What is Thai Silver? How much money 1 only today?

Jewelry made of Thai Silver always has a high price and is chosen by many people? So What is Thai Silver? but has such a strong attraction? In this article, we will learn about the price of Silver Thai 1 only.

What is Thai Silver?

What is Thai silver?

Silver Thai Silver is a type of silver used to make jewelry popular today. Silver Thai is most often chosen by men because of its strong appearance and personality.

Thai silver originates from Thailand and is imported into Vietnam. This type of silver has 92.5% pure silver content 7.5%, the rest are other metal compounds formed. Thanks to the mixing of other metals, Thai Silver is quite sturdy and has a beautiful gloss equivalent to Italian Silver.

The color of Thai Silver is not shiny, but will be milky white to create a unique beauty. Jewelry made from Thai Silver has its own unique beauty. When we look at it, we will immediately recognize the strong beauty, personality, and power. Perhaps because of that, this type of Thai Silver is often used as jewelry for men.

Features of Silver Thai

Thai silver has the same pure silver content as Italian silver. But the color is somewhat more muted than Italian silver. Silver Thai, in addition to being used for jewelry, can also be used to avoid wind and disinfect the wearer.

Because of the high content of pure silver, from children to adults wearing Thai silver will not be irritated or allergic.

One feature that makes it possible to identify Thai silver for the first time is the color. Thai silver has a distinct opaque brown color, this color is quite durable and does not change color after a period of use.

In addition, the characteristics of Thai silver are also slightly different from other types of silver. That is the fact that Thai silver cannot be cleaned, whitened with lemon, salt or other common ways. When the color of the silver fades, you need to go to the store to have it lightened again.

Distinguishing Thai Silver from other types of silver

In order not to confuse Thai Silver with other types of silver, you can distinguish it by the following characteristics.

Silver typeCharacteristics
Italian SilverItalian Silver, also known as 925 Silver, is a type of silver originating from Italy. The content of pure silver is up to 92.5%, the rest is other metals mixed into.

Italian silver has a shiny, iridescent color, so it is often used as jewelry for women.

Silver TaSilver Ta is a type of silver with a pure silver content of up to 99%. Characteristic is very soft and has milky eyebrows. Silver Ta is soft, so it is rarely used to make jewelry.
Silver XiSilver Xi is silver containing 92.5% pure silver content. But the special feature of this silver is the plating on the outside. Normally, the jewelry to be plated will have 4 types including silver, white gold, yellow, and pink.
Silver ThaiThai silver is a type of silver that originates from Thailand. This type of silver has a pure silver content of 92.5%, similar to Italian silver and silver. Thai silver has a deeper color than other types of silver. And the hardness of fine Thai silver should be used a lot to make fine jewelry.

How much is the price of Thai Silver?

What is Thai silver?

Silver Price Thailand has constant volatility, especially when Thai silver is imported from Thailand to Vietnam. Therefore, the price will also be higher than other types of silver.

The price of Thai silver 1 only when it has been made into jewelry usually ranges from 500,000 VND to 2 million VND. This is a reference price, the high or low price will depend on the type of jewelry you buy.

However, there are many fake products on the market today. Therefore, you need to choose reputable stores to avoid buying poor quality products.

If it is Thai silver, there will be a black ink stain on the outside. When you touch it, you will immediately recognize it. Real Thai silver has a natural black color and has very natural lines, not rough like a fake.

Where is the best place to buy Thai silver?

Since the amount of Thai silver was quite scarce, there were many people who did not hesitate to make fake goods to sell for a profit. Therefore, in order not to buy fake goods, you need to know where to buy Thai silver is the best reputation.

Here are a few places you can check out.

Bao Ngoc Jewelry

This is a very famous brand that sells silver jewelry. Here there are product designs made from pure Thai Silver. With unique colors that will make you fall in love.

Currently, Bao Ngoc Jewelry is one of the most prestigious Thai silver jewelry suppliers in Hanoi. You can refer here to choose the right product for you.

HAS . silver jewelry

HAS is one of the brands that sell silver jewelry to young people. Here you will find high-quality silver products. The designs here are considered to be delicate, youthful and luxurious, very suitable for young people.

Also at HAS you can choose a design for yourself. HAS will manufacture according to the customer's request so that the jewelry you wear will not be in contact with anyone.

Kat Jewelry

KaT Jewelry brings modern silver jewelry trend. The products here tend to be rustic but still luxurious. With meticulous and sophisticated designs from highly skilled craftsmen. KaT Jewelry will definitely bring satisfaction to you when you visit.

PNJ Jewelry

Is a leading brand of high-class gold, silver jewelry and gemstones today. You can buy jewelry made from Thai silver at PNJ with prices ranging from affordable to high-end.

Every product at PNJ is designed according to standards. The product codes are designed to be unique, luxurious and high-class. You can buy at PNJ's stores anywhere in the provinces.

Is Thai silver black?

Thai silver has a dark brown color, which is already black from the moment it is made. Unlike other types of silver, it has a bright white color. Thai silver has a dark brown color, so the color fastness will be very good and rarely fade. So you don't have to worry about the problem of falling silver turn bronze or black.

Above is the article to learn what is silver thai?? And the current selling price of Thai silver. Hopefully with this information you have a clear understanding of this type of silver originating from Thailand.