What is Dynatrace









    What is Dynatrace?

    Dynatrace is an all-inclusive application monitoring software for DevOps in enterprises and SMBs. The platform leverages proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology to provide actionable insights that enable businesses of all sizes to effectively control thousands of servers from a unified interface. It supports automated performance management and allows businesses to visualize every user and application, everywhere.
    The program enables DevOps to discover application dependencies and provides an automatic root cause analysis of every performance issue. Its open ecosystem means it is available as On-premises, managed, or SaaS and can seamlessly integrate into the IT landscape with open APIs. Some of its key capabilities include business & performance analytics; digital experience management; application monitoring management; performance lifecycle management; and container, cloud, and infrastructure monitoring.
    What is Dynatrace

    Overview of Dynatrace Benefits

    Dynatrace is an all-in-one performance monitoring solution designed to serve businesses of all sizes. The software supports full-stack monitoring to enable businesses to detect and diagnose both performance and availability issues. It’s a unified solution that enables SMBs and enterprise to analyze application performance across the entire applications stack down to distinct transactions, across all technologies and layers. With full stack monitoring, businesses get in-depth insights into application performance, customer experience, and infrastructure monitoring.
    The platform facilitates automated monitoring at scale with capabilities to support even the largest environment with over 100000 hosts. It features automatically adjusted and pre-configured dashboards with no manual configurations for all installations. In addition, Dynatrace’s artificial intelligence persistently learns application behaviors, auto-detects end-to-end dependencies & anomalies, and proactively spots the root cause of all issues. It discovers the entire application stack right from the end user’s web browser to the applications, down to the cloud, container, and infrastructure.
    Another benefit of Dynatrace is its big data analytics. The application optimizes artificial intelligence to deliver answers with actionable acumens to your operation staffs, business stakeholders, and development teams. It links business outcomes to the performance insights to enable business owners to fully comprehend the repercussions of detected issues. This makes it easy to resolve all the problems before they affect your customers. Additionally, Dynatrace learns all baseline performance of user applications and sends notifications when new code deployment precipitates high resource consumption.

    Overview of Dynatrace Features

    • Full stack discovery
    • Full stack performance management
    • Visualizing application infrastructure
    • AI-powered analytics
    • Self-healing at scale
    • Detecting vMotion events
    • Digital experience management
    • Container, cloud, and infrastructure management

    Dynatrace Position In Our Categories

    Position of Dynatrace in our main categories:Dynatrace is top 1 Application Performance Monitoring Softwareproduct.
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    Technical details

    Devices Supported
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Mac
    • Web-based
    Language Support
    • English
    • Chinese
    • German
    • Japanese
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Russian
    • Italian
    Pricing Model
    • Quote-based
    Customer Types
    • Small Business
    • Large Enterprises
    • Medium Business
    • Cloud Hosted
    • On Premise
    • Open API

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