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With Minecraft, you can experience clearly and honestly all the activities of survival, which you hardly have the opportunity to experience in real life.
With beautiful graphics are 3D blocks, the game has brought us very realistic experiences, closely linked to everyday life.
When entering the game, you will be immersed in a character in the game, and your task is to survive, survive as long as possible.
But survival is not enough, you need to have some knowledge and skills about the game to play the game more interesting. These gaming tips will help you survive better and more pro, ... Therefore, today I will share with you 5 simple but very good tips for you to be able to play Minecraft better.
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#first. Snow ball mining machine in Minecraft

If you play Minecraft long then you will surely know the snowballs. They have many uses, but the main use is for weapons.
Using snowballs to hurl at fire monsters in hell will help you defeat them faster and more efficiently.
But the tricky thing is that to get a snow bridge, you have to look for cold climates to dig snow. However, if done that way will take a lot of time and effort. Therefore, instead of digging snow, you should make a machine to create snowballs from snow people will be more efficient.
The way to make a snowman is very simple: You only need to use the snow block to build 2 blocks, then in the 3rd block you put a pumpkin head on and the snowman will appear.
Then, you just need to lock it into a cage (with a head cover) and use a shovel to harvest snow under their feet.
This way will help you exploit the snow globe permanently, indefinitely without effort, time to search far and far. Details of the snowball mining machine as shown below.
5-me-ban-can-biet-de-game-minecraft (1)

#2. Tap and get rid of spider webs quickly with water

When going to mine or exploring in Minecraft buildings, you've probably encountered spider webs appearing everywhere. Too annoyed to find a way to destroy them slowly and long.
So what to do to destroy them quickly and conveniently, without much effort? I'm sure many of you will destroy them with your bare hands, or swords, but that's way too long to destroy the web.
There is another way you can harvest them in just 1 second, which is to use buckets of water to harvest. All the spider webs when exposed to water are destroyed quickly, no matter how much they have, it only takes 1 bucket of water to destroy them all.
5-me-ban-can-biet-de-game-minecraft (2)

# 3. Create an everlasting lake in the game Minecraft

You have been annoyed because you have to go back to find water to cultivate, manufacture, .. Especially those who are far away from the water, you have to use the bucket to go to where there is water to scoop into the bucket, and then must go to get more. That would take time and effort.
But if you create an eternal lake, you can freely get water there without fear of running out of water, and you don't have to go far to get water anymore.
The way to make a permanent lake is quite simple: First, you build a lake 2 × 2 by any block => then fill the small lake with water that is complete. You can then get permanent water without worrying about running out of water. This method also applies to your lava.
5-me-ban-can-biet-de-game-minecraft (5)

# 4. Use pigs to be mounts

If you want to go further to explore, you're afraid to walk, while you don't get horses to ride. So how to earn mounts?
As you all know, the horses in Minecraft are hard to find. So it's difficult to find a horse to ride on.
Instead, look for common animals that are easier to find, such as pigs for riding. Pigs besides for meat, they can also be used as cute and cute mounts.
To ride them, you must prepare a carrot and saddle fishing rod. Then, use the saddle to put on them and sit. Next, hold the carrot fishing rod in your hand. Their direction depends on the direction of the fishing rod.
5-me-ban-can-biet-de-game-minecraft (4)

# 5. Use pumpkin heads to avoid the attack of Ender Men

Ender Men are quite a strong Mobs and hard to destroy. They appear at the end, they can move continuously from one place to another. And it will automatically attack you when you look into their eyes.
So, to avoid their attacks, you should not look into its eyes. But you're also having a hard time avoiding eye contact, so use a pumpkin head instead.
While they may partially restrict their vision, they will make the Ender Men unable to detect that they are looking into their eyes. From there can avoid many dangers.
5-me-ban-can-biet-de-game-minecraft (3)

# 6. Finish

Above are some skills when playing Minecraft, I believe it will help you survive a lot more effectively.
Hopefully the article will be helpful to you. Wish you good use of these playing tips, and do not forget to share the good tips that you often apply in Minecraft game for you guys to learn offline 🙂
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