Download the original OPPO A83 2018 CPH1827 ROM and Guide to upload OPPO A83 rom

    This is the original ROM for A83 2018 (CPH1827) 2GB RAM version, used to fix some Android security errors, reduce lag when playing PUBG Mobile, fix wifi playback error but other machines cannot find, support more devices. bluetooth connection. The original rom provided by the oppo publisher, used to fix the rom error, re-upload the rom when the device hangs the logo, forgot the password, lock the screen and some other errors related to the rom error.

    Oppo Rom A83 2018 Ram 2g

    Rom up through Recovery of the device see the instructions here: Instructions to upload rom A83 rom

    Download original OPPO A83 2018 CPH1827

    Download ROM

    Version: CPH1827EX_11_A.13_180419
    Capacity: 1.9GB
    Release Date: 2018-07-18

    After downloading to the copier, to the memory card or phone memory to the outside to make it easy to upload the rom, or you can download directly from the phone, note that you should not download rom with 3G (4G) to avoid deducting all content. amount, or deducting money.

    Instructions to upload rom oppo A83 again

    After successfully downloading and uploading rom again via Recovery mode, you can see the instructions here: Instructions to upload rom A83

    Summary of how to upload rom via Recovery. If the device is in use, you need to back up data such as videos, photos, messages, contacts … Exit google account, delete the screen lock password (Exit picture)

    Then enter Recovery mode: Power off the phone, press and hold 2 keys: Power + Volume down until Recovery mode appears, release the key.

    Select English> Wipe data

    Select English> Install…. Select ROM

    Wait for the device to run rom, select Reboot to reinstall the phone.

    Good luck !!!

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