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Enterprise resource planning software, or ERP for short, is a software solution that has been around for a long time with the aim of supporting the management of a company. This software is not used for each individual but will help businesses in their daily activities, so the word "Enterprise" (business, company) has its name.
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What is ERP?

ERP is a process used by companies to manage and integrate important parts of their businesses. Many ERP software applications help companies plan resources by integrating all the processes necessary to run a company into a single system. An ERP software system can integrate planning, purchasing, sales, finance, human resources, etc.
 What is ERP

Learn about enterprise resource planning software

You can think of an enterprise resource planning system as a glue that binds different computer systems to a large organization. Without ERP applications, each part must have its own system to optimize its specific tasks. With ERP software, each department still has its own system but all of these systems are accessible from one application with the same interface.
ERP applications also allow different departments to communicate and share information with the rest of the company more easily. It collects information about the activities and status of other components so that users of that application can access this information and use it effectively.
Learn about ERP software
ERP application can help businesses identify their company better by linking information on production, finance, distribution and human resources. Because it connects the different technologies that each part of the business uses, an ERP application can eliminate expensive and incompatible technology. This process often integrates premium accounts, inventory control systems, order monitoring systems and customer databases in one system.
ERP services have evolved over the years from traditional software models using physical servers to cloud-based software that provides remote, web-based access.
Note : A company may experience excess spending if not implementing ERP system carefully.
An ERP system may not always address inefficiencies in the enterprise. The company needs to rethink how it is organized or it will lead to incompatible technology.
ERP systems often fail to achieve goals because the company does not want to give up the old work processes, the old software works well before but not compatible with the software. It is important to prevent ERP projects from being split into many smaller projects, which can lead to excess costs.

ERP solution provider

Some familiar names lead the way in Oracle Corp.'s ERP software. The company initially provided a relational database integrated with ERP software developed by SAP before entering the wider enterprise market in the early 2000s. Microsoft has long been a leading company. In the industry, many customers use a variety of software applications from the company.
ERP provider
As cloud-based solutions have become popular in recent years, traditional ERP industry leaders have seen challenges from emerging people like Bizowie and WorkWise.
One of the most important tasks when SEO is  choosing keywords, optimizing SEO and checking keyword rankings .

It is really essential for bloggers or SEOr to check rankings on Google.

Many people often do not pay attention to this issue and are also not interested in the rankings they achieve on Google Search.

What do we need to plan and goals?

It only takes 10-15 minutes to use a keyword research tool like Ahref or KeywordPlaner .

With these SEO tools , it will help you save time and achieve high efficiency in your work.

Once you have written SEO standard articles use target keywords. Follow up on rankings and continue building backlinks with appropriate anchor text.

To help you do this, Dieu Hau has compiled a list of great free tools to check keyword rankings on Google.

* In this will have the FREE and even cost.

7 Best Google keyword rankings checker tool

  1. Ahrefs
  2. SEMrush
  3. SERPWatcher
  4. Google Rank Checker
  5. AccuRanker
  6. SERP's Keyword Rank checker
  7. SEOCentro Rank Checker

1. Ahrefs

Ahref is the most favorite keyword ranking tool of Kite Hung. Why?

You can  check keyword rankings in  a very simple way with many powerful options

With the Filter bar above you can easily find the Keyword Organic (keyword on GG) you are in the position from 1-10

Or find the keywords with the largest Volume (search volume), the largest traffic ....

Everything is very intuitive, it shows in a specific way, it also shows the position of your current keyword is up or down with the arrow  ↑ ↓

If the website is targeting the international market, then you can choose a specific location.

In addition, this is also a tool for you to compare with your competitors.

From there up strategy to  overcome competitors with higher rankings on search engines .

It has tons of great functions, if you make good use of it.

Fourfold Traffic Boost with  25 Ways to increase simple and effective traffic

I will have a tutorial on how to use the specific Ahref coming to you.

But one problem is that its price is quite expensive. $ 99 for Lite 1 user package.

* Tip is that you can buy in some services to buy the same account Ahref to save more about $ 10 / month.

2. SEMRush

Besides Ahref, SEMRush is my second favorite tool because it is a complete solution for keyword checking .

Just enter the website URL or URL of a post, and it will show the keywords you are ranking.

Plus, click on any keyword to check keyword competition and other details.

It supports Google (you should choose Google search and current geography).

SEMRush is an easy-to-use professional software. It also allows you to register and try the FREE version

But it is still the price issue of the tool too much, $ 99 / month (the cheapest package).

As I recommend above is a general purchase at some of the services provided.

An account you will be using is not only one but many different tools

Overall, SEMRush is a great tool to check keyword rankings in search engines.

3. SERPWatcher

This is one of the tools developed by Mangools , they provide all solutions such as keyword research, website analytics .. and keyword checking .

Their tools are famous for their beautiful interface and very stable operation.

SERPWatcher is a tool to check keyword rankings with any domain.

You can check with any geographic location or on any other device (Mobile or Desktop)

The price is much cheaper than the big 2 Ahref and SEMrush so much is $ 29 for the cheapest package.

4. Google Rank Checker
Google Rank Checker

Google Rank Checker is a great free keyword ranking test tool  on Google.

To use this keyword checking tool, just type in the keyword you want to search with the domain name, and it will show you the location of the specific keyword in Google.

It's easy, isn't it? And of course it's FREE.

5. AccuRanker


If you are looking for a professional paid keyword placement tool (advertising).

Then AccuRanker is a perfect choice. The first thing I love about AccuRanker is that their interface is very nice and easy to use.

You can track keyword rankings in Google and Bing searches.

It's quite fast and accurate with just 1-Click. There is also a preview feature for search results, perfect for agencies that need to display ranking results for customers.

The price of packages depends on the number of keywords you want, the more you will turn out.

However, you can experience using the 14-day free trial.

6. SERP's Keyword Rank checker
This is a very popular free keyword ranking test tool . It can display more ranking positions of the search engine.

Along with the keyword ranking tool it also shows the CPC data and search traffic of that keyword for any keyword or keyword phrase.


7. SEOCentro Rank Checker
SEOCentro  Rank Checker

SEOCentro  Rank Checker  is one of the very good free keyword testing tools.

With Rank Checker, checking keyword rankings on many search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing is very simple

The results will provide you with complete details about a particular keyword including its ranking in various search engines, along with the keyword's history.

In all of the above lists, Ahref is the best keyword ranking test tool.

Not only because of its superior features but also other useful things.

I'm sure you'll like it too, because it also provides other features like Backlink check, Keyword competitiveness, and some other really great things.

If you have a WordPress website  and also love SEO, please share the tools that you often use under the comment!
There are too many  SEO Content writing processes  you can search on Google. But which way to choose? How to apply them? Is that process always correct? This article will summarize the process of writing  SEO standard content  in the simplest way to help you answer the questions you are asking.
Why is the process of writing Content I offer the easiest of 2019?
First, I synthesized this process based on a lot of previous processes that have been developed by experts. So this is the most comprehensive and up to date process.
Secondly, I mentioned this SEO standard content writing process with 7 steps explained in a brief, non-rambling way.
Finally, I will help you remember  the process of writing content  7 steps This is as easy as the following image:
Process of writing standard SEO Content

So, the process of writing content so that we have a SEO standard content that fits in one sentence: I DON'T SEO STANDARD I DEFECT.
Now we will go into every word in that sentence to understand this 7-Step Process.
Step 1: I = T = Topic = Select Thread Posts
The first step in writing a post is to identify the topic for the article, which is the first W element in the 5W rule 1H ie What - write about. If even writing something you don't know, stop writing, lose your work.
But if you still do not have a topic but still want to write, you must write Google Trends tool will be a great help for you in this. This tool will show you the trends that users are most interested in and perform search. If you feel that this tool is too broad, you can use Google Keyword Planner to track how the keyword you are targeting tends to grow in the future to choose the most relevant topic.
And it is clear that the ultimate goal of doing SEO is that you want your content to be the fastest. So you should also look for unique topics, which are not yet exploited by many people but tend to grow because obviously writing about a topic that has too many users before, your content is unlikely compete and top up quickly.
Take it back, remember to choose the topic that is or will be of interest to many people, expand it in a developing direction but not many users and make sure you have the ability to write well on the issue. there. Thus, the standard SEO content that you write is unique, but it is easy to top.
Step 2: No = K = Keyword = Keyword research
In order for Google to easily index when users search, you will be a failed SEO if you don't know how to choose keywords or keyword phrases that users can easily search when interested in the content you want to write. You should be aware that users are becoming more and more intelligent in searching for keywords.
Simply put, most customers will not use short general keywords when searching, but they focus on long keywords and aim for more specific search. For example, if they want to listen to music, no one will go to Google to type "listen to music", it will be bad, it must be "good music" or "listen to hot music", "listen to music online" ...
So if you are trying to focus on writing content with a short keyword that you think is popular, consider it again, even if it is popular, but for a smart, potential reader They never search like that on Google. Should your content be good, it will never be top with no keywords used.
The keywords given here you should not choose 1, it is best to select all additional keywords but it is imperative to choose 1 key word. The remaining keywords you will use as secondary keywords and spread evenly in the article to avoid boredom for readers but still complement the main keyword.
Step 3: Seo = S = Structure = Build the framework and structure for the article
Is this job no stranger in writing? It's as easy as eating food, but it is good to eat, and for the stomach, there must be a sequence: appetizers, main courses, desserts when you party.
Summary is a  standard SEO content  should have 3 parts: Open lesson + Body + Conclusion.
The composition seems to be boring work but it is a way for your article to become coherent, easy to read and understand for readers as well as easier to write and follow the topic for the writer. . Building a good structure also helps break down the article into smaller sections, helping readers just go through the headlines to get an overview, thereby better understanding the meaning you want to convey. So even if it's boring, try to do it!
Step 4: Standard = C = Content = Write content
There are topics, frames, keywords, write! But not as simple as writing, ignoring the problem of moving your emotions, besides the smooth, right topic, writing content to SEO must be "standard".
There is a small but quite important experience that I recognize in the writing process. When embarking on writing articles, put aside the keywords you previously selected, write articles naturally and be as liberal as possible. Do not bundle articles by keywords that make them unnatural and offensive to the reader, making it feel like you are forced to write sentences.
After you've finished writing, go back and correct the positions where you can put the keywords logically. This helps you write more comfortably, the content is focused as well as managing the exact number of keywords you want to include in the article.
The "standard" element is your goal but not in this step but at the end of the journey when you go through the seven steps you're talking about to write SEO standard content.
Step 5: I = T = Title = Optimize the title
A singer with a good appearance, good voice needs a worthy name. The title of the article is the same. Through the title, readers can guess which part of the content you want to target when writing content.
Should be able to say, the title as well as the face of the article when shown on Google search page. So if you don't refine it, guilt your article.
Step 6: Die = C = Check = Check
As I said in the previous section, when writing content is complete, you need to check the article 1 more time. In addition to reviewing spelling errors that you may encounter, you should also correct and insert keywords within the content logically. Remember that the era when keywords are everywhere has really ended.
Therefore, from the beginning, I have noticed that you should choose many keywords, including 1 main keyword and many additional keywords to enrich your article as well as an ingenious way for you. Do not fall into the case of old spam keywords.
Step 7: Instant = L = Link = Increase the popularity of articles by post link
After writing it, check it all, is it done? If you do not upload the post, who knows what you want and asks for SEO. Just kidding, but don't be naïve to think that posting your post is immediately up to the top. To achieve that, you must do this step 7 to speed up the time that the article is indexed. If the articles are indexed sooner, the article will soon be displayed on the results returned when Google searches for keywords related to the article. You can refer to some of the following ways:
  • Sign up for that article link with Google
  • Link the article we just finished writing to Sitemap
  • Ping our article links on other websites, you can use through
  • Post links to social networking sites Facebook, google + or twitter, ... to get views, share or comment from readers. You can also call your friends to comment, cut the wind to increase the credibility of the article.
So the 7 most basic, easiest to remember 2016 steps we can  write SEO standard content  are:
B1: Select article topics (Topic)
B2: Keyword research (Keyword)
B3: Building frames and structures for posts (Structure)
B4: Content writing (Content)
B5: Optimize the title (Title)
B6: Check (Check)
B7: Increase the popularity of articles by post links (Link)
A lot of people have applied this process successfully and unforgettablely. How about you?
Friends, if you are a Blogger and you want your second post to be automatic link in your post, you will have to follow some steps, after that your second post will be automatically linked to your post.
(Meaning that you will have 4-5 posts of automatic rest in one of your posts, it is called Automatic Internal Linking.)
How to Create Automatic internal links in Blogger
How to Create Automatic internal links in Blogger

Friends, this is a great way to get enough traffic to your Blog. And how can you do this in a simple way?
Steps to Create Automatic Internal Linking in Blogger Post:-
1. Friends, you first need to log in to your Blogger Account.

2. After that you have to click on the theme.

3. After that whatever theme you have installed in your Blogger, it will show you have to click on Edit HTML here.

4. After clicking on Edit HTML, you have to control + F in your keyboard, then you will have a search tab in front of you, </ head>
How to Create Automatic internal links in Blogger

5. When you search by typing </ head> then you have to paste these codes wherever you see </ head> text. Codes are given below to download you under the name of CSS Scripts
How to Create Automatic internal links in Blogger

CSS Script will get you to download below.
Download internal linking free CSS Script :- Click Here
6. After Paste CSS Script, you have to repeat Control + F and this time you need to 
How to Create Automatic internal links in Blogger

 <data: post.body /> is to search by typing it.

7. When you search by typing this <data: post.body /> code, you will see all the code displayed in this name, you will enter the last one where this code appears, you have to enter it and all the code in the HTML Script below it. Have to pay taxes You can download HTML Script below.
How to Create Automatic internal links in Blogger

Download internal linking free HTML Script:- Click Here
8. When you paste these two script codes, you have to do a Save Theme in your Blogger Template.

9. After that, as soon as you visit your Blogger Website, you will start to have Automatic Internal Linking Post Show in your every post.
Friends, you have to paste these two codes correctly and in the right place where we told you. And this will automatically help in bringing Traffic to your website Automatic Internal Post Linking. Friends, one thing you must remember is that if you paste these codes in the wrong place in your HTML code, there may also be a problem in your website, so where we have told you, you paste the same script code.
Whether you focus on B2B or B2C efforts, generating more web traffic to your site is still one of the top challenges that marketers face on a consistent basis. In the digital age, distracting and persistent today, it seems almost impossible to attract the attention of consumers and entice them into your site.
Divide 4 Main Secrets To Get More Web Marketing-SEO Traffic
Source: Hubspot
According to ClickZ research, the average company receives 30% of web traffic from organic searches. If your group's SEO strategy is not strong enough to rank high in customer queries, it significantly compromises your chances that they will find your link.
As customers have a virtually unlimited number of options when searching for products, services and information they are looking for online, you have to be particularly strategic if you attract them to your site. Although there are a lot of tips and tricks to help you SEO efforts, the only way to prove your rank is to increase and improve your signal on Google RankBrain. According to a study conducted by SEO experts at Moz, there are several important factors that Google looks for when determining the order of search results.

Here are four simple but highly effective ways to enhance that signal and improve your SEO for better results.

1. Choose an ecommerce-friendly SEO platform

According to reports from Moz, a large portion of the ranking of a site comes from signaling on the page and linking signals. Google determines whether a site should be at the top of the list based on its relevance, keyword presence, and link quality, so your site's structure can signal Google whether it's available. Earn higher ranking or not. The number of internal links and the position of the keywords on your important pages. So choosing an ecommerce-friendly ecommerce platform can help improve the visibility and ranking of your website.

The number of internal links is really important for the position of the keywords on the websites:

- Internal link: 5 Mistakes should be avoided to achieve high rankings on Google
- Building internal links: The best method to increase search rankings

When you design your website, make sure that you build optimized keywords in all elements of the website, not just on your pages. Google looks for keywords in the title, image alt tag, H1 header and meta description. The richer the keyword content is available for Google to continue, the better. This can also help you gain some SERP features, for better search results.
Divide the 4 main secrets to get more web-marketing-SEO-1 traffic
Google also looks at the structure and layout of your site very clearly. Because, like your business, Google wants to give users an enjoyable experience.

Some rules make it easy to master standard SEO articles:

- 8 Golden Rules in Writing SEO Standards
- 7 Great Pocket Writing Skills for Writing - CopyWriter

If your site has many single pages, no links, dead ends or limited internal links, it can signal to Google that your site is not of high quality. Make sure the platform you choose has navigation and customizable features such as the search bar for better UX rather than a solid option that can boost your linking signal to RankBrain.
Some platforms will allow you to customize these elements; some will automatically do it for you, and some will only provide this feature as an add-on. When you are building your ecommerce website SEO, make sure to consider these factors when you choose e-commerce platform.

2. Dark Social Source

Knowing where the majority of your site visitors come from is an important step to learning how to attract them. It's easy to see how your customers find you organic or through external links with Google Analytics, but most likely your majority of your clicks come from dark societies.
Divide the 4 Main Secrets to Get More Web Marketing-SEO-2 Traffic
As more and more consumers make the most of their digital activity through their mobile device, they will easily share the link to their friends and followers with just a few clicks. Simple click. This is especially true for social media stocks.
Let's say one of your followers sees a video you posted on Facebook that contains a link to your product page. They share the post through direct messages to a colleague of theirs, who can use your service, who then click the link. However, since this share is essentially "copied and pasted," your group will be harder to track, making it a  dark social link .

A few tips but to be friendly to the MXH:

- SEO Top 10 Social Networking Interests 2018
- Tips for integrating social networking into your SEO strategy
- The Complete Online Business Secret Through Social Network 2018

While this situation is certainly not ideal, your SEO strategy should put the dark social stocks into account, as they occupy a significant portion of your web traffic. You can use dark social computing, such as Social Get Social, to see how often your followers are sharing links that are driving traffic to the web.
Divide the 4 Main Secrets to Get More Web Marketing-SEO-3 Traffic
Then you can optimize your links specifically for this type of social sharing by using the UTM campaign code generator to create specific links for easier tracking. Pay attention to the details of the information you collect, as it will provide some insight into  how  and  why  links are shared, and that can help your marketing team understand the types of content. Your object attractiveness.

3. New content is appropriate

Google wants to give searchers the most relevant results possible, so your content gets better and better. Moreover, a site that is actively adding pages or updating information regularly may actually perform better with RankBrain.
According to the benchmarking data report from Hubspot, new content posting sites frequently increase web traffic and rank better than their competitors. The most active sites have a domestic rate of 3.5 times higher than their competitors only posting a few times per month.
Divide the 4 Main Secrets to Get More Web Marketing-SEO-4 Traffic
But along with the frequency and quality of your content, Google also takes into account its length. According to another study conducted by SerpIQ, Top 10 Google results are typically pieces of content from 2,000 to 2,450 words in part. Although there is no obvious reason why RankBrain chooses to put longer content on top of its results, a hypothesis that longer content contains more keywords and brings higher user satisfaction.

Do you believe that long content brings the user satisfaction?

- How does content quality affect SEO?
- Number and Quality: Should you write more or better when doing Blog?
- 20 Things To Know To Have A Quality Article For SEO
- 18+ SEO Techniques to Increase Traffic for Website 2018

Divide 4 Main Secrets To Get More Web Marketing Traffic-SEO-5
Although there are too many factors that affect the ranking of a website, there is a clear way to drive web traffic to your site: create consistent content. Obviously, this is just one reason why having a strong content marketing strategy in place is very important. Moreover, the higher the internal link that your new content generates, the more page signals and the links that your site will generate for Brain Rankings. Just be sure that your content quality does not decrease while the number increases.
A good strategy is to put some serious effort into creating an evergreen bank. This can be updated periodically to include new trending keywords and new insights. Although you should always create content around niche-related topics that are relevant to your niche, there will always be slow news days. That said, having a reserve stash of evergreen content is a great way to ensure you are posting and gaining SEO value on a consistent basis.

4. Use valuable web site traffic testing tools

There are many online tools available to help businesses optimize their website and increase their web traffic. However, your team should be extremely cautious about what program to use - because some systems may not be completely necessary and may provide little or no result in the SEO of your site. Your best strategy here is to identify the basics first and then choose a program that deals with them in detail.

For example:

Your website's page load speed can have a significant impact on your site's ranking. Famous customers hate to wait for the site to load, so if it takes more than a few seconds, they will probably leave your site. A high bounce rate can also hurt your rankings, as it signals Google that your site is poorly designed and provides a secondary customer experience. GTMetrix provides an excellent site-speed test analyzer for evaluating your site's performance. Their program will also identify obstacles that can slow down your page and offer some tips for solutions as well as the next steps to take.
Divide 4 Main Secrets To Get More Web Marketing Traffic-SEO-6
Broken links and 404 errors are another common problem that can have a negative impact on your SEO efforts. Screaming Frog uses the Spider Web site's web crawler to investigate all links of your site (both inside and outside) and discover any links that are causing it. trouble. It will also find temporary and permanent redirects that are performing any rating damage. In addition, the program will analyze your page title and metadata for comprehensive SEO testing.

In order to be able to complete the website, you also need to have support tools in the SEO process:

- 27 Best SEO Content Marketing Tools 2018
- 9 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO
- Benefits and Functions of Keyword Tool in SEO

As you begin to implement more tools and strategies into your SEO practice, you will also need a plan to track the results. Hoth is a ranking tool that you can use for free as often as you would like to track site ranking changes. It will also give you a list of keyword hints for higher rankings.
Remember, not all tools are created equal, and your team certainly does not need to use all of them to achieve better results. The best game plan here is to find out the root of the problems that are currently affecting your site's ranking and speed of web traffic, finding solutions and always tracking changes.


No magic formula guarantees the first page rank for your site. Google is too secretive about our ranking method so we can crack the code, but we can get the information we know about RankBrain and apply it to a website to increase the odds of Higher display power.