact, TCA is not multi-level insurance and operates in accordance with the law.

With a new operating model in Vietnam's insurance market, TCA life insurance is not actually an insurance company nor an insurance broker, but acts like an insurance agent, but is an insurance agent. multi-insurance. However, this model is licensed by the state to do business and this is also a model and service that few companies in Vietnam apply, so many people still do not know and have negative thoughts about this type of insurance.


Which country's TCA Insurance?

TCA whose full name is Techcom Advisors Joint Stock Company was established in 2014. The company was born under the leadership of a financial consultant from Kazakhstan. Currently the company is under Techcombank, which also means that TCA is a Vietnamese company.

Is TCA life insurance superior or multi-level?
Is TCA life insurance superior or multi-level?

Whose partner is TCA?

TC Advisors currently is a partner of two life insurance companies including: Generali and Hanwha Life Vietnam. These two insurance companies are always in the top of the companies with the largest charter capital among life insurance enterprises in Vietnam according to 2018 statistics.

What is TCA Life Insurance?

Many people are still very confused about how TCA works and have the opinion that TCA is actually a multi-level business model.

The truth is TCA operating under a multi-level business model. True multi-level like life insurance companies are operating today. Here is the 8-level business model of TCA life insurance:


As stated above, TCA is not inherently a life insurance company. Strictly speaking TC Advisors Acts as an insurance agent. More specifically, a TCA is an institutional insurance agent referred to as an institutional agent or agency organization.

However, there is one thing that TC Advisors different from other general insurance agents. With general agents affiliated to insurance companies, they only sell products to a single company. As for TCA, the company sells products to many insurers at the same time.

A unit that also operates as an agency agency similar to TCA can include Vietnam Post Corporation VNPost. VNPost is the distributor of life insurance products for Dai-ichi Life Vietnam and used to be the exclusive distribution agent for Prevoir.

So to summarize, TCA . life insurance can be called TCA . insurance agent.

Update the list of reputable life insurance companies in Vietnam


The nature of TCA is not a life insurance company but an agent selling a variety of products of many different insurances. When customers buy insurance products at TCA, customers still receive the same benefits from the products.

Customers buying TCA's products do not have to be afraid of multi-level fraud because they operate in accordance with the Government's regulations. Insurance products purchased at TCA not only benefit from the product's regime, but you also get protection from TC Advisors.

The consulting team of TCA life insurance is well-trained and professional, with a service attitude that always puts the interests of customers first to help customers access the best products.

The products that TCA life insurance sell are from major insurance groups in the world and in Vietnam. Currently, TCA has agents and branches spread across the country to serve customers in the fastest and most convenient way.

With individuals and families

  • In the worst case, causing injury or death, and unable to continue working to support their family, customers can rely on life insurance without having to worry about that problem.

  • Accumulate for the future: send your children to study abroad, buy a house, buy a car, enjoy a prosperous life in retirement.

With society

  • Reduce the burden on the national budget.

  • Mobilizing capital to invest in many projects to develop the country so that many people enjoy a full and happy life.


Here is all the necessary information for your reference TCA . life insurance. Hopefully the article has given you the most comprehensive and simple view of the formation process, how it works as well as the products and services that TC Advisors provided.

Hope this article has brought you useful information.

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