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You often go to the web to watch movies, watch videos or watch football online will save a lot of data that takes up the device's memory. Therefore you should regularly delete unnecessary data and clean up iPhone to optimize data. One of the applications that should delete the data is the Safari web browser .
There are many reasons why we should regularly delete iPhone data, in addition to these data taking up storage space may make your device less secure with a lot of security risks. To make sure that you are not followed by any website you should delete all browser data including web access history, cookies and automatic login. Below we will guide you how to delete all web data saved on iPhone, iPad.

Instructions for deleting web browser data on iPhone

Step 1:
At the main interface of iPhone, click to Settings. Then go to the Safari application .

Step 2:
The Safari browser settings interface appears, scroll down to the bottom of this window and click the Advanced menu .
Step 3:
The Advanced window appears to continue to select Site data . Here will list all data of websites you have visited.
We can delete all web data or delete each data according to selected sites to optimize data for the device.
Click Delete all site data to delete all data -> Delete now to complete.
After the computer now, those who love Chrome 's dark background mode can activate Dark mode on Chrome for Android with just a simple operation.
Dark mode is also known as the dark background mode which is very popular. From Facebook Messenger , Windows 10 and now Chrome browser.
If you have turned on the dark background mode of Chrome on Windows 10 but don't know how to do it on Android, you can refer to the following tutorial of .

Activate the dark background of Chrome on Android

Dark background of Chrome on Android
Step 1: You start this web browser on your phone. Then enter the keyword " chrome: // flags " and select Go (similar to when you press Enter on your computer). 
Step 2: At the next interface, select Search flags , enter the keyword " Dark Mode " to search.
Step 3: Sequentially follow the following steps:
  • Touch the Android Chorme section of the dark mode UI .
  • Turn it to Enabled mode .
  • Left click on Relaunch Now .
Step 4: At this time Chrome on your Android device will restart, wait when it is turned on, you select the Menu and then select the Dark Mode mode to be able to use the dark background mode of Chrome on Android.
Face ID is a face security technology similar to Touch ID (fingerprint sensor), which Applereleased for the first time on the iPhone X phone generation. It is used as an authentication method to process log a number of applications such as: application bank customers or applications online shopping  easier and takes less time.
However, we should remove Face ID on some applications to protect personal information. Here is the article how to remove Face ID on iPhone applications, invite you to consult.

Disable Face ID on iPhone applications

Step 1: Go to Settings (Settings), and then choose Face ID & Passcode (Face ID and Security).
Select Face ID & Passcode
Step 2: Enter the Face ID password , then select Other Apps . There will be a list of applications that use this feature, as well as their current status.
Select Other Apps
Step 3: Switch the switch to off on applications you want to disable the use of Face ID .
Switch the switch off
In addition, you can use the following method to delete Face ID on iPhone applications, its performance is similar to the above.
Step 1: Go to Settings (Settings), and then select the application you want to turn off Face ID.
Select the application to turn off Face ID
Step 2: At Face ID , switch the switch to off.
Switch the switch off
Above is a guide to remove Face ID on some applications of iPhone, in addition, you can refer to some articles on the face recognition feature such as: Fix Face ID error , Use Face ID on Android ...
If you are a celebrity who owns Web sites, Instagram, YouTube channels ... then how to add these links to your Facebook profile so others can easily access and continue to promote you Get your brand.
The Facebook profile page is linked
The Facebook profile page is linked
Really adding a link to your Facebook profile is very effective especially for business people or a large fan base so if you don't know how to add a link, check out the tutorial to open this article. .

Facebook on the computer

Step 1: First you access your Facebook personal page on your computer browser, if you use the phone, see the instructions below.
If you look at the left-hand corner, you will see a link to add Instagram links, web pages or other links, which means that your personal page has not added any links yet.
Step 2: Next, you will be taken to the section to add a website link or social network where you want to add links, then choose that link.
Choose to add links
Choose to add links
Step 3: Next you proceed to enter the link information, especially with social networking links, if you use social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, then choose the right social network to enter the link.
You can choose public mode or just friends / only I can see these links.
Enter the link information
Enter the link information
Step 4: After you have finished typing, click Save and now return to your Facebook profile page to see these links appear.
The link appears when the import is successful
The link appears when the import is successful

Facebook on the phone

For those of you who use Facebook on Android IOS phone application, the way to do it is very simple, it is difficult to find but can still do.
Step 1: First you Open the Facebook application and access your personal page or Wall.
Step 2: Click on View more about yourself to open the information page about you.
Add web link, mxh on facebook application
Add web link, mxh on facebook application
Step 3: You scroll down a paragraph to see the basic information, you click on the edit item to proceed to add social networking and website.
Step 4: Section add link appears you proceed to change and add links according to your opinion similar to the instructions above. After completing the save, click Save  to finish.
So, I have instructed you to cut a social network link or any website to your personal Facebook wall on Facebook application or on your computer, if you have any questions, you can leave a comment. underneath.
Good luck.
Note: Please read the article carefully before doing it! If in the process of using you have any errors, such as a link download error, slow loading blog, or not accessing a certain page on the blog ... then please inform me. here slightly. Thanks!
In the era of booming information technology, young people are in the habit of using online storage services (cloud storage service) like Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox ... to save store your personal documents, and simultaneously synchronize data between these accounts and your computer so you can work more conveniently.

But sharing too much on Google Drive Unlimited accounts (unlimited accounts) that you have purchased from third parties will easily lead to a permanent account lock and loss of documents. saved.
Yes, to avoid unnecessary risks, in today's article I will guide you with a small trick, allowing you to limit the time to share the Google Drive File link with anyone.
This means that the link to download documents / files ... that you share with someone, sharing on certain forums will only live until the time you allow. Because normally, by default, the Google Drive links you share will be immortal if you don't delete them.

Instructions for setting time limits for Link sharing on Google Drive

+ Step 1: Firstly, you can accesthis link ! => then click on QUYỀN XEM LẠI.
hotline-link-se-link-google-drive (1)
+ Step 2: Then choose to log in to your Google Drive Unlimited account.
hot-link-se-link-google-drive (2)
+ Step 3: Next, click CHO PHÉPto grant permission to Google Drive Expirationmanage the sharing and limit the sharing time for files on Drive.
gioi-chia-se-link-google-drive (3)
+ Step 4: After the authorization is completed, you will be redirected to the Web site, here you click OPEN DRIVEto open your Drive.
hot-link-se-link-google-drive (4)
+ Step 5: At the dialog box Select a file or folder=> click on the file on the Drive that you want to share and click Select.
han-time-chia-se-link-google-drive (5)
+ Step 6: Next Step 3you choose the number of hours. Or, the day, month and year you want to limit sharing. Then click to select SET EXPIRATION.
hot-link-se-link-google-drive (6)
+ Step 7: After creating a time limit to share the file successfully => you right-click the file title => and select Copy link address to share the file to friends or any whoever you want.
The link will automatically cancel when the time is up.
hotline-share-se-link-google-drive (7)
Ok, so I just finished guiding you to control tips, set the time limit to share the link Google Drive to help protect the data on your Google Drive Unlimited account already. Avoid violating Google Drive policy, and permanently lock your account.

Hope this article will be useful to you. Good luck !
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