How to increase website traffic with Google Trends?


How to increase website traffic with Google Trends? - To be successful on the website, you must know about Google Trends and make good predictions about customer behavior. Some products can have really great value, but if your target audience doesn't catch up, it can prove to be worthless. That is why it is important to understand trends and how they develop.

Think this way. The market is a massive train station with lots of trains in it. Each train represents a trend and is highly profitable as its destination. You have three options. The first is to build your own train. The second thing is to buy a ticket and ride comfortably on the train to the destination. The third person is trying to push the ship himself. We will let you figure out which one will benefit you the most.

The more you can understand people's growing behaviors, the better your business opportunities will be. So today, we will give you some insight on trends.

What exactly is a trend?


It is a social process in which a large group of people change their taste or style. This can be a lot of things from the dresses we wear, to the things we eat, to the kinds of entertainment we enjoy. Some of these changes are really short-lived and very seasonal, such as spinfer fidget. They are called fad. But some changes will take longer and last longer. That is what we call trends. No wonder they are, because they only follow simple human behaviors.

When can you call a trend?

When a large number of trend houses adopt specific trends.

When the trend has reacted in mainstream media.

When different trends apply trends.

Style or product can easily be used and copied by others.

How to benefit from a trend?

Every marketer, broker, and anyone in the market wants to understand what kind of trend they're facing. They develop tools and research, only to better understand the major psychological behaviors that are taking place in the masses. Their business plan must know their customers' main trends and the market that best suits them. It is also important to know how they will react to these trends, how people behave in that market. Do they want to buy back or do they want variety? What do they base their purchasing decisions on? Has the pattern you noticed changed?

The most important thing is to answer these questions, understand what customers want and need. Are customers asking for something new in these emerging trends? The answers to these questions lie in market research, competition analysis, and it also helps to conduct focus groups.

But to make it simpler, here are the most important things your plan should focus on:

  • Find out what kind of problem your business will solve

  • Create your product model and revenue

  • Understand customers and set up buyer personas

  • Understand your opponent

  • Create your product

  • Distribute your product

  • Conduct market research and conduct focus groups

  • Marketing and branding

Who can create new trends?

We are all observers of this social phenomenon, when an actor or musician creates a trend with his or her style. We call these people the trendsetters. They are a different group of people admired for their personalities. Their new and innovative style makes them the first to receive something new and they will be followed by large groups of people who sympathize with them.

Among the first to write about a new trend, it is possible to drive significant traffic to your site through search engines and social media.

Where does the new trend start?

Most trends starting in big cities are the center of attention and there are many trends. There are many trend makers in big US cities, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. The trend will spread from these big cities to the rest of the country or maybe even to the whole world.

It is difficult to predict whether something will become a trend or not, but you cannot ignore anything related to your field, because there is a chance to become a trend.


Just look at the fidget spinner. Who knew that it would become popular and trendy? Who started it? In fact, at the beginning of 2017, more and more people started searching for this product. Wise online store owners also started selling fidget spinners. According to Google Trends, in May 2017 was the time when the highest search volume for this product and soon began to decline. People started losing interest, because everyone already owned at least one fidget spinner.

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Who is the Setters trend?

It depends on the environment or context you are considering. But here are some good examples of trendsetters:

  • Artist, singer

  • Movie stars and performers

  • Business man

  • Rick man

  • Social media star

  • Football star

  • Youtube star
Basically, anyone can be a trend maker with a group big enough to sympathize with them and their ideals.

How is the trend spread?

The spread of trends is a process of mixing, observing others and copying them. The more people do this, the more people will catch the trend and it will grow exponentially. With the influence of movies, music, magazines and not to mention social media, these trends can now spread much faster and cover much wider.

How long will it last?

It varies from object to object. It often takes years for a trend to fully develop and change people's taste and style. The amount of time it lasts depends only on the object. For example, clothes change faster than eating habits, while hairstyles change faster than clothes. A lot of it depends on the context in which the object of the trend takes place. For example, user interface trends in IT will change every 2 to 3 years. It will change even faster with the newly introduced technologies.

Web design trends also come and go. A trendy website today, it might be outdated tomorrow. That's why companies change their site layout, web design and website features so often. Most users are angry about the constant changes, but companies want to keep up with the latest trends.


There are trends that exist for a long time. Consider iPhone. When the first iPhone model debuted, it quickly became very popular. With the release of new versions, the iPhone is getting more and more attention and more and more people are buying it. When the iPhone X was released in 2017, almost everyone on Youtube made a video about it. Big news and technology sites have also been introducing iPhone X on their homepage for weeks.

According to Google Trends, the iPhone is a little lost interest, but who knows what is going to happen.

How can you predict a trend?

All trends have a source and their spread always follows the same pattern in their environment. If you understand this pattern, you can find new patterns related to it. You can always find early signs of a new trend, which you can join. It is important to be aware and understand the behavior of specific groups of individuals. These people are what we call trendsetters. These people are very curious and outgoing, which is why they are so much more creative than a normal person.

If you can anticipate and use these trends well on your site, all of these people will be interested in visiting your site.


For example, Bitcoin has been around for a long time, but it is not fashionable. Only enthusiasts know about it. As Bitcoin got some media attention, it quickly became a trend and more and more people were interested in buying Bitcoin. At some point, Bitcoin exchanges have stopped accepting new customers, as they are unable to process all requests. Bitcoin is still a trend and many people still believe in its value, but we don't know for sure how long it will last. We just speculated.

Look at basic trends

There are many factors that have a great influence on financial markets. These are unexpected mutations on charts that are related to various unexpected events and events. This includes wars, floods, political instability and other factors affecting the way people and markets behave. These short but strong events have a great impact on the liquidity of the market.

But the underlying trend has a permanent nature. They are at the core of our society and relate to our fundamentals, technologies and physiological requirements. These trends move the market much slower but much more continuously.

Regardless of any short-term changes, fundamental trends drive the most important aspects of financial markets. Some trends create an impact across the entire market and occur only in certain industries. One of them is technology.

The underlying trend will also have an effect on the supply and demand side of a market. For example, the trend of providing online book services now allows service providers to provide their services to a global audience instead of the local market.

Use Google Trends


Although this program will not replace your understanding of market behavior, let alone human psychological behavior, it will certainly help you to know more. Google Trends lets you check what people are looking for. It will tell you whether a topic or keyword is trending or not. It's a great tool to explore and we recommend using it!

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This simple but comprehensive guide will help you understand how trends work and what kind of impact they have on your business. Keep looking for information and develop a solid understanding of human psychology to see which types of products are easier to grasp than others!

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