Basic Windows Form programming

Windows From is a very popular application for us to program interfaces with functions on Windows applications. And a lot of programmers use programming. Creating application software is very popular today. Because of its flexibility and practical application in work.

In this article, I will guide you to create a program with an interface using: Basic Windows Form on the platform Visual Studio 2017.

First you have to download the installation file of Visual studio 2017 to your computer to start installing the software, you will access the following link to download the software here. After you have installed the visual studio software. We will proceed to create a simple interface program using Basic Windows form Please.

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Step 1: You open the Visual Studio 2017 software, select File=> New=> Project or you can use Ctrl+Shift+N to create a new file as shown below:

Step 2: You choose C# => Select" Windows Form App => 3. Enter the file name you want to create => Then proceed to choose the path to save the file => OK.

So you have finished creating an interface with Windows Form already.

This is the interface we just created

I will introduce the parts in the interface of a program:

1. Form: Let us drag and drop Toolboxes to create applications.

2. Toolbox: Those are function keys, events for users to write code in, etc.

3. Solution Explorer: Lets us create new Classes, events and create an installation program

4. Properties: Allows us to edit the parameters of the Form & Toolbox

Let’s make a program with a few simple features using Toolboxes: Lable, textbox, button, etc.

First you will drag and drop some Labels and textboxes, buttons

Proceed to edit the necessary information as shown below:

For example, here will choose 1. Label 1 to edit => 2. Edit font style and font size => 3. Edit label name.

This is the program that has been renamed

Above, I showed you how to create a program on Basic Windows Form. In the next article, I will show you how to create and edit code. To complete a complete program,

Good luck with your studies. Don’t forget to practice and add knowledge!