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5 content marketing trends to watch out for in 2021

Content Marketing Trends

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues around the world, it's important to continually evolve your content marketing strategy. yours – now than the night before.

What will 2021 look like for content marketers? Is there a way to prepare?

Now let's dive into these 5 content marketing trends for 2021.

1. Competition continues to grow

The year of COVID-19 has shown any business a simple truth: if you're not online, you don't exist.

These days most sales have moved online, and there's no reason to believe that will change anytime soon.

With more and more businesses investing more and more in online marketing, the competition is certainly increasing. Today, we are all forced to invest more time and money to get our content noticed.

However, my favorite thing about content marketing is that creativity and versatility can win big budgets, and that's not going to change!

2. Content is part of the buyer's journey

With more and more people stuck at home and forced to use technology to stay connected to the world, it's clear that digital content is becoming a more important part of the buyer's journey.

Consumers today (and next year) are more web-savvy and use technology more often, regardless of age. And they expect quick answers; otherwise, they will go to the next page in the list.

Consumers turn to technology to respond to immediate needs . Google claims that more than 90% of their users use devices for help and inspiration while on duty .

New consumers are "well advised", "here" and "right now", with Google having introduced terms " micro moment “to describe consumer expectations” about the immediate answer in the moment they want to know, go, make and buy.

Your content needs to meet those immediate needs and do a good job of providing easy-to-find answers. Tools like Text Optimizer helps create content in a problem/question + solution/answer format, allowing you to tackle common questions on any topic.

Textoptimizer Questions

Tools like Text Optimizer help create content in a problem/question + solution/answer format, allowing you to tackle common questions on any topic.

Above all, think “mobile first” – It is no longer enough to have a mobile-friendly website. You need more liquid assets to better serve your customers. Examples of mobile assets to invest in include mobile apps and in-game mobile marketing. But even if you're short on budget for indie content, you can take smaller steps to discover and optimize your mobile-friendly brand:

  • Create mobile-focused (i.e. simplified) CTA and lead generation forms

  • Create a faster, clutter-free conversion funnel allowing for “Buy Now” One Click Option

  • Optimize for local searches. Don't forget that “Near Me” is one of the most popular mobile search queries. Investing in effective management of your business's local listing is one of the most effective ways to get discovered through mobile search.

  • Use third-party plugins to integrate features that enhance the mobile experience. Examples include integrating autocomplete for search engines in your site (for faster product discovery), faster mobile opt-ins, etc.

  • Includes 5-second test and mobile experience in check your website regularly

3. Content-driven remarketing is always a good idea

As competition grows fiercer and the buyer journey becomes more and more complex, generating actual sales from your content won't be easy.

Most of your website readers will come, find their answers, and leave to complete their task.

This is where content-driven personalization comes in handy.

What is content-driven personalization?

Content-driven personalization is about encouraging users of your old site to continue whatever they were doing when they originally left your site.

For example, if a user reads half of your tomato growing guide, give them a free tomato growing guide or checklist when they come back in a week or so. There are several powerful e-commerce solutions that enable this functionality.

Finteza is an advanced tool that allows you to create a personalized experience for your old users on your website to engage them even more. Specifically, you can target your site's CTA to individual returning users based on their previous browsing journey through your site.

Finteza Retargeting

Finteza is an advanced tool that allows you to create a personalized experience for your old users on your website to engage them even more.

Here are some other content personalization techniques that are currently available (those that don't require in-house technology or outside help):

Find one or more personalization technology partners that fit your budget and needs. Fortunately, there are some strong players in the marketing personalization space.

4. Video content streaming is more and more popular

Since face-to-face meetings and conferences are still virtually impossible, video streaming even more popular than last year.

Just about every brand I know has hosted one virtual events or online conference this year. Video streaming has become an effective way to engage niche influencers, generate leads, and even create an additional income method.

And most importantly, it has become much easier to do.

Admittedly, as of last year, I personally never had enough time to learn live streaming software. This year, I've mastered about three of them! I can record, co-host, stream to multiple channels, etc.

And most people do! Think of all the teachers who suddenly became experts in Google Meets and all the teleworkers who had no choice but to dig into Zoom meetings. Video streaming has become the new standard for both content creators and consumers.

5. Omnichannel marketing is more important than ever

Ultimately, being everywhere is more important than ever as consumers are rapidly adapting to new technology and discovering new channels. Brands need to keep up!

Luckily, there are plenty of cross-marketing tools that allow you to publish content across multiple platforms and keep track of everything. These include Cyfe , Agorapulse (or alternative choice ), etc

On the bright side, the more channels you include in your marketing plan, the more demographics you'll learn to cater to. Omnichannel marketing allows you to boost your marketing game on multiple levels by:

  • Gives you access to more data

  • Allows you to analyze the buyer journey more diverse

  • Force you to be more organized and learn to understand more things.


The old marketing adage “Content is King” still holds true. Consumers are still driven by a thirst for content. But the pandemic and rapidly evolving technology are changing the way content is delivered. While just a few years ago, creating interesting visual and video content was quite enough to attract customers, but today, businesses are forced to look for more content formats and channels to stand out. .

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