The lightest social network sharing plugin for WordPress

Recently, you have contacted me about how to use the plugin to create social sharing button for WordPress website to have less impact on the loading speed. Honestly, I am not a sympathetic person for social network sharing buttons. Although they make it easy for users to share their favorite articles on social networks, however, they are more or less adversely affecting the download speed of the site. That's why I have left all the share buttons (which were created by Jetpack ) at the end of the posts.
Even though I don't like it, to meet your requirements, I have tried to find out on other websites. Inadvertently, I managed to get the benchmark results of WP Rocket , giving me a detailed view of the impact of social sharing plugins on the load speed of the website. And today, I will share it with you.

Benchmark the social network sharing plugins

The benchmark is conducted by Pingdom Tools. Website uses default Fifteen Twenty theme, does not install any plugin other than WP Rocket and Query Monitor (but only works in backend).
Below is the benchmark results used to make a reference (when not using social network sharing plugin):

Results and advice

The lightest, most recommended social networking plugins, including: Social Media Feather , Monarch(inline mode), Simple Share Buttons Adder and Mashsharer . These plugins only make the page-size and website load time increase a little bit.
The next group includes plugins that are slightly "bulky" but still acceptable: Monarch (when adding widgets in the sidebar), Jetpack (Icons + text mode), Shareaholic, Monarch (when inline mode) & fly in), Sharify, AddToAny (when available and without floating sidebar).
The heaviest, unused social network sharing plugins include: AddThis, ShareThis, Async Social, Jetpack (official icon mode), Really Simple Share and Ultimate Social Media & Share. They cause the loading time and page-size to double or even triple.
These results have been tested a long time ago (since 2015) and may have changed. However, hopefully they can help you in reference to make the best choice.
Do you know of other social networking plugins that are lighter and more beautiful? Don't forget to share it with us in the comment box below.
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