FTX US witnessed an explosion of users this year

FTX US, the branch of FTX exchange in the US, has attracted more than a million users this year.

Specifically, the number of users of the FTX exchange has more than doubled in the last three months of the year 2021. This comes as the global adoption of cryptocurrencies increases, while FTX has also gained many relations. Impressive partner.

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FTX US CEO Brett Harrison announced the news on Twitter and outlined impressive growth for 2021, showing that the US-managed FTX subsidiary “more than doubled its user base in Q4”. .

As the chart above illustrates, the US branch now has close to 1,200,000 users, all of whom were registered this year. This comes after the company reported a 500% increase in delivery volume in the third quarter, despite the ups and downs of that period.

In addition to the growth in new users, FTX has also secured a number of notable partnerships this year.

The first is a multi-million dollar deal with the Miami Heat to become the first crypto exchange to sponsor a major professional sports arena in the US. The exchange then bought an ad to be featured at the Super Bowl, partnering with F1 champions Mercedes and with Major League Baseball (MLB).

In addition, the company has seen a number of well-known and reputable individuals join as ambassadors or buy shares. These include basketball superstar Steph Curry, celebrity investor Kevin O’Leary and football legend Tom Brady.

The exchange also joined the NFT craze by rolling out the product to customers in the US.

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