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Knowledge of life insurance knowledge

 Life insurance has great benefits for yourself, your family and society to ensure risks, protect the future, save or reduce the cost burden ...

What is life insurance?

A contract between an individual and a life insurance company to insure yourself or a relative, or between an organization with a life insurance company to insure its employees, for the purpose of ensure financial safety for insured participants.
When an insurance event occurs, life insurance company will base on the corresponding contract terms of products that customers participate to pay insurance benefits. The insurance benefit that the customer will receive is specified in the life insurance certificate, or written confirmation of adjustment if any.

Benefits of life insurance

Many people wonder what to buy life insurance for? Is there any benefit to participating in life insurance? In fact, the benefits of life insurance are huge first of all, for yourself, your body, life and health insurance; with family is care and responsibility; then social sharing.

For society

  • First of all is to create social stability through minimizing anxiety for insurance buyers;
  • The second is to mobilize capital to invest in medium and long-term projects to contribute to the development of the country;
  • Moreover, reducing the burden of the national budget on caring for the elderly and the dependents when the breadwinner dies;
  • Creating jobs for a large number of Vietnamese workers.

For individuals and families

  • Participating in life insurance is to have peace of mind because customers will have financial resources to ensure in case of risk such as death or total and permanent disability, resulting in loss of income. Because of this, life insurance has contributed to stabilizing family life.
  • For each family, participating in life insurance helps parents accumulate for future plans, such as saving money for their children to go to school, giving them some money to live, or can save money to buy a car, buy a home, enjoy life after retirement ...
Specifically, life insurance offers greater benefits than any current insurance product for you and your family:

Guarantee the dream for the future

Each of us has dreams, plans for the future, but life always has many unexpected risks, even though no one wants it but doesn't know when it will come when we do not anticipate it. .
Life insurance will be a financial source to help you and your family turn your dreams and plans into reality as children can learn a good school, travel to enjoy life ...
Pay the final costs

Compensation of life insurance can be used to pay for the final costs such as surgery costs and medical expenses not covered by health insurance, Compensation can also be used to pay Math debts of the family and thus lift the burden on your loved ones

Saving in a disciplined way

Life insurance gives you and your family the habit of saving discipline through regular payment. Participating in insurance, you can see that this is the best way to save for medium and long-term goals because it helps you avoid temporary and dedicated spending temptations focusing on planning and planning for the future. after that.

Compared to other forms of savings , life insurance has the following advantages:
  • Life insurance is a form of regular and planned savings. When deciding to buy a life insurance policy, small monthly fees are considered as regular expenses such as meals, electricity, water ... and the agent is a regular person. remind and collect this money.
  • Life insurance supports financial hardship for the insured's relatives and families when the insured person is at risk with a large sum of money even if they can save a very small amount of money.

Replace the shortage of income

Life insurance will replace the shortage of income or reduce the financial burden when pillars are no longer available. As the breadwinner, do you wonder if the risk of unfortunately coming to you will be like?
Life insurance is a guarantee and interoperability - that is the main purpose, and therefore life insurance is very social.
The amount paid to relatives and families of the insured when unfortunate risk of insurance will help relatives pay huge expenses such as money for medicine and doctors, funeral money, the money needed to stabilize life, the cost of educating children, nurturing them.

Benefits when joining life insurance

Knowledge of life insurance knowledge

When participating in life insurance, customers will receive attractive benefits such as:
  • Death benefits
  • Accident protection benefits
  • Benefits of serious illness protection / Critically ill
  • Night support benefits
  • Health insurance card benefits
  • Accumulated, profitable interests.
For more details on the above benefits, please refer to the following article:

Some reputable life insurance companies in Vietnam

According to the published list of joint stock company Vietnam Report (Vietnam Report), the list of Top 10 prestigious insurance companies is arranged in the following order:
  • Bao Viet Life Corporation
  • Prudential Vietnam Life Insurance Company Limited
  • Manulife Vietnam Co., Ltd.
  • AIA Vietnam Life Insurance Company Limited
  • Dai-ichi Vietnam Life Insurance Company Limited
  • Chubb Vietnam Life Insurance Company Limited
  • CATHAY Vietnam Life Insurance Company Limited
  • HANWHA Life Vietnam Insurance Company Limited
  • AVIVA Vietnam Life Insurance Company Limited
  • Mirae Asset Prevoir Life Insurance Company Limited

Join instant life insurance to protect yourself and your family while still protected. Because you may be very confident because your current health is very good, but 10 or 15, 20 years from now, can you still be as confident as before?
So when you're healthy, protect it. Don't let yourself regret it when you have a risk and want to protect it. Remember that the more insured the insurance is, the lower the fee and the only participating insurance is when it is not needed, when it is impossible to participate at all costs.

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