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A good article and is considered useful by everyone. Your visitors see your site's information regularly, consistently. Interaction counts after each article is increasing. The above is the dream of anyone publishing content on their website. But writing well, writing or not enough. It's also about how you need a content strategy that is reasonable. Lead the reader, follow them and put them into the cheap niches you want.

With more than 10 years of experience, our Seo Wonders will show you how to reach the reader. This is a very strategic strategy long term. To help you increase your chances of growing profitability, rankings as well as prospects in the future. This pyramid-shaped method allows you to create content that is distinctive and appealing to the eye. And especially disturbing the position on the Google rankings.

What is the reverse pyramid?

The content is presented and expressed for no purpose. Or at the subjective liking of the writer makes the reader easy to get bored and leave the page. Every day, tons of content are published on the market. Overwhelming access and readability make the viewer feel oppressed by all content. They tend to be bored and afraid to contact all information.

So your content has something different to motivate them to stop. That's called the content strategy that Seo resonates we would like to share with you in this article.

  • Caution potential customers and lead them to the story:

Start with the most sensational things starting with the title. A catchy title that really stunned the reader. They will not be afraid to click. Besides, the opening paragraph is also an important part of them deciding whether to read the content or not. The trick here is the information that is most important to bring to the top. This makes the reader feel they receive many useful values. And take the time to learn more in the section below.

  • Going deeper into the content:

Once you have made the reader curious, get excited about them. I will continue to present the issue in greater depth. We need to dig deeper into that issue thoroughly, considering all aspects in all aspects.

  • Have expert look and solution:

After the information provided above, we can add more knowledge from the perspective of experts. From the linking of related content to keep the reader longer. They are beginning to feel excited and get more value from the content that we offer. As well as more confidence in the solutions outlined in the information.

Failed to increase clickthrough rate is similar to this method?

Increasing traffic is the desire and desire of every website. However, how much of that traffic can convert into your potential customers. That is what matters here. Because of the large number of customers, the revenue is not high. Increasing traffic is no longer important.

Evidence shows that your prospects are the ones they see the value you bring them in the article. They tend to want more information from you even if they have received the answer right from the start. Do not be afraid to share information that you know.

Content strategy of the pyramid
Content strategy of the pyramid

Content is different and richer thanks to this method:

Use the method to answer the questions that readers are looking for the most accurate. If you have a unique answer no one like you. That's great to help you differentiate. And not to be confused by any other business.

From different answers and many of these values, you should go into more specific details. Analyze and evaluate experts from a professional perspective so that their viewer understands more information. As well as the objective aspects that the reader can only see through the subjective perspective.

After the above content, you continue to give additional questions related to the subject of discussion. Because, the real people they care about, they will not miss any information. Provide the right and sufficient value that the searcher is looking for is extremely successful. But more success when the information they expect goes beyond that.

The trick here is that you should lead the answer slowly. You should not answer explicitly because you will not be able to hold the reader. Curiosity in the question and answer will make them excited and excited than ever.

This method is not good for your content strategy. It is also good for boosting your ranking in the rankings. A job needs a certain purpose. Write content for the reader too. You have to know who they are, what they need, what they want to get through the article. So we have the right orientation. As a solution to keep and convert them into potential customers

In this article, we look forward to helping you with your strategic planning in content development. This successful tactical experience has brought Seo resonance to its current position. Please share with us how you succeed in building content offline. If you have questions or need advice please leave a question below. Wish you early success!

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Have you prepared for a content seo strategy and are about to implement it? Everything is done but do not spend a few minutes checking that all is working properly. Ensuring seo standards and search engine optimization will bring traffic. As well as high levels of interoperability and value for the business.

The following article will list the major factors that need to be tested. And how to seo them to your content strategy runs smoothly. At the same time, increase your current website rankings. Although, rankings are not the main goal of content strategy. But the ultimate goal of both is to reach customers and transform them to bring revenue and profit to the business.

Page title:

Perhaps this factor is not too alien to anyone. But perhaps you do not yet know that there are still a lot of businesses that forget to optimize their page titles. This comes from the subjective subjective error.

Page titles show up in Google search results and can also be used on social channels. So if a compelling title entices your readers to click through to your content.

If you want to build a piece of content with the hope of attracting links to it. It is possible that it can rank for some keywords with reasonable volumes. You should spend less time researching basic keywords and optimizing your page titles. If you do not have the keyword strategically, relevant enough to optimize the page, add a few extra terms if it's positive. Try not to use keywords that are being used by another site and steal their rankings.

Meta description:

Although it will not have a strong impact as the page title. But when it comes to rankings, you should still spend a minute writing a clear, accurate meta description. And attractive to reflect the content related to your page. This helps to improve clickthrough rates. As well as being used by social platforms.

Descriptive tags help the queryer feel the information they need in this article. The content described in the paragraph should contain the words or keyword phrases involved. So together they will enhance the reader's ability to read.

Images and Text:

A good quality content delivery is the ultimate goal of page access. That content must contain primary, secondary, and related keywords. And they must be allocated naturally without cramming. Because Google deceiving to rank high. But in return, the revenue that customers bring back will be reduced.

Besides focusing on the content, do not overlook the image. User trends tend to change. The transmission of information through 100% of text content. This makes the reader boring. Many studies show that only 20% of the visitors linger to read your information. The remaining 80% tend to view images and video clips. So let's focus on the images that you provide in the article.

Content strategy should be closely monitored
Content strategy should be closely monitored

Internal Link:

Links to the main pages: Assuming your link building is successful. Make sure to link to the content on your site. You should take the opportunity to filter this equity link into the main pages if possible.

Here are some ways you can do this:

Navigation menu at the top of the page: may include links to main categories. The menu should not obscure your content and be as private as possible.

Link in copy: If you have a large amount of information in your content. Look for opportunities to link to the main pages of your site from within that content. The key here is to make that happen most naturally.

Footer links to the main pages: Although not as optimized as the links at the top of the page. Because it stands out and hits the eye. However, the footer still helps a lot in that regard. In addition, they do not affect the content or lose focus on the reader. And you are still directed to the main page.

Monitoring and Measurement:

Tracking the success of your content is really essential. And you have a few suggestions to be able to easily do that. Besides basic tracking, you can integrate with other channels. For more detailed observation, if possible. Let's start with the basics.

Currently, you can measure the new backlink to your page. However, you may also have missed out on the volume of traffic that you need to track. Some of that traffic may have moved to your main site. And may have already interacted or even been converted into a potential customer. But you do not know and do not have that data.

Beyond testing is in the testing phase. There are several ways to check that Google Analytics is working properly after it has been launched. The simplest option is to go into real-time analysis, go to content, and see if your article is displayed. If the traffic is low, click on the content.

Another way is to use a plugin or Chrome extension. As a Tag Assistant or GA Handler, can you tell if the Google Analytics code appears on the page?

For a successful campaign, the stages of implementation must be thorough and accurate. Beside, the implementation. We should have a close coordination of observation and examination. This will minimize the risk of occurrence, improve the success brought. A little time to evaluate will be more effective for your campaign. Share with us how you control and evaluate your campaign. Good luck!

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