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Free Envato Elements Registration

This week, Envato Elements offers a limited, free 1-month offer for you to experience all the great resources here, as long as you have never signed up for Envato Elements and can reg to 30 days free trial. , free of charge, support Paypal and Debit Card.
Use coupon 1month-eoy2019-email When registering and declaring a payment method, remember to choose Monthly (paid by month) method to get 1 free month, then if you do not use it then Cancel before 30 days expire:
30 days Free trial Envato Elements registration link
Offer only lasts a few days, so please take advantage of it!
Since 2017, Envato - the owner of the Envato Market system (ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, GraphicRiver ...) decided to create a library of Resources for Websites & Graphics designers and developers in the form of Commercial License - allow users to use a theme product - plugins - templates ... for Unlimited Websites and any other projects.
The birth of Envato Elements has been well received by the Designers & Developers community!


Introducing Envato Elements - Themes Library - WordPress Plugins unlimited sites

A.What is Envato Elements?

Envato Elements is an Envato service - providing resources for Websites design and development.
Customers can pay monthly or yearly to download these resources and use for their projects.
The Envato Elements subscription fee is $ 33 / month if paying by month.
Or $ 16.5 / month if registered by year (Discount up to 50% compared to monthly payment).
View detailed prices:
Envato Elements 50% OFF SALE
From 2018, you can join too VIP club Membership to use Envato Elements Themes & Plugins with hundreds of other famous Themes & Plugins!

B.What does Envato Elements have?

Envato Elements 34% discount
Since the beginning of 2018, Envato Elements has been adding hundreds of WordPress Themes & Plugins. As such, Envato Elements' library of Resources includes:
  1. Near the 300 Themes WordPress from ThemeForest
  2. Near the 200 WordPress Plugins from CodeCanyon
  3. Near the 1,500 HTML Templates from ThemeForest
  4. 750 CMS Templates from ThemeForest, including Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, Shopify, Tumbr, Muse, Opencart….
  5. Than 440,000 stock photos
  6. Than 19,000 presentation & graphic templates (Fonts, PowerPoint, Icons, 3D)
  7. Than 26,000+ design assets, fonts, 3D & add-ons (PSD, Illustrator, Sketch, InDesign)
  8. Than 1,000 courses from the Tut + Premium system and eBooks from the publishers RockablePress (by Envato), Packt Publishing - one of the largest publishers in the IT field. Especially, there are 2 famous publishers in the field of Web design Smashing Magazine and Abook Apart (5 Simple Steps Series).
It can be said that Envato Elements is the largest Design & Code repository in the world today for both Designers and Developers and many other fields. While for those who want to learn about Websites design and development, Tut + Courses and eBooks system is a store of knowledge in gold to quickly grasp professional skills!

C.Compare Envato Elements and Envato Market

It is easy to see that many Envato Elements items are from Envato Market. So what's the difference between downloading from Envato Elements and buying on the Envato Market system?
Envato Market
The Envato Market system includes 7 specialized markets:
  1. ThemeForest - the largest WordPress Theme Market in the world, it also offers Templates of other CMS like Magento, Drupal, Joomla ... and lots of HTML Templates!
  2. CodeCanyon - the largest WordPress Plugins market in the world, also has PHP, JS and iOS, Android applications.
  3. GraphicRiver - a market for resources for web design, graphics and presentations.
  4. AudioJungle - resources market for audio files - music & sound effects for movies, ads, games ...
  5. VideoHide - market resources for video files and animation effects ...
  6. Photodune - photo market.
  7. 3DOcean - market for resources for 3D visual effects and videos.
ThemeForest and CodeCanyon have only a Single License
A special feature of the products on 2 main systems of Envato Market: ThemeForest and CodeCanyon is that Only single license - that is, you buy a product, you can only use one project, if you need to do another project, you must buy a single license.
This is a disadvantage for customers who need to create many Websites in tight economic conditions (like customers in Vietnam or other developing countries).
And Envato Elements offers Commercial license (Unlimited)
Envato Elements has Commercial License for unlimited sites
  • Allows you to download unlimited products on Envato Elements present as well as in the future, updates, bug fixes ...
  • Each product you can use for many projects (unlimited quantity)
  • Every time you want to use something for a project, you enter any project name to download. In the download file will be the license file of that project. Of course, for most users this is only a formality.
So: same themes, plugins or templates, but if you download from Envato Elements, you can use it for unlimited Websites, while buying on ThemeForest or CodeCanyon, it can only be used for 1 Websites, if you want to use for the next site, you have to buy 1 more single license.
For example you need a Flatsome license key on ThemeForest for 2 shop sales, you must purchase 2 single licenses - for 2 * $ 59 = $ 118. Meanwhile, if Flatsome is added to Envato Elements, you can download it as many times as you want to create unlimited websites projects.
Of course, not all Envato Market Themes and Plugins are included in the Envato Elements library, they only add themes & plugins with the cooperation of their author.
Obviously, selling single license on Envato Market will be much higher than putting it into Envato Elements, so the number of Themes and Plugins available on Envato Elements is still very small compared to ThemeForest & CodeCanyon.
About Update & Support themes & plugins from Envato Elements
With Themes & Plugins on ThemeForest & CodeCanyon, when buying a single license you will provided key license to Update directly from Dashboard (auto update) when a new version is available, or you can create an API key to install & update all products you have purchased. This update is free of charge lifetime - lifetime (until the author no longer wants to update).
And Themes & Plugins on Envato Elements, every time an update is available, you must download it to manually update (manually update - upload from computer to install) because you are not provided with the key to auto update. Of course, these themes & plugins also do not force you to enter the activation key to use the full features as purchased on ThemeForest & CodeCanyon.
Updating themes & plugins from Envato Elements is only maintained when you maintain an account on Envato Elements. If Cancel Membership is not allowed to download the updates again.
Support is also different. Buy with single license on Envato Market, you will be supported by the author on all issues (even can login to install demos or bugs to help). Also using the words Envato Elements you will not be directly supported as such.

D.Who should use Envato Elements?

The utilities from Envato Elements are great for a very good price, if you have the following needs, it is clearly difficult to refuse this service:
You want to learn to become a web designer or developer
Envato Elements added from Tut + Courses Thousands of high quality courses, along with a library of books from renowned publishers Packt, Smashing Magazine, and Abook Apart.
And the Design & Code Resources repository is the Real-world Projects for you to practice!
You want to build many Websites projects at an affordable cost
Envato Elements provides Commercial Licenses - so you can create hundreds, thousands of professional & powerful websites from high quality themes & plugins & CMS templates & layouts and photos ... The price is only $ 228 / year - only by the cost of a small shop using WooCommerce in Vietnam!
You need Quality Design Resouces for graphic design
More than 26,000 graphic products including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch from the leading Designers on GraphicRivers - for as many projects as you like - and 440,000 high-quality images - are hardly any better design resource. Envato Elements!
You need to do professional presentations
Than 19,000 presentation & graphic templates (Fonts, PowerPoint, Icons, 3D). You just need to open and edit it to have the best slideshow!

E.The best WordPress themes Envato Elements

Envato Elements currently has nearly 300 WordPress themes, most of which are sold on ThemeForest in the form of Single License auto update lifetime.
Because of the higher profitability of ThemeForest, many developers have yet to include Envato Elements, although there are dozens of quality themes by authors labeled Elite Power (Bestselling Authors) - with these themes. then you can create most quality WordPress projects.

firstSet of themes (Multipurpose The web Builder) of tommusrhodus

Tommus Rhodus is the 25th developer on ThemeForest's Beselling Alltime list with 49,000 sales. We can see how enthusiastic Tommus Rhodus responded to Envato Elements because the themes included were all terrible names.
Stack - Multi-Purpose Theme with Variant Page Builder & Visual Composer
With 4,000 sales since its launch in April 2017 - Stack is the fastest selling theme on ThemeForest in this period. It directly competes with other Multipurpose themes like Composer, TheArk or Massive Dynamic ...
Foundry - Multipurpose, Multi-Concept WP Theme
Foundry theme on Envato Elements
Foundry with over 3800 sales is also one of the most popular ThemeForest Theme.
Pillar - Multipurpose Multi-Concept Responsive WordPress Theme
Pillar Theme on Envato Elements
Pillar is a new product, for corporate websites, Startup services. Currently has sold nearly 1,700 sales!
In addition to the above three terrible names, Tommus Rhodus also has 11 other themes on Envato Elements.

2Themes (Marketing & vBlogger) by Theme_Bubble

Theme_Bubble is Elite Author with 5000 sales. That number is not too impressive, but the products from Theme_Bubble are highly appreciated because of the quality design - with personality - as well as light code - standard SEO, not cramming many things like Multipurpose themes.
Marketing Pro
This is one of the best SEO themes 2017 & 2018, fast loading, modern design and optimized for Conversion (conversion rate).
This theme is great for the website project of the Company & SEO services - design - advertising or Media and Authority blog.
Videoly is a great theme for making vBlogger and Youtube
A beautiful Blog & Stylish Magazine theme for blogs or video content sites: Youtube & Vloggers!
As well as senior Marketing Pro - Videoly loads extremely fast and standard SEO!
In addition, Theme_Buddle also provides Envato Elements with other themes such as Adios, Animo & Dropout.

3Themes (Beaty - Charity - Education - Hotel Booking) by nicdark

Nicdark is also a terrible author on Themeforest with over 19,000 sales. They provide most outstanding themes for Envato Elements such as Chariy Foundation, Hotel Booking, Beaty Wellness.

4Sets Themes (WooCommerce) of LA-Studio

Sales theme developer LA-Studio provides 7 themes for Envato Elements. Their products are designed in Creative & Minimal style which are very beautiful & modern. There are very popular themes are Negan, Zyra and Helas!

5Medical Clinic (Doctors - Dentist & Hospital) by cmsmasters

CMS Masters is the 12th Power Elite Author on ThemeForest's Bestseller Alltime list - having more than 65,000 sales.
They provide Envato Elements theme Medical Clinic - one of the best themes for medical services, doctors & dentists and public health. Medical Clinic has more than 1,150 sales.

6FoodFarm (Organic Shop / Farm Services) by ArrowHiTech

FoodFarm is the ultimate theme for a shop selling fresh food, services & supplies of equipment and materials for gardening, farms ....
Stunning design and built-in 9 Demos for customers to easily complete the website in the shortest possible time.

7Themes (Music Theme) set by IronTemplates

IronTemplates is the # 1 developer for theme themes for websites, blogs for artists, music studios, or music bands. They have more than 19,000 sales, and provide the top 3 themes for Envato Elements: SoundRise (over 480 sales), Croma (nearly 2,500 sales) and the extremely popular FWRD (Music Band & Musician Theme) theme with over 3,200 sales.

8CouponHut (Coupon Website) by Sub Solar

Coupon themes are always HOT - not many themes for blog coupons on ThemeForest are appreciated. CouponHut is one of the most prominent themes on this topic on ThemeForest with nearly 1000 sales!

9Leisure (Hotel Booking - Resort & Spa) by CurlyThemes

Leisure is a very popular theme for Hotel Booking - Resort & Spa projects (more than 2,000 sales). Compared to other themes with the same theme, Leisure has its own style - elegant and luxurious. Load speed is also very impressive!

tenSartre (Creative Business / Agency) by ThemeMoutain

ThemeMoutain is a developer of HTML Template Bestselling on ThemeForest - they have products that are always on the weekly sales list in Templates such as Sartre, Marquez, Kant, Nietzsche ...
Sartre is one of their own WordPress themes developed from the design of Sartre Template (2000 sales). Although newly launched in February 2018, Sartre received a lot of positive reviews because the Creative design is so beautiful.

11Empathy & BookCard WP by Pixel Wars

Here are 2 bestseller themes in the Freelancer Portfolio theme, each with over 1000 sales.

twelfthAutozone (Car Dealer) by Templines

Autozone is Car Dealer theme theme - One Page design is very impressive, light load. This is one of the fastest themes to help you build a dealer website for cars, motorcycles or spare parts.

13Precise (Modern & Mini Shop) by DL_Themes

This newly launched theme has a very nice & creative design. Currently there are 8 demos for customers to choose, and will increase in the near future.

14Flow News (Stylish Magazine) by Ad-Theme

Ad-Theme is a well-known plugin developer for the Fast Gallery product on CodeCanyon (included in Envato Elements). The Flow News theme has a Modern Blog & Stylish Magazine design, and integrates Visual Composer & Fast Gallery Addons for VC to help you build the interface easily. It is also one of the lightest & fastest Newspaper Newspaper themes on ThemeForest today.

15KnowledgePress by PressApps

This is the Bestselling theme for Website Knowledge Base - Helpdesk - Wiki & FAQ projects. More than 2,000 sales - rated 5 stars and developed by PressApss - author of the famous Knowledge Base plugins on CodeCanyon!

16Meminz (Softs & App Landing) by cththemes

Meminz is a Landing Page theme for Software and Apps that is fast and easy to use. Good compatibility with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloader. There are not many themes on this topic on ThemeForest, so Meminz is one of the best and most effective choices!

17Motors (Mechanic & Vehicles Shop) by Stockware

Motor is a theme for websites & online shops of dealers, retailers, equipment shops for auto parts, mechanics or electronics ... This is a theme with a very powerful design and features.

F.The best Plugins on Envato Elements

Along with providing WordPress Theme for Envato Elements, Envato also works with developers to add a variety of Bestselling plugins from CodeCanyon!
As of March 2018, there have been nearly 200 WordPress plugins appearing on Envato Elements and will be added in the near future.
Unlike theme authors, in the plugins directory, most Bestselling developers are ready to put the best products on Envato Elements. These include looks_awesome with Flow-Flow, Supperfly and Ninja-Kick, or AccessKeys with WP Mega Menu Pro and Social Pro, or wpgenie with WooCommerce Simple Auctions and WooCommerce Lottery ...
Some outstanding plugins are:
Dzehiro's WooCommerce Extensions set
dzehiro has sold nearly 10,000 sales on CodeCanyon with plugins (extensions) to expand the features of the WooCommerce store. Among them are the familiar Bestselling names for professional WooCommerce users Product Filter for WooCommerce or Improve Product Options for WooCommerce ...
It is great that dzehiro brings all his plugins from CodeCanyon to Envato Elments so that we can use on unlimited sites perfectly valid.
Plugins set of looks_awesome
The three names that are frequently on the list of Bestseller each week on CodeCanyon are Flow-Flow, Supperfly and Ninja-Kick that are posted on Envato Elements.
Web Plugs Plugins
WebFactory offers 9 awesome plugins, including OptIn Ninja (1170+ sales) and its extensions. There are also 5sec Google Maps Pro (1050+ sales) and addons.
Loopus Plugins
Loopus is the Power Elite Author with nearly 15,000 sales, they bring Envato Elements 6 plugins, among them are WP Flat Visual Chat (1160+ sales) and WP Flat Tour Builder (700+ sales).
CurlyThemes Plugins
CurlyThemes brings 2 familiar plugins Simple Weather Plugins (1300+ sales) and Before & After Camparison WP.
Set of Ad-Theme Plugins
Ad-Theme also offers all the plugins they have on CodeCanyon like Fast Gallery & Fast Gallery for Visual Composer, AD Gallery, Visual Composer Mega Pack or Parallax OnePage Builder for WP.
RightPress WooCommerce Custom Fields & Dynamic Pricing & Discounts
RightPress (more than 40,000 sales on CodeCanyon) only offers Envato Elements 2 plugins but they are all top plugins.
WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discount has more than 13,000 sales, though the price goes up to $ 49 for a single license. An indispensable plugin for professional sales shop.
WooCommerce Custom Fields also has nearly 3,000 sales.
PressApps Plugins
As introduced in the Themes section above. PressApps includes Bestselling plugin Knowledge Base (3,200+ sales) and Custom Login & Access (1,700+ sales) and Modal Login Register Forgotten (1,500+ sales).
Plugins by LCWeb
LCWeb has more than 35,000 sales, bringing Envato Elements all of its best-selling plugins including Media Grid (11,200+ sales) and PrivateContent (9,200+ sales) and Global Gallery (4,200+ sales)! There are also expensive addons of Private Content.
If you need to create Membership Websites, the LCWeb plugins are a great tool!
Plugins set of e-plugins
The e-plugins developer offers their 3 best plugins, WP Memberhip (800+ sales), Directory Pro and Real Escate Pro.
Image Map Pro of nickys
Image Map Pro is the # 1 plugin for creating image maps and interactive graphics. With over 7000 sales on CodeCanyon.
Super Form & Addons of felling4design
Super Form is the popular Drag and Drop Form Builder. Its popular addons are also featured on Envato Elements.
NEX-Forms Addons Set (Basix)
Basix provides 8 of the best Addons of famous NEX-Forms plugins (more than 6,000 sales).
Plugins set of wpweb
WPWeb has 3 best selling plugins, namely WooCommerce PDF Voucher (2,600+ sales), WooCommerce Social Login (1,600+ sales) and Social Network Auto Poster (1,300+ sales).
ValvePress's Pinterest Automatic Pin
ValvePress is the author of the awesome WP Automatic plugins (nearly 10,000 sales) and WP Auto Spinner (4,300 + sales).
However, they only provide 3 plugins, most notably Pinterest Automatic Pin with nearly 4,000 sales on CodeCanyon.
Pro Event Calendar of DPereya
No need to introduce much, Pro Event Calendar was too famous (nearly 6,000 sales). In addition, DPereya also provides two other quality plugins, WP Social Timeline and WP Article Social Share.
(The article is also updated ...)

Plugins Envato Elements

Envato 2019 has launched a new extremely HOT plugin - the same name as the Envato Elements service.
Envato Elements plugins
Currently these plugins have nearly 100,000 downloads and an absolute 5-star rating.
  • With plugins of the same name Envato Elements - you can import thousands of templates, modules of Page Builder Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc. for free.
  • Especially, if you have an Suscription Envato Elements account, you can directly import more than 500,000 high quality stock photos from Envato Elements (source from GraphicRiver)!
See details of this plugin here - Envato Elements plugins >>>

Register now Envato Elements 50% SALE OFF

To sign up for Envato Elements, you can choose your $ 29 payment method per month. However, the more economical solution is to pay annually by $ 228 / year, saving up to 34% per year compared to monthly payments:
Envato Elements registration link reduced by 50%
The article will also constantly update the themes and plugins with the prominent Design Resources added by Envato on Envato Elements in the near future!
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