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What is Down Theory - A practical demonstration of Forex trading

Dow Theory is the foundation of technical analysis, very popular use in the stock market, forex market or coin money. Anyone who is just beginni…

Instructions to trade bitcoin on forex Exness

Trading digital currencies is one of the investment forms that are interested by many traders. Because of the explosion of this currency, many reput…

Fundamental analysis in forex trading

Fundamental analysis applies to forex research, research on world economy, financial and political factors, relationship and impact on foreign exch…

The reasons that made me lose when trading Forex

Each person will have different causes of failure, of course, if the total number is probably more or less similar to it. But in this article I just…

Instructions on how to view economic calendar in forex. See where?

One of the important tools for making forex trading decisions is the Economic Calendar. It is especially useful for fundamentalist traders and news…

14 popular reversal candlestick patterns in forex

The reversal candlestick pattern is a combination of Japanese candlestick bars that indicate a trend reversal, but care must be taken to consider t…