What is Techcombank transaction code? How to look up Techcombank money transfer transaction code 2022

What is Techcombank transaction code? Why when you make a bank transaction will send a code to your phone? Today's article nganhangnongthon will explain to you the problems related to banking transaction codes. Let's read all the content below to get more useful knowledge!

What is Techcombank transaction code?

Techcombank transaction code is a code generated when a customer makes any transaction on the platform [email protected] Mobile, Techcombank Mobile or [email protected] [email protected], etc.

Usually this code will start with the symbol FTxxxxxx. Transaction code is one of the important information but most users rarely pay attention to.

What is Techcombank transaction code used for?

After successfully completing the transaction, the transaction code will be displayed on the remittance invoice screen. In the case, if the transaction is done smoothly, without any problems, the transaction code has not worked.

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But if unfortunately, the money transfer transaction is not successful, you can rely on that sequence of transaction codes to check the transaction history, contact the bank for processing. In short, the role of Techcombank transaction code is mainly to provide information to users.

How to look up Techcombank money transfer transaction code 2022

Currently, there are many ways for customers to check Techcombank transaction codes quickly and accurately. Please try to refer to one of the following ways:

Check transaction code on [email protected] Mobile

[email protected] Mobile is an application that integrates many convenient utilities for users, issued by Techcombank. To check the transaction code on [email protected] Mobile, please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Log in to the [email protected] Mobile app on your phone.

  • Step 2: At the main screen, select the item “Account”.

  • Step 3: In the "Account query" section, select the VND-TGTT section.

  • Step 4: Display a list of recent transactions > Choose to view transaction codes.

  • Step 5: In the “Transaction details” section, you will see the transaction code located to the right of the transaction number.

Look up transaction code by SMS Banking

In addition to the above method, SMS Banking service also has the function to help customers look up transaction codes easily. Try composing the following syntax to look up your recent transaction history.

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Syntax: TCBTK [ số tài khoản] [ mật khẩu] send 8049

In there:

  • Account number: Is the Techcombank account number you want to check.

  • Password: The password provided when registering for Home Banking.

*Note: Customers must use the same phone number registered for SMS Banking service to compose and check the transaction code successfully.

Frequently asked questions about Techcombank transaction code

What is Techcombank OTP Code?

OTP has the full name of One Time Password which means that the password can only be used once. The validity period of this code is very short, only 2 minutes to increase security.

Techcombank OTP code is a security solution integrated in [email protected] Mobile application with the function to help customers easily receive transaction verification codes when performing online transactions on digital banking platforms. The main function of OTP code is to encrypt with many complex layers of security when users operate online.

Techcombank's OTP code plays an important role as follows:

  • Create a 2-layer password mode to increase the security of your bank account.

  • In case the bad guy can log into your account, he will not know the OTP code unless he has your phone.

  • Make it easier for customers to track their transaction history. If you receive the OTP code while you are not doing any transactions, you can avoid the risk of property theft.

How to distinguish between transaction code and Techcombank OTP code?

Up to now, many people are still confused between transaction code and Techcombank OTP code. Although the two codes are the same encoding, the two codes have different symbols and functions. Here's how to distinguish between these two types of codes.

DistinguishTechcombank transaction codeTechcombank OTP code
LocationAppears after a successful transaction on [email protected] Mobile.Due to the random supply by the system, appearing during online transactions on [email protected]st Mobile.
SymbolStart with FT and random number characters.

Example: FT465321

Consists of 6 randomly arranged numbers.

Example: 678654

FunctionProvide transaction information.Confidentiality of customer information.

Instructions to register for OTP Techcombank code

Instructions to register for Techcombank OTP code for new customers are as follows:

  • Step 1: Log in to the [email protected] Mobile app.

  • Step 2: Select “Register now” > click “Continue”.

  • Step 3: For Android OS, select “Allow” [email protected] Mobile to make and manage phone calls.

  • Step 4: Enter the password and activation code > select “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions”.

  • Step 5: Generate Smart OTP unlock code > click “Confirm”. Note, the unlock code only works on devices registered with Smart OTP.

  • Step 6: Re-enter the Smart OTP unlock code and press “Confirm”.

  • Step 7: Smart OTP registration is successful.

Instructions to get the smart OTP code on [email protected] Mobile

Getting the smart OTP code on the [email protected] Mobile application will help users easily get the code when transacting without having to exit the application or enter the complicated message section. Instructions to get the smart OTP code on [email protected] Mobile as follows:

  • Step 1: Access the [email protected] Mobile application > Log in to the system.

  • Step 2: At the main screen, select “Register for Techcombank Smart OTP” > select “Register now”.

  • Step 3: Click on the 3 dashes icon on the top left of the screen > select “Smart OTP Settings”.

  • Step 4: Read details about Techcombank Smart OTP service > Allow [email protected] Mobile permission to make and manage calls.

  • Step 5: Confirm registration > Enter information as required by the system > Select “I agree to the terms and conditions” > click “Confirm”.

  • Step 6: Create a Smart OTP unlock code, a 4-digit code, choose unrelated, hard-to-guess numbers to increase security > select "Continue".

  • Step 7: Reconfirm the unlock code > Complete registration successfully.

Is there a fee to check Techcombank transaction code?

There is no fee to check the transaction code through the [email protected] Mobile e-banking application. Because the bank developed this app to maximize customer needs during use.

However, when customers look up transaction codes using SMS Banking service, they will still be charged the following fees:

  • Checking via SMS: 9,900 VND/month.

  • Check via switchboard: depending on the number of minutes of the call.

Can't look up transaction history without transaction code?

Can't look up transaction history without transaction code? This is also a question asked by the majority of users. As instructed above, if you don't know what your transaction code is, you can check the code by looking it up on the [email protected] Mobile platform or texting on SMS Banking. Once you have the code, you can easily look up your transaction history right away.

Can I delete Techcombank's transaction code?

For some reason, many people want to delete the transaction code. This is completely unacceptable. If you want to delete, you can only delete your transaction history. The transaction code is the default information that cannot be deleted either way.

Thus, the above is all information about the transaction code. Hopefully through this article of nganhangnongthon, everyone has understood “What is Techcombank transaction code?” and know how to look up the Techcombank 2022 money transfer transaction code. Good luck to everyone!

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