Top 5 AdSense plugins for WordPress Website

Top 5 AdSense plugins for WordPress Website - There are many ways to get profit from your website, including affiliate marketing, paid posts, etc. However, AdSense is likely to keep the popularity of websiter, who is interested in earning a sustainable income from the website. It should be noted that there are a few Google AdSense features that make the ad network on the list of the best selected experts. First Google AdSense is from Google Inc,…. It should also be noted that if you have good traffic in your website, this advertising method may be the best among the different revenue ways. However, when it comes to WordPress-based websites, managing ads and AdSense accounts has become an easy task due to the availability of effective WordPress plugins. In this post, we came up with a list of great WordPress plugins that will help integrate AdSense ads into your website and manage some aspects of publishing ads such as size, position, type, etc. We hope all of these plugins will be useful to every websiter among our readers.

  1. Easy AdSense Ads & Script Manager


Like many other extensions, this plugin is not specific to Google AdSense. Acting as the Unified Ads Management plugin for WordPress websites. However, on the contrary, this plugin offers better options for customization. On top of everything, Easy AdSense Script and Script Manager is integrated into the WordPress Customizer, where you can get an instant preview of the ad you have added. In addition, the custom aspect of Easy AdSense Script and Script Manager allows you to publish ads on selected pages. That is, if you do not want the ad to appear on an illegal page, you can set it up in the Control Panel.

Easy AdSense Ads & Script Manager also provides several other features. For example, you can set up different ad units for different devices, thus giving enhanced access to campaigns. In addition, you can display multiple ads in the same location, thanks to the Ad Rotation feature. One more thing about Easy AdSense Script and Script Manager, is that you can use the same plugin to insert additional Scripting and Participation forms. Last but not least, you have complete control over the link and design of the ad. What we love about the plugin is that it is completely free to use. There are no locked features or hidden options - it is updated regularly.

  1. QUAD WP


This is a free Google Adsense plugin, which is an improvement over the one that stopped successfully - Quick Adsense. This plugin is currently used on large websites with millions of monthly impressions. There are some really good features of the WP QUADS plugin. You can position ads at the beginning, middle and end of a post, assign ads later, ‘other’ tags, after certain paragraphs, and assign ads after certain images. So there are positions for you to experiment. There are many other improvements to the original Quick Adsense plugin - Improved performance, multilingual support, Import / Export function makes it easier to move the plugin to other websites. Copy your ad code into other websites and more.

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  1. Ad inserter


Ad Inserter is another effective WordPress plugin for managing AdSense in WordPress websites. While the plugin says it's perfect for AdSense and Amazon ads, you can insert any type of HTML, JS, and PHP code into the 16 blocks of code that Ad Inserter provides. Along with some pre-set display options, such as before content, after content, before excerpts, widgets, you can insert ads into any part of the website by inserting specific shortcodes. When testing this plugin, Ad Inserter seemed quite intuitive due to its tab-based interface for setting up ad blocks. In each tab, you can insert the corresponding ad code and rename the code block if you want. There are also options to choose the display option, align the block where you want these ads to show, whether or not you need to manually enable this specific ad block insertion, etc.

  1. Ad Injection


Although the control panel of Ad Injection seems a bit complicated, this plugin is the most customizable. It offers many features such as test mode, in which only webmasters see ads, restrict the visibility and number of ads based on time and date, the ability to display random ads. , along with customization at depth in each section mentioned. For example, you can set different criteria when you want to restrict your ad visibility based on post length. In the second part, just insert your ad code. See all these features together, Ad Injection is quite effective plugin for AdSense.

  1. Simple ad manager

Last but not least, Simple Ad Manager seems to be a simple yet effective AdSense plugin based on our experience. It does not provide many features, but works very well! Unlike the aforementioned plugin, Simple Ad Manager has different pages to edit and add new ad blocks. However, in the Settings section, you can set some ad visibility options, such as location. In addition, Simple Ad Manager will send you email including monthly statistics of advertising campaigns. Therefore, we think Simple Ad Manager is a simpler solution to manage your AdSense ads options.

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Out of these plugins, we like the Easy AdSense Ads & ScScript Manager plugin, because it allows us to set up AdSense ads in just a few clicks. Which plugin do you use on the list on your website? Let us know in the comments below.