5 ways to counter Murad in Lien Lien Mobile great

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Murad virtual assassin must have made you inhibited a lot of times, right. Especially green Murad matches, where he came from and Illusion one shot killed the whole team.
What is this about fighting anymore, losing face to face already. That's why I would like to share some today how to counter Murad in the most effective Mobile Coalition I know. Hope this experience will help you flip when the enemy team has Murad.

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I. Summary of 5 ways to counter General Murad most effectively

Let's get started now!

Method # 1: Choose a counter to Murad

The most effective way to counter General Murad is very smart counters. Priority is given to controlling hard, hard tanks, and maneuvers that are difficult to die.
+ In the gunner position you can choose Joker when Murad deals damage, he uses skill 2 to evade the dame.
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+ Go Mid priority píc Alister, Sculpting Boat, Zill,... just control it as if Murad died no matter how green.
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+ Sp can choose: Alice (staggeringly slow), Arum, Baldum, Omar ,...this generals cause very uncomfortable control.
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+ Going to the forest if confident can hold Nakroth, Kriknak, Wukong, ..
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There are many generals that help counter Murad, it is important that you control hard hard control for Murad to stand still for 1-2 seconds. Enlist time to control dame shock is considered as Murad scrap.
The two mk generals often see the countermeasure against Murad Alister and Arum.

Method # 2: Clear forest monsters to counter Murad

Murad is really strong when he has monsters or soldiers to break the final sealing spell. That's why the second way to counter Murad will be to clear the jungle monsters.
Without monsters, Murad will not be able to take the passive and fly into your team to deal damage.

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Eat up jungle monsters so Murad won't gain any passive.

This is hard to say, it's not that easy to say. Depending on the game, you will have to apply flexibly different ways. However, remember to eat all the jungle monsters as Murad is no longer dangerous. This is a very effective counter game!

Method # 3: Prepare a map to counter Murad

Up a lot of defense is a way to counter Murad quite effectively. Especially equipped with Lost Shields that reduce attack speed by 30% when Murad slashes you.
Imagine a 30% reduction in attack speed which meant that when you wanted to slash 5 times to accumulate passive now you have to cut 6 times.

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Effective Murad countering equipment

This greatly affects Murad's strength. I assert that the lost shield or the indirect shield made Murad weakened a lot.
Besides, you also need to build defensive equipment if Murad is green and he is carrying the team.
+ If using magic, prioritize equipment that increases magic while increasing armor such as Berith Mask. In addition to the health items or Crystal Ball when Murad uses Healings, you freeze yourself so no damage.

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Murad's counterfeiter

+ If you are an ad, paper gunner, please reduce a bit of power and up 1 or 2 items of defense.
I recommend Guard Shoes, Icy Capes or rage Hercules. You only need one of these 2 items and the protective shoes make sure Murad once Illusion will not be dead can return to heal or run away.

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The Murad counterfeiter ad needs

+ If you are a supporter, block, then go to the hard tank equipment, counter dame, speed down the normal running speed.

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Equipment of support when the enemy team has Murad

Method # 4: Catch the ball when Murad jerk back

A trick to counter Murad you all know is to catch Murad when he jerkes back.
Pay attention to the first time he places the ball in the area and waits there. Wait for him to return to you and rush to fight, 99% Murad will be terminated.

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Catch Murad when he jerk back

Catching Murad is easy but not really. You need to have some notes:
+ Mobile champions can easily go to Murad to place the ball and finish quickly when he has just pulled back (Nakroth, Zuka, Veres, Kriknak ..)
+ Guess which Murad's passive will take the passive and go there without him knowing it
+ Shock dame quickly so Murad has no chance of dying again.

Method # 5: Unexpected fighting when Murad has no passive

Although the amount of damage from the Murad's (Illusion 3) Illusion makes your team take a lot of damage, Murad is not always ready for that move.
To counter Murad and teamfighting has the advantage, you need to call your team mate to fight when Murad has nothing to accumulate. At this point it can be said that 5 vs 4 (your team is 5 against 4 because Murad is not ready). If you win a 5 vs 4 team fight, you will have many advantages.

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The fighting was swift when Murad was not ready

At this point, Murad is back in teamfights with his ultimate. He will not be able to beat 4-5 people. At most Murad will only finish one or two of your friends. In summary, your team still has survivors and easily pushes the tower to end the match.
This remedy is a bit difficult to describe and also a bit difficult to implement. But keep in mind and try a few times. Especially when it is high rank, it is very easy to call for teammates to force combat. Can be used to counter Murad's strengths.

II. Conclude

Through the analysis above I would like to summarize the points to help counter Murad:
  1. Need to counter a general (stunned, tied) for a long time.
  2. Need to clear jungle monsters so Murad can't gain intrinsic and passive health
  3. Catches the ball when Murad jerkes back.
  4. Defend Murad's attack reduction gear.
  5. The quick fight did not allow Murad to participate with enough inner power.
Hope with these how to overcome General Murad I just shared, you can partly understand what you need to do when confronting Murad. Please leave your comments in the comment section to complete this topic.
Thank you for your support and read the article. Good bye and see you again !
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