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MMO stands for "Make Money Online", also known as making money online. This is the job you use a computer or phone (mostly computer) with an Internet connection to do the work in the end to earn money.
Make Money Online

Is MMO real?

You are puzzled, doubts about working online can you get money?
Making money at home is absolutely true, many large and small companies will pay you if you do something that benefits their online marketing or become partners with them, no matter who you are. What level, just you can afford it. Here are 2 very simple examples of MMO:
  • When you place Google ads on your website and have readers click on ads, Google Adsense will pay you.
  • You can find and sell products in the form of affiliate marketing on Clickbank, when someone buys through your separate link, you will get very high commission.
These are just 2 of many different MMO forms. And the example below is the payment result of - an advertising network Popunder .
There are many forms of reputable MMO, but there are no lacking forms, and you make very little, even cheating. Make the right choice when deciding to make money online.

MMO forms should be involved

There are many different forms of MMO, so you should consider carefully the ability, credibility and long-term of these forms, below I will introduce you to some forms to participate:

1. Make money by developing websites

This is the most popular form of making money online, with website development you can get many different ways of MMO such as:
  • Place ads from networks:  Example Google Adsense, Chitika, PropellerAds ... or contract ads between you and the ad buyer. If you have good visits, many people will contact you.
  • Sell ​​your own products:  You can make websites, relevant content about products you have and navigate readers to buy your own products.
  • Selling other people's products for affiliate marketing:  This is an MMO form that is very HOT because you do not need to create products to sell but just promote other people's products with a very high commission rate. High, even 100% commission.

2. Make money with Affiliate Marketing

As mentioned above, affiliate is very potential and can give you a huge income. You don't need to have the skills to create products that you can promote other people's products. Here are some TYPES OF TYPICAL MMOs that belong to affiliate marketing that I recommend to join.
  • Make money with Product Launch: You can start with this way to get the skills to make web, choose products, promote, basic SEO at the beginning to have core knowledge, you can join Refer to the article introducing how to make money Launch Product.
  • Make Money with Nichesite: It is a difficult form but can bring a big income. That means you will make a website in a certain niche and then sell affiliate products related to that niche. Amazon is a place where many people often choose to make money with Nichesite because it is almost "all kinds of products".
  • Making money with Authority Site: As a more advanced form of Nichesite, meaning nichesite is difficult, this form is even more difficult (but depending on the niche). This is the way you make a website specializing in a certain field (eg cooking, beauty, gardening ...) and selling related products. There are many people who have successfully built the Authority Site to make money with Clickbank.

3. Make money with selling T-shirts - T-Shirt Business

This form of MMO is only for people with a lot of capital, at least $ 200 or more. Your first job is to design images that can be attached to a shirt  (this step is mostly rented if you don't know the design) . Many websites allow you to upload photos and attach them to a plain shirt, set a price, and you will wear promotional gowns, websites are companies that will take over the shirt and ship them to customers.
The market you are targeting is the US and EU countries because these countries have strong growth in payment, online shopping and when buying T-shirts, they often wear shirts that bring pride, showing affection. their charm. There are many websites that have this kind of business, most prominent are Teespring, Viralstyle, Fabrily, Sunfrogshirt ...

4. Make money by trading products you create yourself

If you have high skills, for example programming skills, writing applications, tools to support others, for example:
  • WordPress theme / plugin
  • Apps, iOS games, Android
  • Software to support Internet Marketing
  • ...
So MMO is a great opportunity for you, you can write software, applications that bring many benefits to users and then promote or cooperate with others to promote your products.
Or if you do not have high skill in programming, you can completely create other products such as Ebook, Training Video ... instructions on anything you think someone will need and start planning promotions. it. However, remember to create real value for customers.

MMO forms should not be involved

In addition to the form of prestigious MMO, so participating in the above mentioned, there are many other forms that you will meet later, but I recommend to stay away. Most of these forms do not require high skill, but the level of risk is quite large and earn very little money.
I will list the options  DO NOT  join this here so that if you meet later, please do not participate.

1. PTC (PAID TO CLICK) - Click the ad

Many websites will pay you when you click the ad. This form is very popular, you may later see a lot of people doing and inviting you to do it. Making money with it is real, but earning it with very little money ($ 0.0x for each click and one day it only gives you a few dozen clicks). If you want to earn more to upgrade your account and hire ref to click for you, pay back after a few months, sometimes lose it because many networks have a form like this scam.
In addition, you have to recruit subordinates  (such as multi-level) to  register via your link, upgrade membership and do the same as you, you will get a commission. This is the reason that you will see a lot of other people introduce about PTC only for the purpose of finding subscribers through the link. If you encounter these situations, stay away.

2. PTU (PAID TO UPLOAD) - Make money by uploading documents

This is the way you share documents on networks, when someone downloads documents you will receive money.
I used to make some money with PTU a little bit, but if I want to make a lot of money, I have to have tricks and share documents related to copyright. But when you share copyright materials, you are violating the law. And networks may also  not pay you  when your documents share copyright infringement.
I played PTU for a short time and realized this problem and I stopped. If you want to find a document sharing form to receive money, think about creating a personal product and then selling it, you can earn a lot more than PTU.

3. OFFER - Pretend to be an American in a survey

The Offer is a form of pretending to be a foreigner (usually US), with a name, age, personal information such as an address, phone number ... and you also assume an IP address from that country. You then get these FAKE information to register for incentives from websites (Many US websites reward users for registering, conducting surveys, filling out forms ...).
For me, this is no different than you are cheating on others, and if they find out, your account will be banned and they will  not pay the previous money to you .
If someone tells you to make an offer according to the instructions, you should not participate because this is a FAKE form, dishonest, you also earn very little.

4. Survey (Survey) / Read promotional emails

Survey is that you will have to sit the survey of companies to receive a few thousand dong. Reading promotional emails is almost the same, you sign up and open emails daily to read the ads, follow the instructions ...
This is also an MMO but the money you earn is  LITTLE , you shouldn't waste time doing things like this and there are also many fraudulent companies that don't pay you.

5. HYIP (Super profitable investment - there is no profit at all)

You have heard any form of money that you do not need to do, just recharge and wait for high interest rates. Secret words make many people lose this investment.
Remember the rules of a HYIP site like this: First pay for prestige => When many people join it will flare money and you lose it. This is a very dangerous form of investment, you should not participate.

6. BETTING / GAMBLING - Gambling, online betting

This is not an MMO, but many of you want to participate, Betting and Gambling are forms of gambling, playing LOTO ... If you join these forms, it is no different from bringing you money to gamble in real life. In real life, it is a fraud to just hit the online system ... So be careful, not tempted.

7. BINARY OPTION / FOREX - Securities

These forms involve securities, if you are new and uninformed, do not choose, otherwise there is a very high risk.
Good luck!
Source: Kiem Tien Center .
PayPal has always been the international payment method used by many to receive commissions from foreign companies. Easy to use but using PayPal also comes with a lot of nuisances such as being vulnerable to limits, locking accounts and high costs.
With the advent of  Payoneer , now it's easier, more convenient, and more cost-effective to receive payments from foreign companies than PayPal. It takes about 2 hours to reach the account and you can withdraw directly to the bank account US (time received on the day) or withdraw money directly at the ATM with the visa icon across the country.
Payoneer Subscription Receives $ 25 Free
Payoneer is supported by Amazon, Teespring / Viralstyle / Teechip / Sunfrogshirt / Teezily, ClickBank, CJ / Linkshares / Shareasale, Airbnb, Fiverr / Upwork ... and over 3,500 other partners so you almost  make money online Payoneer to receive money.
Payoneer has many support policies for the user, one of which is the VIP account . When you receive a large monthly payment on your Payoneer account, you will be upgraded to a VIP with a reduced fee for withdrawals, special withdrawals, and more ..
The only condition is that you must receive> = $ 1000 from any Payoneer partner. The $ 25 fee will automatically be added to your account after 1-2 weeks of eligibility.
The account registration Payoneer  completely free , operation is extremely simple implementation.

I. Payoneer registration instructions

If the interface does not appear in US, in the "Select your language" section at the top right, select US.
1. Visit the promotional link , scroll down and click the Subscribe & Get $ 25 *
Payoneer Subscription Receives $ 25 Free
Enter the personal information as requested and click  CONTINUE
Fill in detailed and accurate contact information and press  CONTINUE
Dang ky Payoneer B2
  • Registration information must be accurate and specific to further verify the information and receive the card later. 1 person registering multiple accounts will be locked out.
  • Address: 2 lines, no more than 30 characters each. The above line is not enough to write down the line.
  • City: city name.
  • Postal / Zip Code: now 6 digits, see the new Zip Code / Postal Code.
  • Cellphone: country code +84, phone number you omit 0 at the beginning.
Enter your account information and security and click  CONTINUE
Note: The wrong ID will be blocked later. Password of at least 7 characters and include at least 1 number.
5. Fill in your bank account information and click CALL  to finish.
  • All information recorded in English or US without accent.
  • Bank Name: You can search fast.
  • Branch Name: where you register your bank account. Can contact the bank to ask for sure.
  • Account Name: your name or relative (later need to validate the relationship).
  • SWIFT / BIC: refer to this list .
Immediately after linking your bank, your registration has been completed. Please wait for Payoneer to view and browse your account. You can contact Customer Care at any time to check the status of your account.
About a few days after, you'll receive an email with something like this:
That means you have finished Step 1: Sign up . You can now log into your Payoneer account at  with the following information:
  • Username:  Payoneer registered email
  • Password:  enter at registration
When logging in to Payoneer, you will be asked to create the remaining 2 security questions  (ie, a total of 3 sentences & do not forget to save for later password change, withdrawal, money transfer Payoneer will ask you to pay words for these questions). This time, you can not do more with your Payoneer account because the registration request is still in the process of browsing.
You may receive an email asking for a photo ID authentication at this step, or after requesting a card. Please click on the Upload Documents link in the email received, fill in the necessary information as below and then upload the picture is complete.

II. Request a Payoneer Card

The Payoneer card allows you to use it to pay online or to withdraw cash directly from ATMs with a visa logo. Placing a card and receiving a card is free, but you need to consider some things before making a decision:
  • You do not need a card to withdraw money directly into your bank account, it is cheaper to withdraw at ATM and have better rates. Time received in the morning, morning withdrawn always received!
  • Using the card will cost you an annual $ 29.95.
  • The cost of using the card when paying online or withdraw money at ATM plants is quite large.
Therefore, if you do not really need it, you should not ask what the Payoneer card does. Refer to this article for more information.
As soon as your application is approved, log into your My Account page and place your Payoneer card.
The card will be delivered to your home address registered with DHL service, the time may take 1 to 2 months depending on the location. To track the process of shipping your card, please refer to this article .
This step is complete, you can receive money from the partners of Payoneer then. Still have not received the card Payoneer Mastercard but you already have an account to receive money US . See the step-by-step guide.
After receiving the card, please login to your Payoneer account using your registered email and password and follow the attached instructions to activate the card. See more Payoneer card activation video .

III. Get US bank account information to get money on Payoneer

To receive money in your Payoneer account, you will need to provide US bank information. To get the account information, select Receive / Global Payment Service from the menu.
All your Payoneer information will be displayed here, some important information to use such as:
  1. Bank Name
  2. Routing (ABA) or Bank Routing Number
  3. Account Number
  4. Account Type
  5. Beneficiary Name
You fill out the payment section of the site to receive money through Payoneer.
All instructions for Payoneer account registration, card receipt and use is so complete. Wish you money to load up.
Click on the following link to start your Payoneer account !
Hi, In a recent article cuong has shared with you how to make money with Brave Publisher Program.
** Note that if you have not read the article how  to make money with Brave Publisher Program, cuong recommends that you return to this article to understand and access to this article easier.
Quick summary part 1: Basically Brave is a web browser  similar to Google's Chrome or Cocoa, Firefox, Opera ... But the strength of Brave is the priority of protecting user privacy. When you use Brave to browse the web, it will never be bothered by ads, Brave is also faster than Chrome, more secure than other browsers because of the use of decentralized decentralization technology. .
Also a strong point is that Brave has a bonus mechanism for both browser users and content publishers.
So if you are a blogger or you own a website then you can sign up for the Brave Publisher Program. From there, anyone using the Brave browser to access your website / blog will receive a bonus.
The bonus is an electronic money coin called Basic Attention Token (BAT) by the Brave Foundation itself and is being traded on most international bourses.
And here is the number of BAT that cuong received in the past, has been transferred to the account Uphold.
brave brave bravi
Get 128 BAT through the Brave Publisher Program
*** Note: The number of BATs you receive will be valid from time to time depending on the market. For example, in the image above 128 BAT at cuong this article costs about $ 24. However, this price may go up or down in the future, monitor the price BAT HERE.
In this part 2 , due to complicated operation for those who are not familiar with the field of electronic money so cuong will guide you how to convert this BAT bonus amount into real money (VND) or You can also keep the BAT price up for sale. You can even convert BAT into Bitcoin ...
With the experience of Cuong, you should keep the BAT because Basically BAT is one of 10 potential electronic coins should keep and invest in long time.
Of course you will also have the following choices:
  • You can completely switch from BAT to Bitcoin and keep it for a long time
  • Convert BAT to Bitcoin, ETH, XRP ... and then sell for VND


By participating in the Brave Publisher Program you will receive a BAT rebate, although they allow you to convert this BAT into USD, Bitcoin, Etherum ... supported in your Uphold account.
Make Money with brave
Just click on "Change" in the Uphold account. Then select the currency you want to convert.
Previously, Cuong chose to transfer BAT into USD for the purpose of withdrawing to Payoneer account. However, after checking, Vietnam is not currently among the supported countries , and Payoneer has not accepted the money. related to crypto (electronic money)
Therefore, Cuong decided to keep the BAT for a long time.
You can choose to convert BAT into USD, BTC, ETH ... or the electronic currency you want. If you choose a conversion type, later that amount will be automatically converted into your uphold account.
uphold this
Ok, in this section you can fully install and choose to keep the BAT or convert it to USD, EUR or any coin you want and keep it for a long time and when you feel like selling it. Out on the trading floor.
If you need cash immediately, you can withdraw coin from your uphold account to the spot to sell for VND. In Vietnam, you can transfer BAT to Bitmon for VND, and some other exchanges like Remitano , Alinex ...


All income from Brave Publisher Program will be transferred to your Uphold account.
At Uphold you can:
kay tien voi brave publisher progame
You can also transfer your existing funds into electronic funds using the "SEND to Cryptocurrency or Utilize Token"
As mentioned above, Cuong wants to keep the BAT, so Cuong chooses the "Basic Attention Token (BAT)" to transfer the entire Uphold balance to BAT and transfer it to a wallet on the exchange.
You can also choose other electronic currencies like BTC, DASH, ETH LTC ... as shown below.
uphold this
Ok Cuong will transfer to a BAT wallet on the floor, get this address by pressing "Deposit"
Note: The wallet balance is currently only 55 BAT
Go back to Uphold, and transfer 105 BAT to your wallet address.
After clicking "CONFIRM" , this BAT number will be sent and USD balance in Uphold account will decrease accordingly.
Then about 1 minute Cuong received 105 BAT was transferred to the wallet.
Note: Your wallet balance increases to 160 BAT
Ok so Cuong has successfully transferred the money from Uphold to BAT on the external wallet to store and when BAT prices rise (or need cash) Cuong will sell. 😉
** Note that you can keep this balance on the account Uphold also, Cuong manipulation is to show you the process.
In the future if Payoneer accept payments from electronic money, you can completely withdraw money from Uphold bank account in USD, EUR, GBP ....
ruth tu uphold ve payoneer


So with this article Cuong hopes you have seen that you can make money with the Brave publishing program. Most importantly, making money is completely passive.
Basically you need to do the following: