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Sure SEOER also know a lot about SEO techniques on Content, baclink, traffic ... Today I continue to share more knowledge about Google Bot . 
When you understand the essence, make sure that the text will have the right thinking in the sea of ​​SEO knowledge on the internet.
Let's go to the main problem ...
GoogleBot SEO Activity Principle to Know
GoogleBot SEO Activity Principle to Know

What is Googlebot?

Googgle bot is a crawler used by Google to crawl websites. It is Google's access to the website data by the mechanism through the link.
Googlebot 's information is collected and used to update the index of the website.
Googlebot accesses billions of websites and is constantly on the move to crawl sites.
Website crawlers, also known as bot, robo-bots or spiders, is a program that collects information and sends it to a place to store data.
Google bot retrieves data in binary form (100010001010,0101010001111 ...) when it crawls, Google sends it to Google's index, where Google conducts comparisons and ratings, so Google High ranking first thing is that the website must be easily structured for bot crawling, easy access information.
You must constantly ask questions for your website
Does Google bot easily "see" the information on my website? 
Can Google bot retrieve all information and links in the web? 
Can Google access all website resources? 
In addition to the optimization techniques in SEO, the way to make google quickly understand the content of the website is quite important, you imagine a site with a slow load, Google Bot can not access the data. , repeatedly returns data on 404 results, can not scan the data, no rank is a natural thing.

How does Google Bot work?

Google bots use sitemaps through sitemaps and links are found crawling ahead, If the Google bot finds changes to the links and broken links it will record and update the index. 
To ensure that Google Bot crawls the correct indexes you need to check the indexes through the site: structure .
By setting "site:" in front of your domain, you'll ask Google to list the pages that Google has indexed for your site.
Note there is no white space between "site:" and domain

How does Googlebot view your webiste?

Googlebot does not see complete webpages, it only sees the individual components of that page.
If any of these components are not accessible to Googlebot, it will not send them to the Google index.
To use my previous example, this is Googlebot viewing site (html and css) but no image.
Google needs a complete picture to rank websites, not just the details.
There are many cases where Googlebot can not crawl a website:
Site resources are blocked by robots.txt file
HTML error or invalid encoding
Dynamic linking is too complex
It depends on the flash and the technology that led to the website crash.
If the CSS and javascript files are blocked by a robots.txt file, they can be misleading. 
An example to illustrate this would be a mobile site that uses CSS or javascript to determine what to display depending on what device is viewing the page. If Googlebot can not access the CSS or Javascript of that page, it may not recognize the page as portable.
Google will "read" but different from what HTML is presenting.
For a more secure look you can go to Search Console to collect data that will see the website

Refer to some Google Bot

- Googlebot (desktop):
Mozilla / 5.0 (compatible; Googlebot / 2.1; + http: //
/ Mozilla / 5.0 (Linux; Android 6.0.1; Nexus 5X Build / MMB29P) AppleWebKit / 537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome / 41.0.2272.96 Mobile Safari / 537.36 (compatible; Googlebot /
Googlebot-Video / 1.0
-Googlebot image: 
Googlebot-Image / 1.0
-Googlebot News: 

Optimized for GoogleBot

Optimizing for the most readable Bot is probably the prerequisite for SEOER. 
Technical reasons Bot can not crawl: 
Your site is too slow or too buggy, Too many information, URL on website. 
Your slow web site may be due to a server, make the server respond faster by upgrading the hosting, improving the caching.
Too many errors on the page are causing Google to update slowly, to speed up the crawl, please fix that, simply redirect those 301 errors to the more appropriate URLs. 
Suggestions for you can check your website for errors with Search Console or Screaming Frog to audit site again. 
Too many URLs, many of which may be self-generated URLs due to a faulty web site code, making it difficult for the bot to crawl. 
Creating a sitemap for a website, a sitemap is considered as a guide for Google Bot to websiete data of the whole website, for large websites is very necessary, help the Bot understand where the priority.
You can also improve the crawl rate by building links, backlinks that are mounted on other webmasters, forums, social networks ... the number of backlinks to scan your data more, improving So much about the good index level of Google Bot.

Google Bot Control?

The question is how to control GoogleBot.
GoogleBot adheres to the standards it has adopted through the robots.txt standard, even in ways that are fully controlled by Google standards.
Use a Robots.txt file, including instructions in your websiever data, instruct those who can view the data, gather information, which items are under administrative control, prohibit blocking Bot to scan data. whether.
Use sitemap through sitemap.
GoogleBot is Google's data collection tool, for good SEO we have to understand, control and optimization for the fastest and most comprehensive information collection bot, will help your website to be preferred, Rankings are better with bot-less, Bot-friendly sites.

Since its inception as a digital marketing boom, marketers have kept a very careful eye on Google - the ruling tycoon.

From research projects to technology giant, over the past two decades Google has consolidated itself as the dominant force in internet search. And while other candidates have created Google-like search engines like Bing, Yahoo, as of June 2018, Google owns 72.21% of all searches on desktops. And dominance continues if you look at mobile devices, with Google having a huge number of 90.20% of all searches.

Of course, the dominance of the Google search market was not due to their market speed in the late 1990s, but rather to the dedication and investment of the company in developing the platform. And some of the latest evolutionary tweaks and new features will soon be released - or recently released.

What are the changes and how will they affect your marketing plan? Here we break down the latest and greatest change updates from Google, what they mean for marketers, and how marketers can adapt.

Alert HTTPs in effect

Although we talked about this for a while, the warning popping up when unprotected HTTPS from Google Chrome appeared in July 2018. Instead of distributing non-HTTPS pages with just one icon, In the URL bar, Google now serves users with alerts and the popup window warns them that the site they are visiting does not use a secure connection.

Update Https
Update Https

Of course, this change to site security is not new. In fact, in January 2016, Google announced that they had indexed HTTPS pages on pages using HTTP, signaling to marketers that your site's security would soon impact rankings. yours. Altering the algorithm in the past with new alerts in Google Chrome means leaving your site with unsafe HTTP connections could result in both direct and indirect traffic loss. as well as losing those hard-to-fight rankings.

To ensure that your site is not affected by traffic or ranking, make sure you have upgraded to HTTPS. As an additional measure, check the Security Issues tool of Google Search Console to check for other potential security threats.

Summary :

  • New feature : Alerts and HTTPS popups appear online in Google Chrome.
  • Meaning: Losing traffic and organic ranking if your site is not HTTPS.
  • Steps to follow: Double check that your site is secure and upgrade to HTTPS if needed.

Fast page load speed

Over the past few years, Google has changed its algorithm to prioritize the user experience. Back in 2010, Google announced that desktop page rank was a ranking factor when bad load time resulted in a poor user experience. Their latest update, effective July 9, 2018, continues that trend as the algorithm will also take into account page speed on mobile devices.

But what pages are affected and how will it affect you?

According to Google, only the slowest sites will be affected. And to help you see if that includes you, they launched their PageSpeed ​​Insights tool, where you can see your page load times on mobile and how you can improve. Improve your load time.

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights
Google PageSpeed ​​Insights

With this new change, you need to ensure that your page's page speed increases by entering your site's URL into the PageSpeed ​​Insights tool. Then, download your free report to see what improvements you can make to your site.

For example, the report may recommend optimizing or compressing your images to reduce the data consumption needed to load the page. Or, the report may suggest that you take advantage of the caching. If any suggestions are made, implement them as soon as possible to ensure that your mobile rankings are not affected.

Summary :

  • New feature: Google currently uses page-based mobile as a ranking factor for search on mobile devices.
  • Meaning: If you're a mobile site with a slow load time, your rank may be affected.
  • Steps to follow: Use the PageSpeed ​​Insights tool from Google to test the page speed on your mobile device. Then, make the proposed changes that the tool suggests such as compressing the image, using less scripting, or utilizing buffers.

Remove Google Adwords

Yes, AdWords is gone. Instead, Google is consolidating all of its advertising products under one brand: Google Ads.

Why change? Google says it reduces the complexity associated with digital advertising. They want to create simple products to help users advertise on their platform more easily. And they're renaming their preference to simplicity.

Google ads do not want to repeat like Google Adwords. They have also announced new products, all of which focus on automation, including:

  1. Smart Campaigns
  2. Universal App Campaigns
  3. Goal-Optimized Shopping Campaigns
  4. Automated Bidding
  5. Dynamic Search Ads

Through automation, Google hopes to introduce products that reduce the complexity of advertising and instead create optimized ads with an easy user experience.

When it comes to your own campaigns, sign in to the new Google Ads platform and discover their new products to take advantage of features like automation, smart .... If you feel more adventurous, try one of these new products to see if Google succeeds in creating easy-to-use ads to produce results that are difficult to achieve.

Summary :

  • New feature: Google AdWords is now Google Advertising and has more automated products.
  • Meaning: Automation means less time spent creating, managing, and optimizing your ad campaigns.
  • Steps to follow: Try one of the new Google Ads to see if automation algorithms and machine learning have succeeded in producing results.

Introduction: Smart Campaigns

Paid search ads are a complex activity chain. From advertising and copying to bidding and targeting, there are many moving parts that affect the effectiveness of your ads. Yes, Google wants to change that.

To continue its commitment to digital advertising is simply mentioned above Google Ads is launching new creative type: Smart campaign. Smart campaigns are ads that automatically manage ads and deliver ads based on the products, services, and goals advertisers place. Through automation and machine learning. Smart campaigns show ads to the right audience using signals like behavior, location, device, and others.

If you have used their paid advertising campaigns or are spending a lot of time on this, then this news is very useful for you. Automated ad campaigns with quick optimization means you can create Smart Campaigns, track your performance, and see how Google performs your optimization.

And this new ad type works. Google's small business ad group leader, Kim Spalding, says that Smart Campaigns are three times more effective when reaching a target audience than an AdWords Express campaign.

So, try Smart Campaigns. You can find more success with traditional Google Advertising products. And as always, think twice about your goals and your KPIs to determine if Smart Campaigns are working for your business. Moreover, we never recommend "set and forget". You need to track and ensure that auto-suggestions are delivered in accordance with your product / service, industry, and audience.


  • What's new: To simplify the ad, Google will launch a fully automated Smart Campaign.
  • Meaning: Advertisers can reduce the amount of time they spend creating and optimizing their ads, and instead take advantage of automated ad campaigns.
  • Steps to follow: If you are currently running any of your AdWords Express campaigns, consider Smart Campaigns instead. But keep in mind that you will need to track, not just put it and forget it, if you want to guarantee the best results.

There is more data to love

With EU's GDPR, Google and other software vendors have made changes to ensure their compliance. But more importantly, the GDPR has set new regulations on data retention, stating that companies can not store data longer than necessary.

As a result, Google, Mixpanel, and other analytics tools have updated the amount of data tracked and saved on their platform. And a few months ago, Google updated their Data Retention Tools to 14 months, 26 months, 38 months and 50 months, and had no option to last more than 50 months. This was a big change when Google Analytics was tracking historical data for the entire history of the site.

Fortunately, the latest announcement from Google is that the data increases rather than decreases.

Previously, Google Search Console Search Analysis was only 90 days old. However, Google Data Studio (a very interesting and free Google dashboard builder), the Search Analytics API, and Google Search Console beta currently have 16 months of historical search analysis data. With more data to analyze, this update allows marketers to better track trends and historical patterns in their search rankings and performance.

If you want to see your extended search analysis data, the update is currently available in Google Data Studio, the Search Analytics API, and the Search Performance Report on Google Search Console beta. Not sure how to access the beta? This article and how to use Google Data Studio is for you.

Summary :

  • What's new: Google will soon allow you to see search analysis data for 16 months.
  • Meaning: This new update makes it easy to see trends and historical patterns in your search rankings, as there are more data to compare.
  • Steps to follow: Start seeing 16 months of search analytics data by creating a report in Google Data Studio or logging in to Google Search Console beta.

Marketers need to keep up to date with new updates in Google to ensure that their content, ads, and website are being delivered efficiently.

This latest update means that the marketer needs to make sure that their site is secure and loads fast on their mobile device. In addition, Google introduced new products and advertising data to help you get the most out of your digital advertising and search performance.

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As we all know, on the way to success of Seo people there is the quiet dedication of the analyst and research experts. These are useful support tools that can not be overlooked on the way to the top of Google search.
Knowing the benefits as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each tool is also an essential part. Through a thorough exploration of the tools, when something goes wrong, you will know what tools to analyze and come up with solutions.
In this article, we'll learn more about the Google Analytics engine. At the same time, you will know what features it helps the SEOer. And at the end of the article, you will be instructed to install and use it.

What is Google Analytics?

This is a Google tool for analyzing customer business data. Around the operation of the website, it will judge from the perspective of a professional to have tips for the problems that are encountered on the page. From there, the Seoer will have specific actions or strategies to deal with.
Because of its convenience and utility, every business as well as the Seoer can not be ignored. Google Analytics helps to statistically evaluate and evaluate the components of the website in detail. Besides analyzing your own website, it also analyzes all competitors in the direct competition list.
At the same time, consumer behavior is very difficult to control and difficult to grasp. With Google Analytics, every move of the consumer is documented. As well as other issues related to information sources and website functions are provided by the minute-by-hourly statistics.

The benefits of Google Analytics in helping SEOs:

If you or your business overlook this tool, it is a big loss in your own strategy. All tools should be leveraged, claiming the full functionality and capacity of it. Just like here, Google Analytics has the following functions and benefits:
  • Website Visitors: Google Analytics will tell you the number of visitors to your website. What information makes the reader most interested and interested. And from there you will make appropriate adjustments in terms of information, content on the page. This is to maintain stable traffic and build more traffic to increase your traffic.
  • Traffic: After analyzing Google Analytics, we know how much traffic is coming from the website. Or, more precisely, what is the source of the resulting website? As far as any customer is concerned. Be able to become a potential customer of the company. For those who do SEO, this is the advantage to control. As well as plans to go backlink for their own.

Google Analytics helps SEOs
Google Analytics helps SEOs

  • Content on the website: In this section, Google Analytics will tell us how much content there is. Which article is most interested and most interested. From there, we will have the appropriate adjustment for the content provided on the page. Just as keyword choices are appropriate to increase the reach of readers through their needs.
  • Objectives: Before implementing any plan we need to set goals. As well as the purpose achieved. After the implementation process, how will we use Google Analytics to assess how well accomplished the goal is? How much of it meets the plan? If not, then why can we repair.
  • Statistic page: This is a general statistics page about the data as well as the number received on the website. This page is customizable on the request to show what parameters on the page. This helps in monitoring as well as timely treatment when the problem occurs.

Instructions for installing and using Google Analytics:

Installation of Google Analytics is also not too difficult. If you have a Google + account, Gmail account, ... You can use the account to register. Make sure this account is owned by you. And others are not known to have access to. At the same time, this account should be of permanent use. Monitoring is ongoing and maintained.
First, once you have a Google account. You need to login by clicking the link below:
Then, click on the registration in the Google Analytics website. Then fill in the information on the form as required.
And finally, when you accept the Google Analytics terms, you'll receive a snippet of code. We need to copy that code to the header in the theme and save it. That's all done using Google Analytics.
Through the article, you certainly know the usefulness. As well as the importance of Google Analytics in our SEO website. Write down the points you do not know as well as you find important to note nhé. Do not hesitate to share information with others if you find it necessary. If you have any questions, add your knowledge or personal opinion. Please comment on the below! Wish you success soon!
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Have you ever wondered how to split ratings for web sites today? Every day hundreds of thousands of websites are born. Criteria that make them fall in the top search Google

It is difficult to explain the site ranking with a person who is not familiar with SEO. In areas that are extremely complex and want to achieve good results, we must meet the standards of its requirements. The following article will be the categories you need to pass if you want a new ranking result.

Optimize page load speed:

Page load speed is becoming more and more important in 2018. The friendliness and satisfaction of the user experience is always appreciated by Google. Waiting to annoy the user and delivering a high page rank will affect your rankings. Please improve the page load level as quickly as possible. Turn converting customers into potential customers.

A website is said to have good page loading speed of three seconds or less. Use an analysis tool to evaluate your current website. From there, they will have suggestions to guide the points you need to fix. Do not turn the opportunity into a challenge when you have a handle on this.

Use smart keywords, sub and related keywords:

After researching and selecting keyword lists, you will have some very competitive keywords. In addition to the efforts to increase the rankings thanks to these strategic keywords. Use reasonable and effective allocation of sub-keywords. This will make success come quickly and sustainably.

At the same time, once you have succeeded at the main keywords, you should build many articles that have other topics. That topic is related to that primary keyword. Using relevant keywords is one of the most important strategies. Readers tend to stay longer. Thanks to the enticing guidance of the posts attracted and they are like a connected line.

Carefully drop rankings by linking to your site:

A good website is not only about seo and off-page seo. It is not in the number of external links in large numbers. It's about how good and reputable your site is.

Websites are trusted by Google and have good access. We can take advantage of that to help Google trust our site. The quality and appeal of our visitors. At the same time, traffic is increased by resonance at linked sites.

Google ranks the site based on what factor
Google ranks the site based on what factor

Give out the titles and description of the fascinating meta tags:

Everyday publication publishes hundreds, thousands of content. Readers feel overwhelmed to access information. They tend to selectively titled titles and attract them. Titles that are too plain and simple will be ignored.

Through these fascinating headlines, the description below also makes an important contribution. It may be the main ideas that add the title that the reader is looking for. These two sections should support each other to stimulate people to click on the information query.

Content optimization:

The content of the service is mainly the object is looking for information. They must be really helpful to the reader. Not published just for fooling Google. That does not make sense when readers know that they underestimate our site. Through the visitor, Google will recognize that indirectly evaluating the impact on website rankings.

Quality content when it meets the Seo standard helps increase rankings. Image, video inserts are also optimized. The information provided satisfies the reader and makes them loyal. That is how we have achieved some of the hard stages of seo.

Interface of the website:

A website that wants to leave a mark and enjoy the visitor must be beautiful, creative. Through the useful content, layout arrangements are also important. Along with the appropriate features for each type of business that businesses are business.

The ultimate user experience brings satisfaction. Designs keep up with the latest trends. Taking the opportunity and the challenge is the fastest way to achieve success. Create excitement and new feeling for visitors. That will make them come back in the future and make a mark on the brand.

Domain reputation and quality:

Domain names contribute to the building and branding of your brand throughout the development process. Good domain names contribute to the seo implementation that is easy quick. Website rank will easily surpass the opponent. If you own a domain name possess golden keyword search, then congratulations. Every opponent is really afraid of your dominance.

Google's algorithm is constantly changing over time. To be able to cope and understand Google, we must observe and improve the website every day. This helps to maintain and maintain a stable and long-term rating.

The article is the knowledge sharing tips how to increase website rank. Please let us know your questions. Or problems that your website is experiencing. We will have advice on how to fix it. Have a nice day!

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Your website rank has some problems. You do not know which causes are likely to affect the proper adjustment. The complications will be more complicated if you assume that for some reason. But they do not really matter. Identifying the right factors is very important. This will help you to take precautions and prevent possible dangers.

Seeing such difficulties, with many years experience in our profession. This article will help you with the difficulties you are having. Let Seo resonate with the problem does not affect your website ranking. Then you have other options that find the correct error to up position in the rankings offline!

Time to form your website:

The controversy over this issue has not come to an end. Do you really care about the time of your website? The answer is no. What they really care about is the quality of content that your website brings to your visitors. If your site is up and running for more than 10 years, it is still very active. The tight linkage system was a great success.

However, if your company is just established here. But your website can do the same thing as has been active for over 10 years. This will make Google think. This time issue will be of interest to Google and compare reviews.

Count, track and share on your website:

You are interacting quite well after each article on your website. Hundreds and even thousands of like and sharing is really admirable. And do you think Google will pay more attention to you? That is a false thought. The thing that Google cares here is that they search your posts on browsers. Just click on the link that adds value to your brand.

Weakness Affects Seo
Weakness Affects Seo

Use the header is not in the H1?

With a tag supposed to be the norm, it should be on the H1 tag. So if it's in another position like H2, H3 then how? This we can not confirm for sure. I know that Google does not really care about whether the tags are correct or not. Or they just looked over and thought the first big one was the title. The following lines are smaller than the minor ones. For example.

Character used as a diacritic in your title:

The page title element is in the title of your article it may be your brand name. And then the separator and some words and phrases afterwards. Or alternatively, words and phrases, separators, brand names. There is a problem that occurs when the separator is a pipe and dash. Or a colon or any other special characters you want to use?

Rest assured Google will not care about that. You do not need to worry about it. This is about the interests as well as the personality of the writer. You can try in a variety of ways to find the character that affects the click of the reader. If you have found then congratulations. Let's solve that problem right away.

Use the default values ​​that Google acknowledges:

When a user visits a website, if you do not have a robots.txt file. Or you have a robots.txt file but it does not include any exclusion of any disinformation. Even if it has no robots meta tag, Google can crawl everything. And you are not provided any special benefits. Because they are considered as default indexes, they are required. However, they do not interfere with Google's interest.

The article is just one of the floating elements on the iceberg. This article is one of the most misunderstood reasons. Increasing the ranking and maintaining it on the rankings is always the desire of any business. Influence factors need to be carefully studied and analyzed to be able to control. As well as from that there are specific and precise strategies for easy success.

Hopefully through this article, Seo Plus has helped you get some of the upcoming difficulties. Achieve rapid success in upcoming campaigns. Share with Seo Plus the difficulties you are having. We will determine whether you are the factor that affects the ranking of the website. Have a nice day!

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