Removing unnecessary Jetpack CSS out of WordPress website helps reduce page-size and increase load speed.

As you know, Jetpack is one of the versatile plugins that helps integrate many useful features into WordPress website . WP Basic already has a series to guide how to use the Jetpack plugin with the most popular modules. And because of the versatility, Jetpack is quite cumbersome and heavy, especially when you don't know how to turn off unused modules. But even if you turn off unused modules, Jetpack still increases the website's CSS capacity. Why so?
Remove Jetpack CSS

Overview of installing and using the Jetpack plugin
Prevent Jetpack from creating additional records in the database options table
Why do you need to remove Jetpack CSS?
Not only equipped with separate CSS files for each module, Jetpack also aggregates them into one file and loads directly on the front-end. Therefore, even if you have turned off the module, its CSS is still present on the website. So of course, our job now is to immediately remove this "big" CSS file of Jetpack to help reduce page-size, the number of requests and make the website load faster.

How to remove Jetpack CSS?
For Jetpack 6.9 and later
Very simple! All you need to do is insert the following code at the end functions.phpof the theme file (or child theme) that you are using.

add_filter ('jetpack_sharing_counts', '__return_false', 99);
add_filter ('jetpack_implode_frontend_css', '__return_false', 99);
view raw functions.php hosted with ❤ by GitHub
For Jetpack 6.8.1 and earlier
If you are using Jetpack old version (from 6.8.1 and earlier), replace it with the following code. Remember to delete the lines of code that are similar to each module you are using to retain them.

// First, make sure Jetpack doesn't concatenate all its CSS
add_filter ('jetpack_implode_frontend_css', '__return_false');
// Then, remove each CSS file, one at a time
function jeherve_remove_all_jp_css () {
  wp_deregister_style ('AtD_style'); // After the Deadline
  wp_deregister_style ('jetpack_likes'); // Likes
  wp_deregister_style ('jetpack_related-posts'); // Related Posts
  wp_deregister_style ('jetpack-carousel'); // Carousel
  wp_deregister_style ('grunion.css'); // Grunion contact form
  wp_deregister_style ('the-neverending-homepage'); // Infinite Scroll
  wp_deregister_style ('infinity-twentyten'); // Infinite Scroll - Twentyten Theme
  wp_deregister_style ('infinity-twentyeleven'); // Infinite Scroll - Twentyeleven Theme
  wp_deregister_style ('infinity-twentytwelve'); // Infinite Scroll - Twentytwelve Theme
  wp_deregister_style ('noticons'); // Notes
  wp_deregister_style ('post-by-email'); // Post by Email
  wp_deregister_style ('publicize'); // Publicize
  wp_deregister_style ('sharedaddy'); // Sharedaddy
  wp_deregister_style ('sharing'); // Sharedaddy Sharing
  wp_deregister_style ('stats_reports_css'); // Stats
  wp_deregister_style ('jetpack-widgets'); // Widgets
  wp_deregister_style ('jetpack-slideshow'); // Slideshows
  wp_deregister_style ('presentations'); // Presentation shortcode
  wp_deregister_style ('jetpack-subscriptions'); // Subscriptions
  wp_deregister_style ('tiled-gallery'); // Tiled Galleries
  wp_deregister_style ('widget-conditions'); // Widget Visibility
  wp_deregister_style ('jetpack_display_posts_widget'); // Display Posts Widget
  wp_deregister_style ('gravatar-profile-widget'); // Gravatar Widget
  wp_deregister_style ('widget-grid-and-list'); // Top Posts widget
  wp_deregister_style ('jetpack-widgets'); // Widgets
add_action ('wp_print_styles', 'jeherve_remove_all_jp_css');
view raw functions.php hosted with ❤ by GitHub
If you don't know how to open a file functions.phpor simply fear making a theme error, please refer to the article " Create functions.php file to insert custom WordPress code ".

Finally, delete the website cache (and CSS cache, JS if available) and check the results using tools like GTmetrix or Pingdom (see page-size). It's simple, right? Good luck!

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Similar to the 404 Not Found , 400 Bad Request error is also an HTTP status code indicating the request to send to the website server, usually requiring a web page to be downloaded, wrong or interrupted and the server does not understand this request.

Bad Request 400 error often has different messages on each website, below is a list of some common error message types:
400 Bad Request error

  • 400 Bad Request
  • Bad Request. Accessed by the browser of a request cannot authenticate this machine.
  • Bad Request - Invalid URL
  • HTTP Error 400 - Bad Request
  • Bad Request: Error 400
  • HTTP Error 400. The hostname request illegal.
  • 400 - Bad request. The server request cannot be authenticated due to the malformed command. Users should not be defining requirements without conditions.
  • Interface 400 Bad Request error message

400 Bad Request error appears inside the web browser window. This error can appear on any operating system and browser.

For example, Internet Explorer , the message message The webpage cannot be found is assigned to the 400 Bad Request error. The IE title bar indicates HTTP 400 Bad Request or similar notification.

Windows Updates also reports an HTTP 400 error but displays it as an error code 0x80244016 or with the message WU_E_PT_HTTP_STATUS_BAD_REQUEST.

Error 400 is reported with the path in the Microsoft Office application that often appears as a server return error: (400) Bad Request in a small pop-up window on the screen.

The cause of the 400 Bad Request error
Error 400 often occurs when entering or pasting the wrong URL in the address bar, sometimes a few common errors that many users encounter.

Note: web servers running Microsoft IIS often provide more specific information about the cause of the 400 Bad Request error by adding a digital suffix behind 400 error, such as HTTP Error 400.1 - Bad Request, ie Error Invalid Destination Header.

Error message 400

How to fix 400 Bad Request error
Check for errors in the URL
The main cause of error 400 is the wrong entry of the URL or clicking the wrong link from another source, such as articles, documents ... Usually this is a typing error.

You only need to check the directories following the main domain name (separated by /), unused characters in the URL, special characters ...

Delete browser cookies
When you encounter a 400 Bad Request error with Google services, many sites will report a 400 error when the cookie reads data that is corrupt or obsolete.

Delete DNS cookies
The DNS cookie deletion will fix the 400 Bad Request error if the DNS record stored on the computer is outdated. To do this, simply enter ipconfig / flushdns from the Command Prompt window. Note that this operation is not the same as deleting the browser cache.

Clear the browser cache
The cache containing the copy of the website's error that you are trying to access may cause 400 errors. Although clearing the cache is unlikely to completely fix the 400 error, it is also an option you should not ignore because of the fact. does quite fast and easy.

Diagnose errors
Users can choose to diagnose errors right on the notification, similar to the 504 Gateway Timeout error, although this error is usually reported as 400 Bad Request.

In other rare cases, 2 servers take too long to connect to each other (Gateway Timeout error) but cannot fix this 504 error, you can report the error as 400 Bad Request.

Check the file upload size
When uploading the file to the website and encountering this error, the possibility of error 400 is due to the file being too large and denied by the server.

Check computer or network connection
If you encounter 400 error in most wesbite access, the cause may be computer or Internet connection. Run network speed tests and check with your network service provider to make sure everything works well.

Contact the website administrator
If the problem is not on your side, contact your website administrator for assistance. This not only helps you get access to the webpage soon but is also useful information for the website management team.

There is a trick, if all websites are stuck with 400 Bad Request errors, look on Twitter for hashtag #websitedown, #facebookdown or #gmaildown . There will be other users reporting this error and you can refer to how to fix the error in the comment section.

If the above methods are not really effective, do not waste time downloading and reloading the website. Please come back at another time, maybe the 400 error will disappear?
MySQL is the world's most popular open source free database management system and is popular among developers during application development. Because MySQL is a high-speed, stable, and easy-to-use database, it is portable, works on multiple operating systems that provide a large system of very powerful utility functions. With high speed and security, MySQL is suitable for applications that access databases on the internet.

What is the database?

A Database is a separate application that stores a data set. Each database has one or more separate APIs to create, access, manage, search, and replicate the data it holds.
Some other types of data stores can be used, such as files on file systems or large Hash Tables, but data capture and recording cannot be quick and easy with these types of data stores. systems.
So, today, we use Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) to store and manage large amounts of data. It is called a relational database, because all data is stored in different data tables and relationships established by using Primary Key and some other keys. known as Foreign Key.
relational database management system (RDBMS) is a software that:
  • Gives you the ability to deploy a Database with data tables, columns (columns), and indexes (Index).
  • Ensure that the Referential Integrity (can translate as relationship integrity) between the various rows and tables.
  • Automatically update the index.
  • Interpret an SQL query and combine information from different tables.


Before going into the MySQL database system concept, let's review some database related definitions:
  • Database: A database is a collection of data tables, with related data.
  • Data table: A table is a data matrix. A table in a database looks like a simple spreadsheet.
  • Column: A column contains the same data type, such as a customer name.
  • Item: A row (row, entry, record) is a group of related data.
  • Redundancy: (can be interpreted as redundant data) Data is stored twice, to make the system faster.
  • Primary Key: A Primary Key is unique. A key value cannot appear twice in a table. With a key, you can find the majority on a row.
  • Foreign Key: You imagine Foreign Key as a pin between two tables.
  • Compound Key: A Compound Key (or composite key) is a key that consists of multiple columns, because a column is not unique.
  • Index: An index in a database similar to the index in a book.
  • Referential Integrity: Make sure that a Foreign Key value always points to an existing row.

What is MySQL?

MySQL is a fast and easy to use RDBMS. MySQL is being used for many large and small businesses. MySQL developed, published, supported by MySQL AB, is a Swedish company. MySQL has become quite popular for many reasons:
  • MySQL is open code. So, to use it, you don't have to spend a penny.
  • MySQL is a very powerful program.
  • MySQL uses a standard form of well-known data language that is SQL.
  • MySQL works on many operating systems and in many languages ​​such as PHP, PERL, C, C ++, Java, ...
  • MySQL works fast and healthy even with large data sets.
  • MySQL is very friendly with PHP, a very valuable language to learn about Web development.
  • MySQL supports large databases, up to 50 million rows or more in a table. The default file size is limited to 4 GB, but you can increase this size (if your operating system can handle it) to reach the theoretical limit of 8 TB.
  • MySQL is adjustable. Open source GPL licenses allow programmers to modify MySQL software to suit their specific environment.
MMO stands for "Make Money Online", also known as making money online. This is the job you use a computer or phone (mostly computer) with an Internet connection to do the work in the end to earn money.
Make Money Online

Is MMO real?

You are puzzled, doubts about working online can you get money?
Making money at home is absolutely true, many large and small companies will pay you if you do something that benefits their online marketing or become partners with them, no matter who you are. What level, just you can afford it. Here are 2 very simple examples of MMO:
  • When you place Google ads on your website and have readers click on ads, Google Adsense will pay you.
  • You can find and sell products in the form of affiliate marketing on Clickbank, when someone buys through your separate link, you will get very high commission.
These are just 2 of many different MMO forms. And the example below is the payment result of - an advertising network Popunder .
There are many forms of reputable MMO, but there are no lacking forms, and you make very little, even cheating. Make the right choice when deciding to make money online.

MMO forms should be involved

There are many different forms of MMO, so you should consider carefully the ability, credibility and long-term of these forms, below I will introduce you to some forms to participate:

1. Make money by developing websites

This is the most popular form of making money online, with website development you can get many different ways of MMO such as:
  • Place ads from networks:  Example Google Adsense, Chitika, PropellerAds ... or contract ads between you and the ad buyer. If you have good visits, many people will contact you.
  • Sell ​​your own products:  You can make websites, relevant content about products you have and navigate readers to buy your own products.
  • Selling other people's products for affiliate marketing:  This is an MMO form that is very HOT because you do not need to create products to sell but just promote other people's products with a very high commission rate. High, even 100% commission.

2. Make money with Affiliate Marketing

As mentioned above, affiliate is very potential and can give you a huge income. You don't need to have the skills to create products that you can promote other people's products. Here are some TYPES OF TYPICAL MMOs that belong to affiliate marketing that I recommend to join.
  • Make money with Product Launch: You can start with this way to get the skills to make web, choose products, promote, basic SEO at the beginning to have core knowledge, you can join Refer to the article introducing how to make money Launch Product.
  • Make Money with Nichesite: It is a difficult form but can bring a big income. That means you will make a website in a certain niche and then sell affiliate products related to that niche. Amazon is a place where many people often choose to make money with Nichesite because it is almost "all kinds of products".
  • Making money with Authority Site: As a more advanced form of Nichesite, meaning nichesite is difficult, this form is even more difficult (but depending on the niche). This is the way you make a website specializing in a certain field (eg cooking, beauty, gardening ...) and selling related products. There are many people who have successfully built the Authority Site to make money with Clickbank.

3. Make money with selling T-shirts - T-Shirt Business

This form of MMO is only for people with a lot of capital, at least $ 200 or more. Your first job is to design images that can be attached to a shirt  (this step is mostly rented if you don't know the design) . Many websites allow you to upload photos and attach them to a plain shirt, set a price, and you will wear promotional gowns, websites are companies that will take over the shirt and ship them to customers.
The market you are targeting is the US and EU countries because these countries have strong growth in payment, online shopping and when buying T-shirts, they often wear shirts that bring pride, showing affection. their charm. There are many websites that have this kind of business, most prominent are Teespring, Viralstyle, Fabrily, Sunfrogshirt ...

4. Make money by trading products you create yourself

If you have high skills, for example programming skills, writing applications, tools to support others, for example:
  • WordPress theme / plugin
  • Apps, iOS games, Android
  • Software to support Internet Marketing
  • ...
So MMO is a great opportunity for you, you can write software, applications that bring many benefits to users and then promote or cooperate with others to promote your products.
Or if you do not have high skill in programming, you can completely create other products such as Ebook, Training Video ... instructions on anything you think someone will need and start planning promotions. it. However, remember to create real value for customers.

MMO forms should not be involved

In addition to the form of prestigious MMO, so participating in the above mentioned, there are many other forms that you will meet later, but I recommend to stay away. Most of these forms do not require high skill, but the level of risk is quite large and earn very little money.
I will list the options  DO NOT  join this here so that if you meet later, please do not participate.

1. PTC (PAID TO CLICK) - Click the ad

Many websites will pay you when you click the ad. This form is very popular, you may later see a lot of people doing and inviting you to do it. Making money with it is real, but earning it with very little money ($ 0.0x for each click and one day it only gives you a few dozen clicks). If you want to earn more to upgrade your account and hire ref to click for you, pay back after a few months, sometimes lose it because many networks have a form like this scam.
In addition, you have to recruit subordinates  (such as multi-level) to  register via your link, upgrade membership and do the same as you, you will get a commission. This is the reason that you will see a lot of other people introduce about PTC only for the purpose of finding subscribers through the link. If you encounter these situations, stay away.

2. PTU (PAID TO UPLOAD) - Make money by uploading documents

This is the way you share documents on networks, when someone downloads documents you will receive money.
I used to make some money with PTU a little bit, but if I want to make a lot of money, I have to have tricks and share documents related to copyright. But when you share copyright materials, you are violating the law. And networks may also  not pay you  when your documents share copyright infringement.
I played PTU for a short time and realized this problem and I stopped. If you want to find a document sharing form to receive money, think about creating a personal product and then selling it, you can earn a lot more than PTU.

3. OFFER - Pretend to be an American in a survey

The Offer is a form of pretending to be a foreigner (usually US), with a name, age, personal information such as an address, phone number ... and you also assume an IP address from that country. You then get these FAKE information to register for incentives from websites (Many US websites reward users for registering, conducting surveys, filling out forms ...).
For me, this is no different than you are cheating on others, and if they find out, your account will be banned and they will  not pay the previous money to you .
If someone tells you to make an offer according to the instructions, you should not participate because this is a FAKE form, dishonest, you also earn very little.

4. Survey (Survey) / Read promotional emails

Survey is that you will have to sit the survey of companies to receive a few thousand dong. Reading promotional emails is almost the same, you sign up and open emails daily to read the ads, follow the instructions ...
This is also an MMO but the money you earn is  LITTLE , you shouldn't waste time doing things like this and there are also many fraudulent companies that don't pay you.

5. HYIP (Super profitable investment - there is no profit at all)

You have heard any form of money that you do not need to do, just recharge and wait for high interest rates. Secret words make many people lose this investment.
Remember the rules of a HYIP site like this: First pay for prestige => When many people join it will flare money and you lose it. This is a very dangerous form of investment, you should not participate.

6. BETTING / GAMBLING - Gambling, online betting

This is not an MMO, but many of you want to participate, Betting and Gambling are forms of gambling, playing LOTO ... If you join these forms, it is no different from bringing you money to gamble in real life. In real life, it is a fraud to just hit the online system ... So be careful, not tempted.

7. BINARY OPTION / FOREX - Securities

These forms involve securities, if you are new and uninformed, do not choose, otherwise there is a very high risk.
Good luck!
Source: Kiem Tien Center .
Localhost is a term that is mentioned a lot in web design and blogger. So what does this term mean? How does it work? How to install localhost and how to use it? This article will explain and share with you this term.

What is localhost?

Localhost is essentially a webserver including Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin (AMPP) installed on your computer, using your computer's hard drive as a website storage and installation space without purchasing host
Localhost is used to install and test websites on computers to help manipulate and process data faster, not lose too much work and don't worry about losing connections like online hosting.
Since it is located on your own computer, only you can view the website you have installed on localhost that others cannot view.

How does localhost work?

As mentioned above. Localhost is a collection of many software (AMPP) installed on the computer. Depending on the installation packages of different providers, the folders containing installation data may be www or htdocscreated in the localhost installation directory.
By default the path http: // localhost / will point to the www or htdocs directory. When you create a directory at www or htdocs, the path will be http: // localhost / directory-name .
For example, when creating a wordpress directory  in htdocs , the path will be http: // localhost / wordpress .

Use which software to create Localhost?

Currently there are many popular software that can help you easily create localhost. However, I recommend using XAMPP to install localhost because this software is simple and easy to use.
List of software that creates localhost:
jQuery is a new style library of JavaScript, created by John Resig in 2006 with a great motto: Write less, do more - Write less, do more.

Introducing jQuery

jQuery simplifies HTML transmission, event handling, animation and Ajax interaction. With jQuery, the Rapid Web Development concept is no longer strange.
jQuery is a set of JavaScript utility tools that simplify diverse tasks with less code writing. The following lists some of the most important features supported by jQuery:
  • Manipulating the DOM - jQuery makes it easy to select DOM elements to traverse (browse) as easily as using CSS, and edit their content by using the open source Selector media, which is called Sizzle .
  • Event handling - jQuery helps to interact with users better by handling diverse events without making HTML code messy with Event Handler.
  • AJAX support - jQuery helps you a lot to develop a feature-rich and responsive site using AJAX technology.
  • Effects - jQuery comes with a lot of beautiful and varied effects that you can use in your websites.
  • Compact - jQuery is a lightweight library - it is only about 19KB (gzipped).
  • Most supported by modern browsers - jQuery is supported mostly by modern browsers, and works well on IE 6.0+, FF 2.0+, Safari 3.0+, Chrome and Opera 9.0+.
  • Update and support the latest technologies - jQuery supports CSS3 Selector and basic XPath syntax.

How to use jQuery?

The most common way is to use Google Hosted Libraries , just insert the following code into the website:
<script src = "" > </script> 
JQuery syntax for more reference here .
JavaScript is a programming language of HTML and WEB. It is lightweight and most commonly used as part of web pages, but their implementation allows Client-Side scripts to interact with users and create dynamic websites. It is an interpreted programming language with object-oriented capabilities.

Introducing JavaScript

JavaScript was first known as Mocha, and then LiveScript, but Netscape changed its name to JavaScript, because of its popularity as a Java phenomenon at the time. JavaScript first appeared in Netscape 2.0 in 1995 with the name LiveScript. The versatile core of this language has been embedded in Netscape, IE, and other browsers.
The ECMA-262 Specification defines a standard version of the JavaScript language as follows:
  • JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted program language.
  • Designed to create central network applications.
  • Add and integrate with Java.
  • Add and integrate with HTML.
  • Open and multi-platform.

Client-side JavaScript

Client-Side JavaScript is the most popular form of this language. The script should be included in an HTML document for coding to be interpreted by the browser.
This means that a website doesn't need to be a static HTML, but can include programs that interact with users, control the browser, and create dynamic HTML content.
Client-Side JavaScript technology provides many advantages over the CGI Server-Side Script. For example, you can use JavaScript to check if the user has entered a valid email address in a Form field.
JavaScript code is executed when the user submits a Form, and only if all inputs are valid, they will be submitted to the Web Server.
JavaScript can be used to capture user-initiated events such as clicks, link navigation, and other activities that users create.

The advantages of JavaScript

The advantages of using JavaScript are:
  • Less Server interaction: You can confirm user input before sending the page to the Server. This saves server load, meaning that your server loads less.
  • Immediate feedback to visitors: They don't have to wait for a site to reload to see if they forgot to enter something.
  • Increased interoperability: You can create interfaces that react when users hover over them or activate them via the keyboard.
  • Richer interface: You can use JavaScript to include items such as Drag and Drop components (DnD) and sliders (Slider) to provide a Rich Interface to the guest site. your access.

Limitations of JavaScript

We cannot treat JavaScript as a full-fledged program language. It lacks the following important features:
  • Client-side JavaScript does not allow reading and writing files, because of security reasons.
  • JavaScript is not used for networking applications because there are no support available.
  • JavaScript does not have any multi-threading or multi-processing capabilities.
Again, JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted program language that allows you to build interoperability in static HTML pages.