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To synchronize and convert data on your phone, you must use paid or free tools but must accept advertising (this is obvious). Today, I would like to introduce a completely free application  EaseUS MobiMover Free . Although it's free, you can still use most of the most common functions.
  • 1. Main features of EaseUS MobiMover Free
  • 2. Download EaseUS MobiMover Free
  • 3. Install EaseUS MobiMover Free
  • 4. Sync data conversion with EaseUS MobiMover Free
1. Main features of EaseUS MobiMover Free
- Professional data conversion for iPhone followers, easy data management on iPhone, iPad, fast and convenient transfer speed 
- With the free version, you can use most of the necessary functions such as backup, data entry, data conversion and content management on iPhone, iPad with PC 
- Can import data from iPhone, iPad to computer, synchronize data between two devices, transfer data from iPhone to PC with just one click 
- Own professional design, user friendly 
2. Download  EaseUS MobiMover Free

– Link tải EaseUS MobiMover Free
– Link tải EaseUS MobiMover Free Homepage

3. Install EaseUS MobiMover Free
- Simple installation, just download and double click on the installation file and click Next and OK to complete the installation program.
4. Sync data conversion with  EaseUS MobiMover Free
- After installation, you start the program. 4.1 Transfer data from PC to iPhone / iPad 
MobiMover - Data conversion tool between iOS and PC
  + Then select  Transfer to this device  and click on the conversion option. 
  + Select files and folders that you need to move onto iOS devices. 
  +  Confirm the data you want to transfer, click the  Transfer  button to transfer.
4.2. Convert data between iOS and iOS devices
MobiMover - Data conversion tool between iOS and PC
- You select the data you want to move, or select it all by selecting on Sellec All or selecting the required portions. In case you need to transfer data related to Contacts, Notes, Bookmark, ... remember to turn off iCloud. - Next, select the target device and click the Transfer button to proceed with the data transfer. 
4.3  Transfer data from iOS device to PC
MobiMover - Data conversion tool between iOS and PC
Similarly, you choose to go to PCfer to PC
And select the data you want to move, select the destination of the data and select Transfer to finish.
- Currently, there are a lot of software that supports moving, copying, ... for iOS with PC and vice versa however with  EaseUS MobiMover Free you can consider to have more options for yourself.
In addition, you can refer to  EaseUS MobiSaver Pro
Microsoft Office 2019 is the most popular and used office application software today. 
Main functions of  Microsoft Office 2019 
Download Microsoft Office 2019

- New additions and improved ink functions such as sensitivity, tilting effect, repetition ink 
- Excel formulas and new graphs for more professional data analysis 
- Features vivid animations like Morph, Zoom to make PowerPoint presentations more vivid 
Link download x86 and x64 installer
- Download  Microsoft Office 2019 (x86 and x64) FShare
Download is complete, you can use Winrar to extract a separate folder or the same name as the downloaded file and double-click on OInstall.exe to proceed with the installation. 
Download Microsoft Office 2019

Choose or deselect the part you need to install and then choose Install Office
Download Microsoft Office 2019

Wait a few minutes for installation to complete, you can use Offices 2019 already. 
If you have a key, you can use the key below 
- You can refer to the article about Office 365 Education Account Registration With OneDrive 5TB Free
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Teamviewer 14 is currently the number one software for connecting and controlling remote computers, the ability to connect to any system from around the world.
You can both do professional work and chat and chat with others. Teamviewer is especially useful for the convenience of administrators, communication and customer guides to help you save time and improve work efficiency.
How to Reset ID TeamViewer 14

It can be said, since  Teamviewer  appeared, the support of accessing and controlling remote computers has become much simpler, helping you to interact and collaborate with others in exchanging and sharing information. information, instructions for using application software or fixing computer errors.
Imagine, when you have Teamviewer, you can gather many people from all distances to the same space and everything you need as right in front of you, you don't waste your time or energy as before.
Teamviewer 14 helps you focus better at work and does not leave outstanding work when you can solve all problems remotely. We often say that when technology grows and goes away, the distance between people will be shortened.
This is to show that you can be fully seated and still work and interact with others effectively without having to spend a lot of time preparing, walking, or other complex operations. Currently Teamviewer is being used by many small and large businesses, allowing businesses to close the gap and get closer to their customers.
Teamviewer 14 works on many different platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, universal Windows platform and BlackBerry. Users can connect PC to PC, from PC to mobile and from mobile to mobile, from outdated operating system versions to modern system versions without complex configuration steps. Junk, can operate after the firewall and automatically detect the proxy.
Comes with connectivity features including instant messaging, offline messaging, group chat in a safe environment for better interpersonal and group interaction.
Teamviewer 14 uses efficient bandwidth for fast data transfer, hardware acceleration technology provides an optimal user experience when connecting and routing.
Besides security features with AES end-to-end encryption (256 bits), random password for one-time access, RSA / private key exchange use 204. If you assign device to Teamviewer account provided, it sends a warning to you about disk space, Windows update status, virus protection and Windows firewall.
Teamviewer 14 will create a policy set to enforce, changes in installation policies are automatically applied to all devices. Teamviewer can connect multiple devices at the same time with modern tabbed windows for users to easily manipulate.
Regarding the speed, the stability of the connection and the ability to display images on other machines,  Teamviewer  is highly appreciated, than its current rival, UltraViewer. Besides, Teamviewer also supports user account control, direct LAN connection via TCP / IP and virtual private network.
Teamviewer supports turning on or restarting a remote computer within a local area network or through a router in safe mode, performing copying and pasting files, photos or documents from one computer to another. via clipboard is synchronized.
Users can easily send a combination of special keys to the remote device ignoring operating system differences. Connection settings can be saved for group use. Teamviewer also generates reports that come and go to show who did what, when and for how long.
About meeting and presentation features, Teamviewer 14 is quite an effective tool when you need to schedule, organize and send invitations for meetings, and create an online meeting right away through Outlook calendar.
In particular, Teamviewer also dispensed the right to distinguish between meeting organizers, presenters and participants. VoIP chat features, video conferencing and telephone conferencing are all supported when interacting and communicating in meetings.
You can use the key to control the number of new participants. On the screen sharing feature, you can share the whole or just select the application's window to share.
Users can use the API to integrate Teamviewer into applications, support computer access, create report contacts, manage users, policy deployment and session management; or integrate Teamviewer into mobile applications by sharing the screen of SDK for Android and iOS mobile. Chat feature from the Web browser environment is fully equipped and maximum support for users.

New features of TeamViewer 14

New quality benchmark

  • Better quality for low bandwidth : So you can connect TeamViewer anywhere.
  • Reasonable server infrastructure : To increase stability and uptime.
  • Improve connection quality : Provide better global connection speed.

Outstanding performance

  • TeamViewer Pilot : Solve problems outside the screen with augmented reality.
  • Customize device information : Let you get all the relevant information in your hand.
  • Advanced equipment group : For easier sorting and quick reference.
  • Execute commands with one click : Perform repeating processes with one click.
  • Enhance accessibility to customer support : Provide more efficient services to increase customer satisfaction.

Better availability

  • Dark Mode : Increases concentration while reducing eye strain.
  • New design : Enjoy a clear, more effective TeamViewer experience.
  • New iOS screen sharing process : The first solution for iOS support is far better than before.

Security priority

  • Reliable device management : More management options for optimal protection.
  • Made in Germany : Trust is built upon the highest safety standards.
  • GDPR compliance
However, if you use TeamViewer for a while, if your TeamViewer server system is used too many times, you will be listed for commercial use. Your session will reduce connection time. This is inconvenient, affecting your own work.
TeamViewer 14 Reset ID is a solution to overcome this situation. TeamViewer manages users with  Your ID. This ID number is unique, does not overlap with any machine. Team Viewer will control your session based on  Your ID .
Previously, when you wanted to continue using TeamViewer  , you had to reinstall the operating system to get  your new ID  . However,  TeamViewer 14 Reset ID never expires will help you solve this problem.
Link download  TeamViewer 14 Reset ID never expires:  Download

Password decompress  TeamViewer 14 Reset ID never expires :
When downloading  TeamViewer 14 Reset ID never expires  , you will extract two files
How to Reset ID TeamViewer 14 does not expire
For TeamViewer_Setup.exe file  , you install normally.
How to Reset ID TeamViewer 14 does not expire
When you need  Reset ID for TeamViewer 14 , you run TVTools_AlterID.exe file  , select  Free  and click  Start.After running, the software will successfully report. 
How to Reset ID TeamViewer 14 does not expire

Good luck.
Currently the latest teamviewer software has been updated to version 14, a very annoying thing is that older versions cannot support higher versions. 

By default, users who download the homepage will download the latest version. This makes it difficult for those who support support when using lower version for copyright reasons
Reset ID Teamviewer 14
Normally you can use teamviewer 14 But I like to use the tool to reset the teamviewer ID. This article tips - the software will guide you to use the tool to reset the teamviewer id 14 , with this tool your teamviewer ID will be reset and the software will continue to use the full function as the version Free trial or free version. 

Download teamviewer 14 and tool reset ID:

You can download teamviewer 14 from the homepage:

Download tool reset id teamviewer 14: Link Google | Link Fshare | Link HotFile
Instructions for resetting teamviewer id 14

After downloading the tool reset ID teamviewer 14 to you to extract and run the software as administrator

Select Trial or Free and press start
If the software requires pointing the path to the installation location of teamviewer 14, then you should follow the following path: 

For computers running win 32bit C: Program Files TeamViewer 
For computers running Win 64bit C: Program Files (x86) TeamViewer 
Wait for the reset ID teamviewer 14 to complete and select End 

So you've reset the teamviewer id 14 successfully and using it is no longer limited to 5 minutes when the trial expires half. 

Note that after a period of using the software will report expiration of the trial, you just run the tool again to reset ID. 

After resetting teamviewer id 14, you will use the full function of the software, fix the limit error of 5 minutes when remote, fix teamview error of expiry date, remote support many sessions ....

TVTools AlterID v2.0 is a small and completely free tool that allows you to reset TeamViewer IDs. TVTools AlterID has 3 re-ordering options: Trial (Free 7-Day Trial), Free (Limit Features Include Ads) and Delete (Returns Original ID).
2 Ebooks learn webserver-nginx for free
What is Nginx?
Book 1: Nginx HTTP Server, 2nd Edition
Book 2: Mastering Nginx
2 Ebooks learn webserver-nginx for free
What is Nginx ?
As you know today, most web servers run Apache. However, with the development pace of technology, developers have constantly developed to optimize their websites by improving web server performance to meet human needs.

According to a thirst, there have been many web servers born in the past few years including Nginx , Nginx is a Russian product. The speed is quite good, has higher performance than Apache and mainly supports open source websites such as wordpress, joompla and forum forums.

Nginx runs well on Linux operating systems, Unix is ​​important that you like any operating system, run that operating system. Usually nginx runs well on Debian. Next is Centos and finally Ubuntu. -> Set this according to your subjective evaluation only.

Compare with apache:

Ram: (memory Usage)
What is nginx
What is nginx

Request Per Second:

What is nginx

You are studying nginx web-server, you can download these 2 books, this is one of the best 2 study and research books.

Book 1: Nginx HTTP Server, 2nd Edition
In this book you will learn all about Nginx , from how nginx works, how to build a website running on Nginx, how to optimize nginx and how to configure the source code. Open running on nginx.

Book 2: Mastering Nginx
This book will help you more than you need, as well as this booklet will help you expand Nginx's capabilities, improve your productivity and develop Nginx your way, Do things Advanced correction, automatic detection and correction.

In addition, if you need other books related to the web server, you can contact me by sending a request to me, and I will assist you in finding books related to the topic.

- Made from the official Microsoft installer released on May 1, has integrated the latest update in July 2018. OS Build 17134.112 
- Took off the entire Windows App except Microsoft Edge to make Windows lighter. Can reinstall these applications via Store, reinstall Store with the installation file in C: Extra with instructions 
- Integrated .NET Frameword 3.5 
- Have basic applications installed: Microsoft Office 2016 VL (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook), Foxit Reader, Google Chrome 67, Internet Download Manager 6.30.10, CCleaner 5.43, Teamviewer 13, Revo Uninstaller Pro, WinRar, 7zip, StartIsBack 2.6.2 ... 
- Also installed Set up Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005 - 2017, DirectX library, ~ 300 basic fonts, ... 
- Basic tweaks
- Built-in digital Windows 10 permanent activation tool (network connection only) 


(GHOST / ISO) Windows 10 Version 1803 Summer 2018 Lite Build 17134.112

(GHOST / ISO) Windows 10 Version 1803 Summer 2018 Lite Build 17134.112

(GHOST / ISO) Windows 10 Version 1803 Summer 2018 Lite Build 17134.112

Download Windows 10 Version 1803 Summer 2018 Lite Build 17134.112


Win10_Pro_1803_17134.112_x64_Summer_Lite_2018.tib (5.61 GB)
SHA-1: 1E1811F84F4687682114EB081D862902BF1E742B

Win10_Pro_1803_17134.112_x64_Summer_Lite_2018.GHO (5.80 GB)
SHA-1: FC908D78D274382844EAF61BAACC8ABEB56D3EEA

Win10_Pro_1803_17134.112_x64_Summer_Lite_2018.iso (4.59 GB)
SHA-1: C404D1880594CCE16A30720D19DE536C502E6A16

Win10_Pro_1803_17134.112_x32_Summer_Lite_2018.GHO (4.16 GB)
SHA-1: A2557B11DF3339A8FCE4C4D5EC87448269785B6F

Win10_Pro_1803_17134.112_x32_Summer_Lite_2018.iso (3.57 GB)
SHA-1: 066C72E2B18628327F22C6879CBEC447CBFC4520