Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit Due To An Automobile Accident

If you have had the misfortune of getting into an accident in the Clarksville area and someone has been wrongfully injured then you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit. Injury attorneys in Clarksville will file a claim on your behalf which if you win, will pay for not only your medical bills but also for the loss of income and other monitory losses and physiological stress you might have faced.

Car accidents are very common in the area and 80% of all the crash cases involving wrongful injury will go in to trial. Almost 50% people are able to win the lawsuit and gain substantial amount of compensation. Car accident lawyers file these cases and in most circumstances there are two possibilities that you will encounter.


In such cases, lawyers of both the defendant as well as the plaintiff will try to negotiate the settlement and the defenders lawyer will try to drop the case all together. If at this phase, any negotiations does not work out then the case goes in to trial.


When a car crash case goes in to trial for a lawsuit, the state requires the plaintiff to produce evidence showing the defendant as the culprit. The jury and/or the judge make the final decision and in most car crash cases the injury attorney are able to get compensation for their client’s injury and sufferings.


If you are the defending side of a car crash incident then you might be facing mental stress and the possibility of facing a lawsuit against yourself. If such a situation arises for you, you may want to do one of the following:

  • If you are insured, contact your insurance agent. Your insurance company will deal with the issue and if your insurance plan at the time of the accident entitles you for coverage against such circumstances, then great!
  • If you do not have insurance, then consult a car accident lawyer immediately. It is worth it to pay your lawyer then to lose a considerable amount of money paying lawsuits.
  • If the plaintiff has uninsured motor coverage then your lawyer might be able to negotiate with the other party and make them take the case to their own insurance agency instead of a lawsuit.
  • Even the uninsured motorist policy from his insurance agency might go after you for subrogation. Your injury attorneys are your only defense mechanism in such an instant. They will try to defend you and get a settlement where you have to pay as little as possible.

Filing a lawsuit is the first step in the process of recovering lost time, money, health or job and should always be done through expert car accident lawyers who are local to your area, know and understand the local rules and legislature and has earned good reputation in the courtroom for defending car accident lawsuits and trials.