What is Viettelpay ATM card? Does Viettelpay card withdrawal cost?

Viettelpay has been and is a very popular payment service in Vietnam today because of its convenience, ease of use, and many special offers for Viettel mobile subscribers. ATM card Viettelpay What is the card like? How to register Viettelpay ATM card fastest?

What is Viettelpay ATM card?

the atm viettelpay
Viettelpay physical ATM card

Viettelpay card is a physical card issued by Viettel that allows customers to pay and withdraw money at websites, e-commerce channels, and ATMs nationwide. Viettelpay ATM card is built and developed in parallel and linked with Viettelpay application. Customers who own this card can pay online, swipe their cards at POS machines and withdraw money at acceptance offices. ATM card everytime everywhere.

Advantages When Using Viettelpay Card

Most customers when using Viettelpay application are recommended to use Viettelpay card because of the following outstanding advantages:

  • Absolute confidentiality of customer information, transaction history, commitments not to be disclosed to the outside.
  • Many promotions help save costs with attractive offers when withdrawing money.
  • ViettelPay ATM card supports withdrawing money at all ATMs nationwide, which is very convenient for users when they need to withdraw money.
  • How to register to open ViettelPay card for new customers is quite simple and fast.

Instructions for Registering Viettelpay ATM Card

Register for ViettelPay card at the transaction office

To register to issue a Viettelpay card, customers only need to go to Viettel's transaction counters nationwide and present a valid ID/CCCD for support.

In Vietnam, there are more than 200,000 transaction points of Viettel, covering all 63 provinces and cities, operating from 8 am to 10 pm continuously all days including holidays.

The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: Go to the branch office and inform about your need to apply for a card.
  • Step 2: Receive a card issuance form from the bank and fill in your personal information.
  • Step 3: When you have completed all the required procedures, please return the paper with your ID/CCCD.
  • Step 4: Get your card pick up date and wait for your card pick up date.

Register for a virtual ViettelPay Mastercard online

Step 1: Please log in to ViettelPay application.

Step 1
Step 1

Step 2: After accessing the application at the menu in the right corner of the screen, click on Individual.

Step 2
Step 2

Step 3: Click on Cards > Mastercard.

Step 3
Step 3

Step 4: Press Register issue card and enter password of ViettelPay app.

Step 4
Step 4

Step 5: Insert code OTP is sent to your phone number and you will see a successful registration message.

Instructions on How to Activate Viettelpay ATM Card

Customers can activate Viettelpay's ATM card via Viettelpay application. Go to "personal", continue to select "atm card". Press “activate card” and enter the last 4 digits of the card and Viettelpay password to activate successfully.

Instructions for Installing Viettelpay on Phone

To install Viettelpay on your phone, you need to use a smartphone with an internet connection and follow the steps below:

  • Step 1. Go to Appstore or CH Play, find “Viettelpay” app and download and install it on your phone.
  • Step 2. Register an account to use via the phone number you are using, fill in your personal information correctly and press "register".
  • Step 3. To secure the account, the customer installs a password for the application. After that, the system will send the OTP code to the phone to verify and complete the installation of Viettelpay application on the phone.

Instructions to Top Up Viettelpay Application

There are 3 quick and easy ways to recharge Viettelpay application to be suitable for spending:

  • Top up by bank transfer via Internet Banking.
  • Top up directly at Viettelpay's agent.
  • Pay by phone card.
  • Pay on the spot.

the atm viettelpay
Top up Viettelpay

Top Up Viettelpay By Bank Transfer

To top up Viettelpay, customers need to link their domestic bank card with Viettelpay application. After linking the card, the application will allow you to top up from the linked source, choose to top up and the amount to top up, enter the Viettelpay password, enter the OTP code sent to the message and confirm the transaction. Recharge from linked ATM card will be free of charge.

In addition, customers can use Internet banking, mobile banking services of the bank and transfer money to their Viettelpay according to the card number / account number provided in the application. Beneficiary bank is MB Military Bank, Dien Bien Phu branch, the account holder's name is your name.

Go to Viettelpay's Agents To Top Up the Application

Customers can look up the list of Viettelpay's transaction points in their living area to determine the nearest address. Currently, there are more than 3000 transaction agents of Viettelpay nationwide in 63 cities and provinces. Customers who transfer money to Viettelpay cards at agents are also free to top up.

Top Up Viettelpay By Phone Card

This is a very simple way to make a deposit. Customers only need to buy a phone card and then enter the scratch card code to transfer money to Viettelpay.

Where is Viettelpay Card Withdrawal? Is There a Fee?

Withdraw Money At ATM

  • Step 1: Insert the card into the ATM machine in the direction of the arrow printed on the card and select the language and enter the PIN code.
  • Step 2: Select the withdrawal function on the screen.
  • Step 3: Then you choose the amount you want to withdraw then click OK.
  • Step 4: The ATM will ask if you want to print an invoice for this transaction, press no.
  • Step 5: Wait for the ATM to pay and receive the card back.

Viettelpay card withdrawal fee schedule at ATM:

  • For withdrawals at MB Bank's ATMthe withdrawal fee will be 1,100 VND/transaction.
  • For withdrawals at the Another ATMwithdrawal fee 3,300 VND/transaction.

Withdrawal At Transaction Stores

Customers can withdraw cash at:

  • Viettel's transaction points nationwide.
  • Mobile World, Dien May Xanh, FPT Shop
  • POS of the affiliated bank.

Viettelpay card withdrawal fee schedule at the store: Free withdrawal: VND 50,000,000/month. Beyond the free limit: 0.3%*Transaction value (minimum VND 11,000/transaction) Effective from 30/05/2019.

Fee for using Viettelpay ATM Card

When withdrawing money from Viettelpay card at MB Bank's ATM, the withdrawal fee is 1,100 VND/transaction. Customers withdrawing money at another bank's ATM, the withdrawal fee will be higher, specifically 3,300 VND/transaction. For money transfer transactions via account number, bank card number, phone number, bill split, credit card debt payment), the service fee is as follows:

  • Free 100 million VND/month/customer or 30 transactions/month/customer (whichever comes first).

the atm viettelpay
Viettelpay application

When one of the above two conditions is met, the customer's transaction will start to be charged according to the formula: 0.1%*GD value (maximum VND 22,000/GD). Specifically:

  • Case 1: Customers who make a transfer at the 20th transaction but have reached the 101 million mark, the transfer fee will be charged at the excess 1 million. Equivalent to: 0.1% * 1,000,000 VND = 1,000 VND.
  • Case 2: Customers transfer money to the 31st transaction with a value of 10,000,000 VND, even if the total amount transferred from the beginning of the month is less than 100 million VND, fees will still apply. Equivalent to 0.1%*10,000,000 VND = 10,000 VND (the amount charged will be based on the transaction value of the 31st transaction).

Some Questions When Using Viettelpay Card

ViettelPay card belongs to which bank?

ViettelPay Mastercard is a non-physical virtual card jointly issued by Viettel and Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank MBBank. This card can be used for payments worldwide

Where can ViettelPay card withdraw money?

Customers can use Viettelpay cards to withdraw money at ATMs nationwide or at transaction stores such as Mobile World, Dien May Xanh, FPT shop, Viettel Store...

What is the maximum limit when withdrawing ViettelPay card?

Depending on each package, each Viettelpay card, the withdrawal limit will be different.

Is there a fee to make ViettelPay ATM card?

For the first time issuing ViettelPay card, you will have to pay a fee of 22,000 VND.


ATM card Viettelpay is an extremely convenient transaction support card from Viettel Group. Customers can easily register to open a card, make deposits and withdrawals and make online payment transactions, pay bills, transfer money, deposit savings...

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