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    Speaking of SEO plugins, there are dozens of plugins supporting SEO. Currently the most popular is still Yoast SEO, but this article is temporarily put it aside. We want to introduce you to a cool version, which is considered more than Yoast versatile SEO so much that is Rank Math.
    It has built-in smart features that are very useful in SEO but you have to use 3 or 4 new plugins to get. The integrated smart features will provide very significant power in your SEO process and save manpower. All operations are done with a few simple mouse clicks.

    This plugin is developed by the MyThemeShop team, so it is integrated with powerful features and long-term trends. The world experts highly appreciate this SEO support plugin.

    Howdid Rank Math defeat his opponents?

    With the integration of these separate features, a plugin is trusted by SEO experts:

    Easy to install:

    Rank Math has been simplified for users who need to install. Rank Math has a guide to installing and setting up step-by-step features for users to easily use perfectly.

    Diversified Google Schema:

    With support for 14 types of code in detail and now configure Schema easily. With a few clicks, you have optimized your post with the appropriate Schema code.

    Maximum keywords:

    Unlike other plugins, Rank Math allows users to optimize 5 keywords focused in one article. Yoast SEO currently only has 1 keyword in the free version.

    Google Search Console integration:

    This idea is very bold, it saves you a lot of time by integrating Google Search Console and displaying important information about your website right inside WordPress.

    Google Keyword Ranking:

    Rank Math support takes advantage of the built-in keyword rankings feature for users.

    Integrate LSI keyword tool:

    Integrating this LSI keyword analysis tool makes it easy to transform key words into long-term keywords that increase traffic.

    Social sharing icons integrated right into the image:

    Rank Math is a very interesting feature which is to add social share icons to Gifs and Videos on posts.

    SEO analysis tool:

    With just one click, Rank Math can audit your entire website and give you advice.

    40 SEO checklist:

    Rank Math is entirely based on supercharge SEO. It allows checking up to 40 elements to check before posting or website.

    Smart navigation management:

    This Rank Math program will help you create, manage, delete, turn on or turn off navigation with a large scale.

    Local Business SEO:

    This feature is integrated to make your website stand out in SERP and attract more traffic when having local queries.

    Optimize Breadcrumbs:

    Rank Math can optimize Breadcrumbs on all websites even if the theme does not support it.

    404 Monitor:

    Rank Math has a built-in feature that helps you find and resolve 404 errors for a better user experience.

    Smart internal link:

    Smart Rank Math will suggest your other posts to link internally from the current post. This feature helps your website improve its ranking.

    Management role:

    Even if you have many employees managing your website. You can control exactly what each employee accesses to manage your website.

    Only 30,000 lines of code:

    Although the features are more than other plugins, Rank Math still encapsulates the 30,000 matching scripts.

    How does 2Rank Math change the game?

    Automatic configuration:

    All you need to do is set up some options and the rest to Rank Math will set itself up for your website.

    Super Fast SEO Plugin:

    Even after embracing a lot of terrible features, Rank Math doesn't stagnate your server

    New SEO analysis tool:

    Rank Math will analyze and give you recommendations in SEO to improve SEO. The day problem you will often spend money on SEO experts for analysis. Now there is no need.

    Sync Yoast SEO:

    With just one click, Rank Math can synchronize the settings you have installed on Yoast SEO for itself. This synchronization is immediately done quickly and does not affect your ranking results.

    Synchronous AIO SEO:

    With just one click, Rank Math can synchronize the settings you have installed on the AIO for itself. This synchronization is immediately done quickly and does not affect your ranking results.

    Optimize 5 keywords at once:

    You can optimize your posts up to 5 different keywords with Rank Math.

    Sync Schema Rich Snippet:

    Rank Math can import all AIO Rich Snippet settings in a few clicks, helping to maintain your rankings when switching to Rank Math

    Keyword suggestions:

    Rank Math can help you discover more keywords by getting from Google Suggest.
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