EXTREMELY HOT: Vuong Pham - Witness of Khoa Pug's case "scam" Johnny Dang spoke up, confirmed that he was threatened with "execution"

Vuong Pham spoke up
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Vuong Pham speaks out about Khoa Pug about Johnny Dang

The friendship drama of 3 people with a series of shocking details of Johnny Dang and Khoa Pug has not come to an end yet. Besides the two main characters, Vuong Pham is mentioned as a key witness of the story because he was mentioned by both Johnny Dang and Khoa Pug in this story.

After many days when both sides spoke up and he stood silently outside the war, on the morning of December 3, 2021, Vuong Pham officially spoke about the origin of the story.

According to the US dollar millionaire shared, the whole story that Khoa Pug shared in the previous video is completely true. At the same time, Vuong Pham also explained that the reason why he agreed to participate in this D.coin investment was because “the shaved ice neighbor” knocked on the door and asked to cooperate with him. .

Besides, Vuong Pham also spoke up to share details about Johnny Dang’s threat to “kill” Khoa Pug in the US.

Details Vuong Pham said: