Download the Igniplex V2.6 Blogger Template Premium Version

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 Download the Igniplex Premium Blogger Theme

Attention, this is a Blogger (Blogspot) specific theme! Igniplex is one of the best Blogspot template recommendations. Like the tagline,  for better user experience,  I made the Igniplex premium Blogger Theme to make it comfortable for visitors. The design is simple, minimalist, clean, and doesn't have many annoying knick-knacks. Menu access is easy and navigation is painless.

This template is suitable for use in a variety of niches. Call it personal blogs, news, tutorials, and so on.

Best Blogger Template Recommendations
Latest release: v2.6 (21 May 2020)


Can Choose Banner Display on Homepage

The user can choose between two banner displays on the homepage: slider or grid.

Blogger Theme Slider Carousel

Multiple Grid Views

There are two types of article layouts on the homepage when opened in the mobile version: one grid or two grids.

Grid View Blogspot theme

Ease of Color and Font Customization

The Igniplex display can be changed through the Blogger Theme Designer, making it easier for users because they don't need to edit from HTML code. Especially for those of you who are completely unfamiliar with HTML code, of course this feature is very helpful. You can easily adjust the color, font type, font size and other appearance from here.

Igniplex Can Custom Colors From Theme Designers

Automatic Scripts and Widgets

Igniplex's main features can be adjusted directly via Layout. Again, this is very convenient because there is no need to edit from HTML. The ad widget is also installed automatically, all you have to do is enter the ad code into the widget that has been marked and given a special color.

Igniplex Layout View

Other Features and Benefits

  1. Layout v3 and Widgets v2
    This is the newest and most advanced version of the Blogger template. So it is clear that it is very up to date.
  2. Ad Position Guidelines
    Inside is a sign to place an ad. There are even advertisements that can be placed in the middle of an article automatically without the need to write additional scripts.
  3. Pagination (Page Split)
    Content can be divided into several pages. Usually this feature is in WordPress. But now Bloggers can try it using the Igniplex template.
  4. Anti AdBlock
    Bring up a notification when a visitor uses AdBlock.
  5. Sticky Widget
    Widget is in a floating position and will stay on top even after scrolling down.
  6. Super Light
    Seriously! This template is made with Javascript which is quite complex so that its function does not burden the template. The setup is easy even for those of you who can't code.
  7. SEO Friendy
    No need to bother adding meta tags because I've optimized it. Plus the positive effect of the v3 layout is that the meta tags and built-in structure are already good from there.
  8. Valid Google Structured Data
    This data structure is important so that the blog can be more easily recognized by search engines.
  9. Mobile Friendly and Responsive
    Now Google likes good blogs when opened on mobile. The Igniplex template is very responsive so it stays cool when opened on a variety of different device sizes.
  10. Related Post Middle of Article and Bottom of Article
    This is great for lowering the bounce rate.
  11. Menu di header yang super keren!
  12. Infinite Scroll.
  13. Numbered Pages Navigation
  14. Custom Error Pages
  15. Blog Pager (Next Prev) with Article Title
  16. Breadcrumbs
  17. ... wow there are still many. You have to buy it so you know for yourself

Price and How to Buy

PRICE : Rp. 230,000  PRICE : $ 28 (only via PayPal in dollar currency) Expensive? Of course not when compared with the various features that you will get.
To buy directly contact on the contact page by clicking the button below. In the message body, explain that you want to buy the Igniplex template.

Terms and Conditions

Before buying, you MUST read this one!

  1. Igniplex is a template that uses  DOMAIN LICENSE  and  VERIFICATION  (like the 'Add Site' feature in AdSense). Every installation on a new blog must install a license and domain verification in the member area. These two activities are absolutely necessary. Leave if it feels complicated.
  2. CANNOT be  resold, distributed or shared in any form.
  3. Templates can be used in all domains (unlimited).
  4. FREE SUPPORT for  3 months  from the date of purchase.
  5. Individual license. This means that it can only be used for one person. It is true that unlimited domains can be used, but the user must be the same person. NO DEVELOPER LICENSE , so you are not entitled to share it in any form.
  6. Get FREE UPDATE alias update the latest version free for  1 year . This means that if a new version is released more than 1 year from the date of purchase, you will NOT get a free update. To get it must buy again (read the explanation below). The old version  can still be used  freely and will not expire forever.
  7. Members who already own Igniplex and want to repurchase to get free updates for the next 1 year only need to pay  50%  of the original price.
  8. No refund for any reason.

Support is provided via:

If you have difficulty editing the template, assistance will be provided for 3 months from the date of purchase. NOT in the form of a Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram group or the like. Support is done by chatting via:

  1. E-mail
  2. Chat on Facebook Fanspage.

Support does not apply if:

  1. Ask to change the blog design so that it is different from the original. If you want to change the display you have to do it yourself. I'm just giving a guide.
  2. Ask to add or remove built-in features.
  3. Has made a major overhaul which resulted in the loss of the original appearance and features and asked for a guide to decorating the edit template. If you want to get support, the template must be reinstalled so that it returns to its original form first.
  4. More than 3 months from the date of purchase.
  5. Using illegal templates (don't buy buy officially).


Accepted payment methods include: Bank BCA, Jenius, GoPay, OVO, Dana, and Alfamart.

Video Guide

See also this video tutorial so that you don't get confused in setting and installing templates.


v2.6 (21 May 2020)

  • Change of font from Poppins to Manrope
  • Lazy loads comments. New comment scripts are called when an article has reached its final scroll limit
  • The navigation menu changes to the desktop version to be elongated sideways
  • Can choose navigation: infinite scroll or numbered pages
  • Removes the default Blogger script without breaking comments or other widgets
  • Displays the date of publication of the article on the homepage
  • `Noimage` image changes
  • The ifame will not exceed the posting limit
  • Added telegram share button (appears on mobile only)
  • Move author position at the end of the article
  • Widget design changes in sidebar, footer, and middlebar
  • Re-appear the post description in the Featured Post widget (Featured Post)
  • Other minor changes in terms of appearance and script have become more minimalistic

v2.5 (10 December 2019)

  • Fixed redirect issue
  • Fixed a duplicate meta description issue
  • Fixed sticky sidebar issue
  • Fixed a related post that does not appear if there is a label that contains an & `symbol
  • Repair related post (URL that is being opened will not appear in the related post list)
  • Fix photo captions that are too long (will be cropped automatically)
  • Added 'image' and 'noimage' features to the related post in the middle of the article and at the bottom of the article
  • Removal of the 'counter' feature on social media shares due to Facebook restrictions
  • Change of fonts
  • Added a middlebar and a random post feature on the Homepage
  • Added Lazy Load AdSense feature
  • Change numbered page to infinite scroll
  • Improvements to meta tags and open graph
  • Improved HTML5 data structure and semantic tags
  • `Noimage` image changes
  • Change of display share to social media
  • Change the appearance of the author box
  • Change in the appearance of the 404 error page
  • Blockquote display changes
  • Change in table appearance
  • Comments display changes
  • Other minor display changes

v2.4 (10 August 2019)

  • Changes to more SEO meta tags
  • Fixed 'noindex' in Search Console
  • Can select the number of grids 1 or 2 in the mobile view (homepage only)
  • Can choose to remove 'Date' and 'Comments' which are quite set from Layout
  • Can choose to use 'Page Navigation with Title' (Next / Prev) or not in the post
  • Omitting 'First' and 'Last' words in 'Numbered Pages Navigation'
  • Change font type
  • Change the background color of the post title
  • Change of 'Back to Top' icon
  • Change the 'Loading' icon on the big slider (carousel)
  • Change the color of the 'Blockquote' background
  • Change of 'Read Also' background color in articles
  • Design changes to the 'Popular Post' widget
  • Design changes to the 'Recent Post' widger
  • Replace the 'Blogger' icon with the 'Pinterest' icon in the top menu
  • Added 'Facebook Messenger' share button (only appears in mobile version)
  • Simplifying the writing of CSS and HTML code
  • Other display changes

v2.3 (11 February 2019)

  • Fixed label widget
  • 'Google Plus' social media icon removal
  • Added a social media icon 'Blogger' in the profile navigation menu
  • Added a 'Follow' icon in the profile navigation menu
  • Dropdown menu changes
  • Change the 'search' menu in the header
  • HTML structure improvements

v2.2 (14 January 2019)

  • Ads will not appear on static pages (pages) and on search results pages
  • Added a large slider on top
  • Added social share + Tumblr counter
  • Added an auto responsive Youtube video script
  • Added Youtube social media icon in the navigation menu
  • Fixed an image not showing when shared on Pinterest
  • Improvement of article middle ad position
  • Repair dropdown menu
  • Other display changes (minor)

v2.1 (January 1, 2019)

  • The share button to social media is made floating (floating)
  • Added a massive 970 x 250 Billboard ad slot
  • Added a "Subscribe via Email" box in the post
  • Restrictions on the size of the header image / logo so as not to damage the navigation display
  • Added a blue tick icon in admin comments
  • Added a warning notification "no script" (if Javascript in the browser is disabled)
  • Adding a "no image" image to the related post
  • Added major titles
  • Added "Download" and "Demo" buttons
  • Repair dropdown menu
  • Fixed an inaccessible header widget setting.
  • Fixed mobile display that is less responsive if the blog is ad-attached
  • Major popular post widget display improvements
  • Meta tag fixes
  • Improved label appearance

v2 (20 December 2018)

Major updates and major overhaul, be it appearance, scripts, and so on.

v1 (13 June 2016)


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