Instructions to trade bitcoin on forex Exness

Trading digital currencies is one of the investment forms that are interested by many traders. Because of the explosion of this currency, many reputable forex brokers have added digital currency trading products to the trading list for traders to choose from. In this article, kienthucforex will show you how to buy and sell bitcoins at Exness. The reason why you should choose this exchange to trade Bitcoin, if you are a follower of cryptocurrencies, please follow our article below.

Why trade Bitcoin at Exness?

To be fair, crypto trading on forex exchanges is really inadequate, not equal to exchanges such as Binance or Bitmex because of the loss of swap fees (overnight fees), unable to trade continuously 24/7, Many forex platforms have a reputation for having products like bitcoin and eth but closed their trading on weekends such as Thinkmarket or ICMarkets. But if anyone who played bitcoin long ago knows, 2 weekends are the 2 most stormy days. Therefore, it will cause many disadvantages for traders if trading cryptocurrencies on the forex floor.

But Exness is the complete opposite, not only does the exchange support cryptocurrency trading as well as 24/7 transactions in the right way, the spread is also very comfortable. Especially, there is no swap fee, so you can hang the order overnight without worrying about being charged. In addition to BTC, Exness also supports a number of other pairs such as XRP, LTC, ETH and BCH which are all top coins so you can add trading options for yourself.
You also note, trading cryptocurrencies at forex in general and Exness in particular is CFD trading, so you do not need to have BTC, ETH or USDT to trade. This is also a simple form of trading like any other currency pair you have ever traded. That is, you only trade based on the exchange rate difference, so the currency you receive will be USD and calculated in lots. Therefore, you only need to deposit money as a transaction, there is no need to buy BTC, ETH, or USD and then transfer to the floor before trading.

In addition, the leverage of cryptocurrency pairs at Exness is 1:50, compared to many forex brokers that offer only 1:10, this is an extremely high level of leverage. Considering all the criteria, Exness is the best option for those who want to trade Bitcoin.

Instructions to trade Bitcoin on Exness

Step 1: Create an Exness Mini account
Before trading, you need to open an account at Exness under the link below:
You can open a mini account or a Classic account to trade on your own. With a mini account, the minimum deposit is only 1 USD or more, while the classic account will require you to deposit from 2000 USD, so we recommend using a Mini account to make transactions easier.
After the Mini account has been created you need to remember the account number, and the server number to trade you.

Step 2: Log into Exness Web Terminal trading web
Normally you can trade Bitcoin Exness floor on MT4 software on PC and mobile phone. However, today we will try to trade through the trading web that Exness calls Web Terminal, because this is more convenient than you do not need to download and install the software, just open the browser as How many other websites and transactions.

To access the Exness web terminal, you can go to the homepage and click on the line as above image, or click directly come in to access.
After clicking on the line "login to the Web Terminal" will appear the interface as below, you just need to copy the account number, server number, trading platform (should choose MT4 trading platform you have the same) password log in, then click accept to finish.

This is the interface after you log into Exness's Web Terminal. If you have not seen the BTCUSD pair, you should hover over the currency pair list, Click on the "symbol" line, a table will appear, select the Crypto Mini and select BTCUSD, then click on the text to display BTCUSD will appear:

For convenience, similar to the side of MT4 software, you should let the chart appear in the main window section for easy analysis and order placement. Just right-click on the BTCUSD currency pair and select the "chart window" line:

Now, hover your mouse over the chart and select the "One-Click trading mode" line as below:

Now Buy Buy column appears for you to track more easily:

Step 3: Instructions to place a Buy / Sell Bitcoin order on Exness platform
There are 2 ways for you to place orders
Option 1: Buy / Sell at market price ie Buy / Sell Market Order. You just need to click on the blue or red window that displays the price at the top. It should be noted that the middle box is the weight of you, you should adjust to suit the amount you have.

Method 2: Right-click "trade" and then select the "place a new order" line
At this time, 1 window will appear as below. Looks like MT4 software, right?

At this time you just proceed to place a normal order. It should be noted that Exness cryptocurrency trading has a maximum leverage of 1:50, not 1: 2000 as when trading forex. So you need to consider the trading volume to match the money you have to avoid burning your account.
If you prefer not to execute on market pending orders, you can choose to set as buy limit and sell limit:

The above is a whole guide on how to place bitcoin trading orders on Exness platform, no matter how you place an order, you must always have a stop-loss point to avoid risks and protect your account in the best way. Good luck!

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